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Sultan Al-Zubani – Peace be upon him.

Kuwaiti writer calls on peace with Israel and Jews

This Day In History – The Curse Of The Stoopid

The shit storm in and spreading out of the mid-East is explained by looking at this day in history and paying the price of stupid.

One hundred years ago today the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand and his wife were too stoopid to stay the hell out of Sarajevo, where he was warned not visit at risk of his life.

When grenades were thrown at his car he was too stoopid to get the hell out of there and insisted on visiting one of his wounded guards in the hospital.

When his driver was too stoopid to not make a wrong turn and too stoopid to just back out instead of making a U-turn, Ferdinand and his wife ate lead fired by the miserable son of a bitch who missed killing him with the grenade and was on his way to jump in the river.

This assassination ushered in the planetary cataclysm know as the Great War, breaking up most of the major empires, Ottoman among them.

The unresolved issues were still at play 20 years later when WW2 broke out and still today the only Nazi allies still at large are running amok wherever they are.

Islamofascists are the spawn of Ferdinand’s stoopidity.

They are more than welcome to shit where they eat, but their shit is getting into our ground water and food chain.

They need to be sanitized and contained as any other sepsis and the only chance for world peace will be when they are successfully processed into harmless effluvia.

I'm with Stoopid
I’m with Stoopid

Burning Qurans Causes Global Cooling!

We’re in luck!

Mohammed, in all his madness and pedophilia, was Green.

All Qurans (aka Qrapans) were made of rice paper and have no negative impact on the earth when burned.

In fact, they cause Global Cooling, so they balance Global Warming.

This could be the answer to the Global Warming problem (that is, if you believe the bullshit, Al Gore hype).

In short, burning Qurans is good for the environment and good for World Peace.


I can see it now. Miss America and Miss Universe contestants will be saying,

“I pray for world peace through the burning of Qurans which will simultaneously stop Global Warming and end terrorism!”