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He most likely never said this, but he is associated with this like “Play it again Sam”, is with Humphrey Bogart even though he never said that either.

“Who are these people?”

Answering that musical question is a paper by Dr. Alex Joffe.

Alex will next address the people of Fredonia, Lilliput, and the Grand Duchy of Fenwick.

Not to see Dr. Joffe out of work, but hopefully the myth of ancient Palestinians will be held in the same regard as the lunar composition of green cheese.

                         Gay Palestinian attempting to kiss Israeli soldier.

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The Charlie Hebdo martyrs slain by vermin who deserve to be fed alive to pigs, died for the sake of free speech;

So media luminaries have the right to report breaking headlines such as;

December 1941 Torpedo Planes Attack Pearl Harbor
June 1940 Russia Invaded By Tanks
April 1861 Artillerymen Bombard Fort Sumter
September 2001 Pilots Destroy World Trade Center

Very few have the balls to call these vermin what they are: pieces of muslim shit.

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And Ignores the Israeli Good Guys

World Media Shills for Hamas Nazis

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