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Obama’s “Change” Sounds Like War

When the left brings the war home through their words and actions, which side will you be on?

Members of the Armed Forces of The United States of America take one variant of the oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, depending on whether one is an officer, enlisted man, National Guard, etc.

This writer takes his cues from Patriots who serve their country in the military. In a country like the US, our military personnel and veterans are a bedrock of sensibility and honor, in most cases. And like I’ve said before, when the shit goes down, who do you want in front of you, hippies, cowards and commie pukes, or the strong and the brave?

Listening to The Gunny Bob Show yesterday, I heard a veteran from Texas call in and tell what he’s heard from farmers in his town. They are ready to secede from the Union if Obama wins. Others are ready to follow the Constitution and defend it from domestic enemies like Obama and his crew. (more…)

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Barack: “Think I’ll, uh, you know, go down to the corner store for some… uh… milk.”

Michelle: “OK baby, here’s the milk money.” (she hands him a bundle of cash)

“It’s beautiful day in the neighborhood…”

(Knocking on Farrakhan’s door) “Minister Farrakhan, it’s B-O.”

(Muffled voice from within house): “Just make the deposit. Minister Farrakhan will talk to you on Friday, at the mosque.”

“…a beautiful day in the…”

“Did you get that thing I sent you?” (turning around, B-O sees Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.)

Barack: “I got it and lit it up.”

Ayers: “My man.” (more…)

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Is it possible SNL has finally figured out “Fair and Balanced” also applies to comedy?

I stopped even tuning into the opening sketch. I love comedy and my country too much.

Clips from the show were just released and is great to see that SNL has figured out that making fun of both sides pays.

It’s funnier and broadens (or brings back) viewers. It might not be a waste of time to tune in anymore.

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The Vietnam Vets Were Right

Many of you have long been Democrats. You have contributed to and supported the Democratic Party. My argument is that you are now free to step away, for your “Party” has let you down.

I am a 9/11 American. Within a year of 9/11, and after the election of 2004, I found that the Vietnam Vets were right all along about the left wing of the Democratic Party. Not anti-war crybaby vets like John Kerry, but the average military personnel who served in that theater. The ones that hated “Hanoi Jane” Fonda for being un-American and treasonous. They hated the anti-war movement for the same reason.

Now the movement has gone mainstream. Bill Ayers is its poster child. Infiltrating the system since the bloody days of the 60s, communist like Ayers have been able to negatively influence America. Maybe because he had a rich daddy, or perhaps because his terrorist actions had stressed the authorities to the limit, he avoided jail and any consequences for his bombings and other acts of sedition, treason, etc. This is analogous to the Democratic Party. All it has lost for its aid and comfort to the enemy are a few voters like me. Their members’ rich daddies and other contacts include the likes of George Soros, Hollywood, and the entire mainstream Obamedia.

Obama has the support of Ayers and all the surviving leaders of the New Left from the 60s and 70s. They are part of his campaign, likely including many Islamofascist groups and individuals. When it comes to politics, these people are not novices. Groups like ACORN know how to get out the vote and the law doesn’t stop them in achieving this, by whatever means necessary.

The failed ideology of the Left will bleed our country dry. The end of the free market is the end of freedom. Our economic and military weakness brought on by an Obama presidency, will entice even more of the Islamic warriors to attack us. It will bolster dictators like Kim Jung Il and Hugo Chavez. Obama’s “change” has been tried and failed every time. A better agent of change is the McCain promise to clean up government. To whack the weeds grown from the seeds the Democrats have sown: Witness the sub-prime mortgage fiasco brought about by Democrats giving in to the demands of the Left.

Obama’s Left will be in control if Democrats put him in. Democrats can only hope to one day recapture their party from the anti-American New Left. Patriotic Americans must now unite around God Bless America, not “God Damn America!“, the church of Obama and his puppeteers.

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Red Losers

Liberals are confused. The Right-Wing keeps calling Obama a Marxist. To the naïve liberal, this is just a smear. But I’m sorry to inform you if you are a liberal: Marxism has a history. And just like the only thing you know about the war in Iraq, it has a death count. That would be over 100 million. And they are the lucky ones. The living have to live lives of desperation and poverty. The only ones who do well are the political leaders. Like Franklin Raines at Fannie Mae, they reap devastation on the people (in the name of social justice) and enrich themselves to the highest level so they never suffer from their own communist corruption.

As much as he has hid and distorted his views, Obama too has a past. It’s plain to see he is a Leftist. All his friends, associates and mentors were as red as they come. So isn’t it time to look at the facts and disregard the lies and pandering from this Chicago Machine politician?

I’m not advocating reading Marx and Engels. That is already being taught in school and in the mainstream media enough. But just look at Europe. There Socialism was the domestic policy for years until those who worked and paid taxes got tired and were not able to support the majority who didn’t work. Dole lines were cut and people were forced to work for a living. Immigration has been cut and many countries are deporting immigrants. True, the social system is still massive, but year by year it is shrinking. They are becoming more like the US, and this has been going on for 20 years. So socialism lite doesn’t work, and communism is brutal and untenable. Why is this a “change”? It’s been tried and has failed every time.

Now we see Obama taking credit for other people’s sound ideas and discarding his Marxist views. But close attention to his words reveals his red orientation. It’s been drummed into him since he was a kid and as slick as he is, he can’t completely hide it. His preference for “equality” over liberty, betrays his foreign ideology. Americans can’t give up their liberty for a failed collectivist belief that has never worked and never will.

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Liberal Myths

Liberal Wishful Thinking.

A powerful protest to the genocidal Iranian regime was abandoned by Democrat loyalists.

Hillary chickened out of speaking at the demonstration held in New York to mark the arrival of Ahmadinejad. She fears Sarah Palin and supports Democrat intransigence. They will never cross the aisle.

Democrat Organizers (liberal Jews) of the demonstration chose to sabotage the supposed message (Jewish and American unity) and follow the last minute marching orders from the Party.

By preventing Sarah Palin from speaking, they show the true colors of the Left, which proves they cannot be trusted when it comes to national security.

Caroline Glick explains further and looks at the speech Palin was to deliver.

An excerpt:

“The Democratic Party should be ashamed. And Jewish American voters should consider carefully whether opposing a woman who opposes the abortion of fetuses is really more important than standing up for the right of already born Jews to continue to live and for the Jewish state to continue to exist. Because this week it came to that”

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Theater of the Absurd — Democratic Leadership:

ThumbnailThe year is 2012.

Two former prominent politicians huddle together in what looks like a junk yard. Their clothes are ragged and their state of mind is frazzled.

In Waiting for Obamo, we found them hunting rats for dinner and we learn their ultimate fate.  Here is the preceding story.  It’s a post-nuclear war kind-of deal. Their only hope is Obamo, but just like Godet, he never shows.

Harry: (Sitting on the ground, he molds the dirt into the shape of a pie.) “I want pie.”

(Nancy snarls)

“I’d like some pie”

Nancy: “I heard you the first time.”

Harry: “I haven’t had a nice fresh piece of pie in years.”

Nancy: “Don’t be silly. It’s only been two years…tops.”

Harry: “I can almost taste it.” (He becomes dizzy and falls face first into the dirt pie.)

Nancy: “Why did we trust Obamo?”

Harry: (His face still buried in the dirt.) “Be still, girl. He will come.” (more…)

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1.) A TMQ2 Wedding



Word-Drum is finally married. In a special sadomasochistic ceremony held in San Francisco, he wed comedienne Sarah Silverman. After screaming their vows at each other, they thanked the Rabbi and then slapped each other to end the ceremony.

All cried, especially LoB.

2.) Obama to Play a Jew

If Obama loses the election, he has been offered the role of Sammy Davis Jr. in an upcoming film by Spike Lee. They will use actual tracks of Davis singing and dancing so Obama just has to look the part. Like Madonna, at one point Barry had to decide (for Madonna, it was to be an actress or a “musician.”) be an actor or a politician. Now Barack can be as liberal as he likes, he’s going to Hollywood.

3.) Vegetable Oil to be Replaced in Ten Years

Obama promises to end our dependence on vegetable oil and replace it with a new cooking substance to be developed by the government. He will spend 100 billion on R&D. That makes projected taxes under Obama 98-per cent of income. Many will have to work three extra months each year to keep up with their tax bill. Michelle did warn us. She said we will have to change for Barack. But I won’t have to. Like millions of Americans who don’t pay taxes, I will continue to work as little as possible.


Sarah Silverman - Funny Girl at Large

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President Bush Addresses The Nation:

“I know millions of Americans hate me. They think I’m a liar and I started an unnecessary war. They are angry and I understand them. Before I head back to Crawford, I just want to tell them that the troops are comin’ home. 8,000 will be back home real soon. And more will follow. The war in Iraq has been won by these fine Americans. The Iraqis are standing up and the future rests with them.” (more…)

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Lawdy Massa McCain, is you gonna make me a slave?

Lawdy Massa McCain, is you gonna make me a slave?

Watching The View causes loss of brain cells. Imagine what being one of the hooey-filled hostesses can do to the thought processes. Who are these fat bitches and why do people listen to them?

Will President McCain bring back slavery? Will we be under God or what the pigs want, a pagan playland where the media tells us what to think and we pray to them?  Either way, just thinking about the old bitches’ questions makes me feel stupid.  So the question has been answered, you can put lipstick on a pig and it’s not still a pig — it’s a feminist.

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