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That’s the Name of That Tune
coming real soon
died to that tune
sold as a lie
the rule for the radical
yuppie with a tie
nice smile on the guy
chic and compatible
lawyer-like sly (more…)

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Purge the Leftists

Get them out of the schools, Hollywood, the Mainstream Media, and especially the American government. Do this and we might survive as a great nation. Do this before they come for you and me.

Who knows what lurks in the heart of Obama. We can only go on what we know. Not what we know from the liberal media bias, but from those several millions of us who have studied this Leftist follower of Jeremiah Wright, Saul Alinsky and Frank Marshall Davis.

Many have compared his possible presidency to the worst president of my lifetime: Jimmy “Jihad” Carter.

Carter was a miserable president and is an equally miserable man, as we have said and demonstrated so many times here at TMQ2  — and we can’t say it enough. Carter’s rise to power has mostly to do with the fall of Richard Nixon. He was not a charismatic egomaniac with unlimited money from people like George Soros, and the many foreign backers from regions not considered friendly to Americans. (more…)

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For the Orwellian wordsmiths of the left, patriotism is measured by how much you hate President George W. Bush. If you just hate him, you are a Patriot. If you hate him with all your heart, you are very patriotic.

Add this warped change to the definition of patriotism to other New Speak that holds sway in the liberal mind:

-Choice (abortion)
-Women’s health (abortion)
-change (socialism)
-Spread the wealth (socialism through Class Warfare)
-Zionism (racism, The Jewish Conspiracy)
-Fairness (socialism through Class Warfare)
-Hope and change (means nothing)
-Audacity (revolution)
-Republicans for Obama (Democrats)
-Democratic Party (a big drunken party for liberals)
-Bitter Clingers (Christians and Orthodox Jews)
-Mobil/Exxon (Capitalism to be overthrown by a Class/Race War)
-The One (the one who will lead the Class/Race War)
-Democrat Leader(a communist leader who is rich and powerful)
-Petroleum (a curse on humanity and the earth)
-Environmentalism (socialism and advocacy of pre-modern living standards)
-Liberal democracy (silencing descent and stopping freedom of speech)
-Racism (not voting Democrat)
-Joe the Plumber (terrorist)
-Journalism (working for socialism and bringing down America while being invited to the best parties)

-The Fairness Doctrine (Communist control and un-American revoking of the First Amendment by those with indefensible ideas and policies)

-Freedom (free to hate Bush and all Republicans, conservatives, Christians, Jews, Pro-Lifers, gun owners, business people, Capitalism, Global Warming skeptics, talk show hosts, the Rich- but not rich liberals, the military, and mostly being free to hate America and God).

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Don’t Tread On Me

The Boomers finally blow up
Take over but never grow up

Now were going to see
some left wing metro-sexual yuppie
tell me what to think and who to hate
trapped in a one party state
play God to control our destiny
Don’t tread on me motherfucker
Don’t tread on me

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Barney the Pimp (boys and poverty)

Barney the Pimp (boys and poverty)

The sub-prime mortgage scandal is a perfect example of the corruption in the Democratic Party. You have the coming together of two great forces: Do-Gooderism and Greed.

We all want to be do-gooders, so like “environmentalism” it’s perfect for scam artists and communists to latch onto.

While “helping the poor” you can make a tidy sum for hooking it up. It’s a win – win deal for the two merging forces. It’s free stuff for everybody mentioned. Not mentioned is who picks up the tab. Not mentioned is the failure of similar programs and “intentions” of the past. Not totalled in is the cost to the taxpayer and the even worse cost to the object of charity: the poor.

Corruption is the bane of democracy. In a democratic society like ours, Liberalism is a perfect cover for corruption. Why do liberal/socialists and criminal rip-off artist work so well together? It is the scale that can be achieved by scamming through the government.

HEREHow many more generations will be swept away by words? Will there ever come a time when people remember all the broken promises and empty words? When they look around and see the outcome of trusting liberal politicians. When things are going well (like just a few months ago) or things look dark (today’s economic troubles) we just plug along.


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A Test To Vote

After the election, the two main parties should sit down together and write a Test To Vote. Why would Democrats do that, you might ask? If Republicans can appeal to the Dem’s egos, it might be done. Voters would be required to know who Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are, among other things.

As Lance has explained, we are unfair and unbalanced here at TMQ2.
So here is Word-Drum’s Test To Vote:

1.) The First Amendment to The Constitution gives what rights:

A. The right to an abortion, free healthcare and welfare.

B. The freedom of speech

C. The separation of church and state


2.) Dick Cheney is:

A. Darth Vader’s father

B. A porn star

C. Vice President under George W. Bush (more…)

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I’ve always loved this phrase. It has such a positive ring to it.

“Affirmative Action”

As a conservative I can apply it to my core principles. We want people to take affirmative action to get rich if they say they hate rich people and want their money. Take action to work hard and achieve success your self. You will create work and wealth rather than negative action through government handouts.

We should take affirmative action against our enemies before they think they can take negative action against us. Our strength will keep us and our allies safe.

General Colin Powell believes in Affirmative Action the social policy. We really see this today with his endorsement of Obama. We on the Right are criticized for raising the Bill Ayers/ Bernadine Dohrn issue.
But what demonstrates the twisted world of a Washington insider like Gen. Powell is the contrast of John McCain’s good friend from the Hanoi Hilton, Bud Day, (Powell was fighting in Vietnam at that time,) and Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn who are Obama’s good friends (and collaborators). They were at war with the US, and sided with the Vietcong who were killing our troops and torturing McCain.

I believe Barack Hussein Obama is a stealth candidate. He is the culmination of a long project to “change” this country to another failed Socialist state. He is Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers’s hope for
change. He is Jeremiah Wright, and General Petraeus wrong.

Ayers said “Kill your parents.” and “Kill the Pigs”(police). And he did.

Barack Hussein Obama the First killed himself by driving drunk. He was a Muslim Communist. “Dreams From My Father” the book claimed to be Obama’s great acheivement and will get Bill Buckley’s son to vote for Obama, was mostly written by Bill Ayers.

The dreams from his father have propelled Obama and made him rich and famous. But that is not the American Dream.

Drunk with power, before Obama drives our freedom off the cliff after hitting your family,  it is time to give an answer to The Red One’s audacity.

(Word-Drum is the author of “The Audacity of Dope” a guide to the coffee shops of Amsterdam)

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Do you remember before 9/11 when there was murkiness about the meaning of a terrorist?

After 9/11, the definition became more universally excepted. With time and other pressing issues, like Paris Hilton and the I-Phone, 9/11 faded away from the liberal controlled culture of America. It’s an inconvenient truth for liberals. Once again the terms meaning is moving toward being defined by whoever uses it.

My fear is that under an Obama regime, coupled with Democratic control of the Congress, this poor right-wing jazz musician will eventually be labeled a terrorist.

I could be paranoid, but I am preparing for it so it doesn’t shock me when/if it happens. It is possible in The People’s Republic of The United States they will come up with a new term with the same meaning since Obama has so many friends and allies that are referred to in this way by some. They might change the definition to mean a “freedom fighter” and proudly call themselves terrorists.

They might also put it this way:

We are terrorists for social justice…or something like that. (more…)

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