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September 1, 1939, seventy-five years ago today began what is now referred to as World War II, or as the Russians call it, The Great Patriotic War.

It was the world-wide effort to defeat Nazism.

We thought victory was achieved with Hitler’s suicide and the subsequent unconditional surrender of Germany followed by Imperial Japan.

The last vestige of Nazi Germany that was never called to task has continued to carry Hitler’s torch and is now resurgent like never before.

Hitler’s Islamist, Muslim Brotherhood ally escaped defeat and the punishment it deserved, and now is conducting war against the very core of western civilization.

If Rosie the riveter were alive today she would drop the rivet gun and pick up an M-16.

The fight against Nazism is not over yet. Stamp out Muslim extremism.

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From PJMedia:

The Big Story—the Global War—Goes Mostly Unreported

by Michael Leeden

The “news” is resolutely out of context.  A subject about which virtually nothing is known–the mystery of the missing airplane–gets saturation “coverage,” while events of potentially earth-shaking importance are largely unreported. Twitter is full of tweets, photos and videos from the streets of Venezuela, but the Maduro tyranny expelled CNN, and Wolf Blitzer crams his airtime with heads talking about the Malaysian passenger jet.  Any self-respecting “news network” would relentlessly run stories about the ongoing demonstrations from Caracas to Maracaibo–demonstrations surely the equal of those from Maidan Square in Kiev–but no.


The Venezuelan uprising may turn out to be the biggest story of all, because it is part of a world-wide battle that pits anti-Western tyrannies against their own people, and against their neighbors.  It is of a piece with Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran and Russia itself, where, just a few days ago, fifty thousand Muscovites demonstrated against Putin’s imperialist moves in Ukraine. 

I’ve been saying for years that we’re the target of a global war, that the Pyongyang-Beijing-Moscow-Tehran-Damascus-Havana-Caracas etc Axis of Evil is hell-bent to dominate and destroy us.  Now the evidence is so clear that only a willfully blind man could fail to see it.  When the pundits were saying that Assad’s doom was imminent, I warned that he had the full support of Russia and Iran, and they would not go quietly.  He didn’t, but the pundits are still trying to unscrew the inscrutable jihadi networks and alliances, invoking the tired chant of Sunni vs Shi’ite, and refusing to see the battle of Syria in the context of the real war.

Today, the repression of the Venezuelan people is under the command of Cubans and aided by Hezbollahis, which is part of the same picture that has Russian troops-in-mufti operating in Ukraine, Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah killers operating in Syria, Iranian-guided terrorists fighting in Yemen, Iranian-trained Taliban killing Afghans and Americans, and on and on.  That picture has been clarified by the announcement that Russia is opening naval bases in Latin America.


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In Fact, Iraq Was Crawling With Them!

Jihadist; n; a weapon of mass destruction (WMD).

Since jihadists kill scores of innocent people—up to 3000 at a time—and since Iraq was chock full of jihadists, it follows that George W. Bush was correct when he said Iraq had WMD… mostly Iranian insurgents with short dicks.

So, eat shit all you lefty Democrat, libtard, retrogressive, peacenik, Islamofascist cowards.

In fact, the entire Middle East is chock full of human, limp-dick WMD.

Likewise, Muhammed (Mohamed, Mohammmed, Mohammad, Dick-Licker, Mo-Larry-Curly) was a WMD…

Danish Muhammad Cartoon

…and a child molester.

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For all those defending the ‘Red, White and Blue’ and the ‘Blue and White’

US-Israel Flags

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No battle is ever won he said. They are not even fought. The field only reveals to man his own folly and despair, and victory is an illusion of philosophers and fools. —William Faulkner, American novelist (1897-1962)

In short, Faulkner was a pussy!

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High Level Source Confirms Secret US Nuclear Warhead Transfer

Anthony Gucciardi & Alex Jones | Infowars.com | 3 Sept 2013

A high level source inside the military has now confirmed to us that Dyess Air Force base is actively moving nuclear warheads to the East Coast of the United States in a secret transfer that has no paper trail.

According to the high level military source, who has a strong record of continually being proven correct in deep military activity, the Dyess Air Force Commander authorized unknown parties to transfer the nuclear warheads to an unknown location that has been reported to be South Carolina, where the warheads will then be picked up and potentially utilized.

This is of particular interest not only due to the fact that the Syrian situation has escalated to the point of a very realistic hot war scenario, but due to the fact that Dyess has repeatedly denied the existence of nuclear warheads inside the base.

The brief report from the top level military source, which was written in a rush to get the information out, reads: (more…)

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This article is a re-posting from Laissez Faire Today, a daily e-letter club site dedicated to social/political awareness in the broadest sense. The root of this site is one concerning financial matters, but they expound on a variety of other concerns as well with informative thought brought to their reading public through a continual series of timely articles, book reviews and discount book offerings. With an incredibly vast array of perspective LF defies categorization other than that which might be considered somewhat anarchistic … but in a respectable and responsible manner.

I offer here one of their latest posts, one that describes a woeful tale of totalitarian government surveillance and civil disobedience brought together with an historical perspective on the manner of the world in which we now live. Prepare to witness how our civil liberties in general and specifically our 4th Amendment rights have been under ongoing assault and rapid diminishment through manipulation and lies since no later than the latter half of the 20th Century. See how Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell may well go down in history as one of the greatest philosophical treatises on liberty in Socratic dialog the world has ever witnessed.

For your reading pleasure, I present:

Thank You, RUSSIA?

August 2, 2013

Dear Laissez Faire Today Reader,

Baltimore, MD What happens when you spend a day at home searching the Internet for home appliances and maybe some back-to-school supplies? For most people, you get a lazy afternoon. But one couple in Long Island, N.Y., got a visit from their local police department. They had some questions about their peculiar Internet searches.

Better sit down before you read this. And move away any valuables you might throw at a wall in a fit of rage. (more…)

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From Godfather Politics:

Even More Warning Signs: Obama Poised for Hostile Military Takeover of U.S. – Part 2

Read Part 1 here.

A week ago, I laid out a list of things President Obama has put in place to set the nation up for his hostile military takeover.

After my first post about Obama’s hostile military takeover, I received an  email from a reader that offered an explanation to my pondering of why NOAA  (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) would also be ordering millions of rounds of ammunition and assault rifles. He offered the idea that it is an ironic twist to Obama’s relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers.

Ayers was a wanted domestic terrorist back in the 1960s and 1970s. Ayers was a co-founder of the terrorist group known as the Weather Underground. Now, Obama is using NOAA, a federal weather agency to  stockpile weapons and ammunition for his terrorist assault on the American  people.

Today, I would like to add a few more items to that list that makes the case for his hostile military takeover even more compelling.

It has now been confirmed that the goal of the Department of Homeland Security is to purchase a total of 1.6  billion rounds of ammunition. A portion of that ammunition is hollow point bullets, which have been banned from use in war by international law. Another portion is specialized sniper ammunition.

In case you have a difficult time comprehending the significance of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, allow me to give you a couple of  comparisons.  During the height of the war in Iraq, the US  Army fired less than 6 million rounds per month. That means DHS has  enough ammunition to supply the US Army for 266.67 months (22.22 years) of  intense war.

Currently, the DHS uses approximately 15  million rounds of ammunition every year at their various training  facilities. At that rate, they have enough ammunition for 106.67 years of training.

So ask yourself, what is the justification for the purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security, especially when some of it is illegal to use in war?  Now ask yourself why Sen. Dianne Feinstein is so concerned about private citizens stockpiling ammunition, weapons and using high capacity magazines when the federal government is doing the same time only a thousand times more?

Perhaps the abundance of ammunition goes along with the purchase of ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ MaxxPro MRAP vehicles that are scheduled to be deployed on the streets of America. The number of vehicles they are purchasing has not been released, but they are part of the 2,717 that have been recently retrofitted by the manufacturer. The DHS appears to be taking delivery of  the armored vehicles through the Marine Corps Systems Command located in Quantico, Virginia.

The scary part of the DHS acquiring MRAP vehicles is that they have been already been spotted in a number of cities throughout the country. DHS cannot deny their existence since a number of them have been photographed and videoed by citizen observers. Why would DHS need so many, assuming they are purchasing over a thousand, MRAP vehicles deployed throughout the US, unless they are preparing for a war of some kind. Now add to that question the  fact that the MRAP vehicles are equipped with gun ports.

There can be no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is preparing for the bloodiest war in American history and it’s going to take place here on American soil.  When?  It has to be prior to the 2016 election, unless he  manages to force a constitutional amendment allowing himself to run for a third term. However, I truly don’t think the amendment will be necessary, because he plans to forcibly take control of the country prior to the election. Everything points to the conclusion that this is all in  preparation for a hostile military takeover.

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Obama Sucks!I’m going to enjoy sitting back and observing how the arrogant plebeian in the white house handles this issue.

His hubris hates anybody or anything that curbs his outlandish Marxist behavior. How dare anybody tell him anything! He’s the DICKtator-in-chief, by Allah!

I say, if he wants to play dictator, he should head back home to Kenya and hang with his tribesmen on the Serengeti plain. He and his homeys there can hatch all kinds of big plans as they swat flies all day long.

Obama is being forced to come back down to earth, so his days of usurping/circumventing/breaking the law are over.

Somehow, he and his homey in the Justice Department, ‘Huckleberry’ Holder, seem to think they’re above the law. Guess we’ll see about that. He’s already a lame duck POTUS and his second term has just begun. Quack, quack, quack…

From WMD:


Declares president’s use of military without approval ‘high crime, misdemeanor’

Let the president be duly warned.

Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr., R-N.C., has introduced a resolution declaring that should the president use offensive military force without authorization of an act of Congress, “it is the sense of Congress” that such an act would be “an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor.”

Specifically, Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution reserves for Congress alone the power to declare war, a restriction that has been sorely tested in recent years, including Obama’s authorization of military force in Libya. (more…)

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Dinesh D’Souza has taught us one thing. Psychological understanding and exposition of Obama’s evil portent was ineffective in preventing his re-election.

There is only one sure way to deal with dictators like Hitler, Stalin or any political figure who abuses their power and takes your country hostage. You declare revolutionary war on them and don’t stop until they are brought to justice or killed. It really doesn’t matter which. Anybody heard much from Saddam Hussein or Manuel Noriega lately?

But to do this, you must accept that you may not survive the fight, and you must be prepared to kill. Millions of Americans would accept these terms in a second. Millions already have.

There comes a point when words are no longer effective and you must fight. That point for traditional Americans is now. This is why the government wants your firearms.

They couldn’t care less about “the children.”

Dinesh D’Souza, President of King’s College and author of “Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream” and “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”

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