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DEARBORN – Houssein Zorkot, a 26-year-old Dearborn resident, was arraigned Tuesday in 19th District Court on multiple felony charges, including carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent — a five-year felony.


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In Dearborn, police arrested a Muslim yesterday dressed in black clothing with camouflage paint, carrying an AK-47.

Debbie Schlussel has more on this Hezbollah-supporting medical student.

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The latest battle of religion in the public square is unfolding in Dearborn, Michigan, a city with one of the highest Muslim populations in the country. At the University of Michigan’s local campus, administrators have recently refitted several school bathrooms to include small footbaths in the corner — an accommodation for Muslim students who must perform ritual washing as part of their daily observance. The issue has more than a few of the usual suspects trying to explain their way out of their usual positions on the separation of church and state.

The Detroit chapter of the ACLU has scrambled to find a way to recuse itself from the matter, claiming that the footbaths qualify as secular since they could be used by non-Muslims, and therefore don’t cross the group’s usual bright church-state line. (more…)

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My old stamping ground…Hoooaaaah!

If you want to join the service, and you absolutely want to meet the enemy face to face, become a Cavalry Scout. It’s about 2.5 months of pure hell, followed by a few years of pure hell. But it has a proud history and a proud tradition. The day you graduate, when they pin those crossed sabers on your lapel, you’ll truly be a man. And nobody can ever take that away from you.

Like I said, Hoooaaaah!

Paratus et fidelis!

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Given this latest report about al-Sadr: Mahdi Army Seized Kidnapped Britons, it appears we’re treating this fat-ass murderer like he’s a moderate Muslim. It’s time to assassinate this dick head.

I decided to write Uncle Sugar about this dilemma:

Dear Uncle Sam,

I’m an Honorably Discharged American Veteran (DAV).

I’d like to volunteer for the job of assassinating Muqtada al-Sadr. And you know how reluctant soldiers are to volunteer for anything, so this one is big.

I promise, if you locate old Muqi, I’ll gladly and accurately pop a cap in his Islamofuckamentalist ass — one shot, one kill. Bada-Bing!

How could I miss such a large target? I was always an expert shot. Plus, I had deadly skills with knives and my fists I brought with me — Uncle Sam got them for no charge, so I’ll even cut his ears off and scalp him if you want.

Why not reactivate me into the U.S. Cavalry and let me do the deed? Make me a general. I’m a bit weary of sitting here on the sidelines, listening to Cindy Sheehan and all the liberal treachery. I mean, you’re already paying me a disability pension, why not let me earn it even more than I already have? I may be disabled, but the part I’d need to silence old fat-ass still works great, you know, my trigger finger.

If you turn me loose on this over-sized mama’s boy, I’ll bag and tag him. I’ll make his mama proud, because we all know every Muslim mama’s dream is to have some American soldier kill her son. It’s like their sacrificial lamb, only we do the dirty work for them.

You might even want to keep me around for other dirty details. I don’t mind. As a Cavalry Trooper, I always got those anyway. It was all I knew.

Paratus et Fidelis,


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While I don’t agree with his politics, I do love his music.

Many veterans love Robert Zimmerman’s (a.k.a Bob Dylan’s) timeless lyrics and music. They have a way of filling our heavy hearts and minds with a light-hearted joy, even if only for a short while.

For me, listening to Bob is akin to being filled with helium and floating away on a cloud of contentment (and this experience can be exponentially enhanced while coupled with the influence of alcohol and/or other “party favors,” or so I hear — not that I’d know anything about that :).

Bob Dylan Turns 66

My best friend (a former Jarhead) and I used to make huge burgers — so big, we called them Brontosaurus Burgers — on an outside BBQ grill made of brick and an old refrigerator shelf. We’d drink whatever alcohol we could afford, and sing along with Bob as he waxed poetic in that unique voice of his. Those were some of the best times in my life.

I’m breaking out my harmonica and Bob Dylan CD today, even if my dogs do howl.

Happy birthday Shakespeare! And I miss you and those Bronto Burgers my Jarhead friend.

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It was a cold-as-hell February on a mountain top position. Four of us were out on the OP. Two of us were scuffed-in Cavalry troopers, two were green ‘cruits. Since I had more experience, I set up the shelters. They didn’t look like much, but we were comfortable for that mission . . . more comfortable than the guys back at the AO, I assure you.

Ten feet from our shelters was a foxhole, about 5-feet deep and perched atop a steep cliff. It was just large enough for two of us at a time. This spot served as an observation point and one of the first lines of defense protecting the main troop area in the rear. That dirty foxhole was heaven.

U.S. Cavalry Condos (more…)

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On March 17, 2007, veterans and their families from across the country gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to honor the troops. Video by Sout Al Kuffar.

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by Lance

Abu IsaDick says terrorism is Islam. Actually, Islam is terrorism…and he’s a pussy.

I wonder what his colleagues would say if they knew he was homosexual? I have it on good authority that he is. He prefers young boys, but likes pitching and catching equally. I say whether you’re pitching or catching, it’s all baseball.

One of these days he’ll feel safe and venture out from his hidey roach hole. Awaiting him will be an old soldier like me.


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