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The crazier President Trump acts, the more his enemies paint themselves into a corner.

“Obama tapped my phone” has the libtards screaming foul.

They deny that it ever happened and Trump is delusional.

There is no evidence of his phone being tapped and there would have had to been evidence of wrongdoing for the wiretap.

If there is insufficient evidence for the tap does that mean there is no evidence that he colluded with the Russians?

Why does no evidence of wiretaps automatically dismiss that charge but no evidence of colluding with the Ruskies demands an investigation?

Why did the NY Times months ago report that wiretaps confirm Trump/ Russia connections?

Or was that just fake news?

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leslie-stahlI can’t remember the last time I watched 60 Minutes.

Most likely before the Dan Rather fake news story about George W. Bush and the Texas Air National Guard.

Mrs. LoB prevailed upon me to watch the show this past Sunday for the Bibi Netanyahu interview.

My wife was disappointed in the brevity and the short circuited end.

I was mortified by the self-serving Kapo/Sonderkommando piece of garbage, Leslie Stahl.

Bibi kept his cool and held her at bay throughout her condescending, sandbagging attempts to disparage him.

Beside the content of her false and malicious, at best out of context accusations, her tone of voice was one that invited a slap in that dried up prune face of hers.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself Ms. Stahl. You displayed the most egregious version of a Jewish Uncle Tom I’ve seen in a while.

You don’t deserve a TMQ2 invitation but rather a TMQ2 imperative to;



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The changing linguistic landscape has given new meaning to some very familiar terms, thanks in no small part to the media and academia.

For example:

  • Mentally disturbed individual = Muslim terrorist
  • Lone wolf = Muslim terrorist who was aided by friends, family and community.
  • Islamophobia = The heightened mental state of being aware of Muslim terrorists.
  • Anti-Zionist = Classic Jew hating Nazi bigot.

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‘Nuff said

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Isn’t it funny how Obama has spent his life decrying and apologizing for America’s big bad imperialism but has had no qualms about throwing his supposed weight around when it came to interfering with Israeli elections?

Just like the way he goes to bat and carries water for the Iranian right to develop nuclear energy when he’s forcing America to rely on wind and sun, even at the expense of the coal industry.

How come he’s not strong-arming the Persians to have windmills and solar panels?

But getting back to Bibi.

I’m about a third of the way through a book I was given and that has sat on the shelf unread for at least a decade.

It was written in the late 90s and reprinted in 2003.

The name of the book is A Durable Peace and was written by none other than Netanyahu.

Love him or hate him, there is no getting around the plethora of things he predicted that have come to pass in the last 18 years. He also displays an understanding of the Arab/Muslim mindset far beyond what the leftist robotrons regurgitate incessantly.

Buy the book, stand by Israel, and fuck Obama.

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Thank Mr. president for revealing your true colors. That you are either criminally stupid or criminally diabolical.

I’m sure John Podhoretz would join us in extending an official TMQ2 invitation to SHUT THE FUCK UP as can be deduced from his following New York Post op-ed.

– – –

At Tuesday’s press briefing, White House mouthpiece Josh Earnest said something disgusting — I don’t know how else to describe it — about the massacre at the Hyper Casher kosher supermarket in Paris one month ago.

“The individuals who were killed in that terrible, tragic incident,” Earnest droned, “were killed not because of who they were but because of where they randomly happened to be.”

Take it from someone who keeps kosher: Nobody “randomly” happens to be in a kosher supermarket, not even in Manhattan.

But you didn’t need to take it from someone who keeps kosher, did you? You already know that the clientele of a kosher supermarket is almost entirely made up of Jews. You know this because you’re not an idiot.

Yes, if you want to find Jews, a kosher supermarket is the place to be on a Friday morning, as people are preparing for the Sabbath.

Since Earnest is the press secretary of the most important person in the world, I assume he isn’t an illiterate dope. Which means he knows this too.

So what he did was speak a vile lie, and a deeply dishonorable one.

It’s dishonorable because his remarks suggest these murders were meaningless acts of nihilism, when they in fact were terrifyingly meaningful acts of anti-Semitic murder on European soil 70 years after the Holocaust — acts that are causing many if not most of the 600,000 Jews in France to think seriously about emigrating.

Alas, it appears that Earnest’s vile lie can’t be excused away as an expression of his own moral cretinousness.

For only a few minutes later, about half a mile away from him in Washington, Earnest’s fellow administration mouthpiece Jen Psaki took to the podium at the State Department’s press briefing and with similar moral cretinousness dismissed the purpose and goal of the Jew-killers at Hyper Casher.

“I believe if I remember the victims specifically,” said Psaki, “they were not all victims of one background or one nationality.”

Asked point-blank by AP’s Matt Lee whether the Obama administration believes “this was an anti-Jewish or an attack on a Jewish community in Paris,” Psaki responded, “I don’t think we’re going to speak on behalf of French authorities.”

After a firestorm of criticism on Twitter, Earnest and Psaki both tried to pretend they hadn’t said what they said. “Terror attack at Paris Kosher market was motivated by anti-Semitism,” tweeted Earnest.

For her part, Psaki said, “We have always been clear that the attack on the kosher grocery store was an anti-Semitic attack that took the lives of innocent people.”

Well, no, you weren’t always clear, now, were you?

What madness was this? What madness is this?

The most comforting explanation is that the administration chose to circle the wagons around President Obama after his flabbergasting remarks on Monday — when he spoke of “violent, vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.”

As we’ve established, it wasn’t “a bunch of folks” but four Jews who were shot — and not, by the way, eating corned beef on rye at Katz’s while Sally faked an orgasm but as they shopped for ingredients for their Sabbath meals.

Which means it wasn’t done “randomly” but purposefully and in a directed fashion. It didn’t matter who they were individually, true. What mattered was this: JEW. JEW. JEW. JEW.

That isn’t random, bub.

So this is the exculpatory argument:

Obama stepped in it on Monday. He said something stupid and ill-advised. (After all, he had previously said the attack was an act of anti-Semitism.) And rather than walk it back, the administration’s blatherskites on Tuesday foolishly chose to step in it even more deeply by twisting themselves into pretzels on the “randomness” issue.

This is what Earnest and the White House want us to believe. In a late-afternoon tweet, Earnest said, “Our view has not changed . . . POTUS didn’t intend to suggest otherwise.”

But what if this is disingenuous and false?

What if the administration is now so committed to its bizarre assertion that the acts of terror in Paris and the horrifying butcheries of ISIS have not been perpetrated in the name of Islam that it chose to dance around the anti-Semitic agency of Islamist Jew-killers — until it was caught out, that is?

If this is so, the moral cretin is the man now resident in the Oval Office.

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The Arrogance of Oby-Dick

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Obama’s narcissistic, arrogant, hubristic, sociopathic, egotistical, inexperienced personality cannot accept the fact that he alone poisoned the mid-term elections for the Dems.

His solution? More treachery.

He’s having a huge hissy fit, threatening to circumvent Congress and write laws himself.

He’s also working overtime to tear this country apart as quickly as possible.

Judging from his behavior, one would believe him to be a spoiled 2-year-old crybaby. 


Crybabies need oral pacifiers. I’ve got one for him…


I guess they didn’t teach this ‘law’ stuff in Kenya at the Muslim grade school Obama attended.

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“President Barack Obama has taken an ‘unnerving stance of siding with Islamists.'” —Former Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West, US Army (Ret.)

From WND:

Allen West: Obama ‘Schizo’ On Mideast

Says president ‘siding with Islamists,’ damaging to those who ‘love liberty’

Our Number One Enemy


The Obama administration is waging a “schizophrenic” Middle East policy that is aiding jihadists at the expense of people who believe in “liberty and freedom,” according to former U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla.

West, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who served in Iraq and went on to become a member of Congress, told WND in an exclusive interview that President Barack Obama has taken an “unnerving stance of siding with Islamists.”

In calling Obama’s Middle East policy “perplexing,” West cited the example of the resources the U.S. committed to oust then-Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi, resulting in a vacuum in that nation that was quickly filled by jihadists.

West also cited the example of the Obama administration’s backing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt where the U.S. withheld support for the military that ousted the Muslim Brotherhood-backed President Mohammad Morsi in 2012.

Morsi was democratically elected but then sought to consolidate all powers of the judiciary and legislature under his office, resulting in millions of people demonstrating against his rule and, eventually, the military taking power.

West’s frustration with the Obama administration’s Middle East policy is echoed by regional analysts who say the president is making it more difficult for Arabs to join the U.S. in its public stance against terrorism and especially jihadist fighters such as the Islamic State.


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The impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama

By Kevin McCullough

Want to know why I now (some would say “finally”) believe President Obama should be removed from the Oval Office? I’m glad you asked …

Enemy of the State!

When the President was first elected, I pledged to wait from the day of his election — to his then swearing in — to begin critique of his public policy. I promised to do so because in the day of the first “post-racial” president I felt it was a necessary discipline to criticize him on policy, actions, behaviors, and decisions rather than abstract arguments like birth certificates and “the President is a secret Muslim” conspiracies.

For the duration of his presidency I have kept this rule. I have not bought into the conspiracies, I have observed what our courts have said about the birth certificate, and I have narrowed my critique to what his actions are. In my nine-week number-one political bestseller No He Can’t, I refined those arguments to four specific sections of critique — and even complimented him on an attribute I found admirable.

None of the above has shielded me from the irrationally insane defenders of the President from labeling me racist, homophobic, bigoted, and the usually invoked stuff the left throws out when they have absolutely nothing to debate you of substance over.

Early in his presidency, I felt his viewpoints were just wrong; as time went by, I believed his goals were misguided/short-sighted; as his term continued, I believed his policies were damaging — but now I believe his decision-making is treacherous.

It is for that final item that I have publicly now finally called for what many normal people who listen to me on close to a 1,000 affiliates a day have been saying — some for months — that the time for impeaching President Obama has come. They believe this is imperatively important if the Senate is won by the opposing party in November.

For the record, I was on-the-air and on the record supporting the impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton. Lying to a federal prosecutor is a felony, and in every sense of the word a felony is a high crime. But I also believe direct imperilment of the nation — treachery — is as well. And on the level of treacherous acts, the President’s administration stands singularly cast as the worst presidential administration in American history.

Highlights as to why:

1. Fast and Furious Scandal: running high-powered weapons to major drug cartels on purpose ended up getting Border Patrol personnel killed with the same weapons in just days to weeks following.

2. Black Panther Case Nullification: with an actual conviction in hand against the Black Panthers for voter intimidation, blocking the free access to polling stations, and literal threatening of press who showed up to cover it, as well as those they believed to be against the President, the administration purposefully voids the consequences of the behavior that was dangerous to the welfare of the voting public.

3. 2009 State Dinner Breaches: any breach of security is problematic but to do so more than once is pure recklessness.

4. Benghazi Attack on 9.11.12: No idea where the President was during the attack from 5:16 pm the night of till nearly 6:30 am the next morning. His lack of action the evening of the battle seems to have led to a deadly malaise that comes with voids in leadership vacuums.

5. The Benghazi Cover-Up: The lack of truth-telling about everything related to the attack is a crime that still haunts the families of the ambassador, the Navy SEALs, and the retired airman who all lost their lives that night. What we know that the President knew was that as of 5:30-5:45 pm the night of the attack, the Pentagon notified the White House that this was not a spontaneous demonstration, that it was terrorism, and connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. We know that the White House then developed talking points — in the midst of a contested presidential election — that told factually untrue things about the origin of the attack. The Ambassador to the United Nations — at the President’s behest — told these to the nation on five separate Sunday morning news network broadcasts. The President then repeated these points, along with the Secretary of State, to the victims’ families at Andrews Air Force base. The President then repeated these false assumptions again to the world at the United Nations’ general assembly. And even as the military has now supposedly found and arrested the terrorist behind the Benghazi attack, the administration has yet to admit that the action of 9.11.12 was an orchestrated terror attack.

6. The Bowe Bergdahl Disaster: Pretending to obtain the “freedom” of an individual who walked away from his unit, in betrayal of his nation, who declared jihad against America, and desired to become and be part of the Taliban is a national embarrassment. But on its own, it is an acceptance of the betrayal of the nation. Hosting this individual’s parents in a Rose Garden ceremony, while his dad speaks to him via television in the language of the terrorists, is unfathomable.

7. The Release of the Taliban 5: Allowing five of the worst terrorists captured in the fight against us, admitting that he fully believes they will return to the fight against us, and in a straight face attempting to argue that it was the right thing to do defies credulity. The problem that they have already taken visitors from Al Qaeda, the Taliban of Pakistan, the Taliban of Afghanistan, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah demonstrates that they are far from being “in custody” and likely are already scouting out locales to begin planning their next contribution to the intifada against the USA.

8. Changing the Rules of Engagement on USA Border: With a flurry of rules being changed and implemented in the last two weeks, Border Patrol have been turned into a feckless, powerless agency that is disallowed to do even what their name implies. And since the rule changes have gone into effect, hundreds per hour, and thousands per day are violating our border’s sovereignty — among them Syrians, Egyptians, and Saudis.

9. Watching Al Qaeda Take Iraq: Forgetting that 4,000 brave Americans paid the ultimate price to give freedom to the Iraqi people, the greatest cost of this passive action is the possible beginning of a testing ground for a new Al Qaeda territory, where they may plan, train, refine, and execute plans against the free world. The confiscation of vehicles, weapons, and ammunition coupled with the robbery of up to one-half-billion dollars will make defeating them difficult under any circumstances — much less ones where a complete lack of discernment or priorities is understood.

Each of these nine items has contributed to the direct treachery that we face as a people. Each of them crossing a threshold by which the President’s actions went from being merely offensive or damaging to the health of the United States, to actually being dangerous to our welfare.

One could make an argument that any of them singularly might be grounds for impeachment. But the sum total of their impact collectively leaves little doubt that whether his motives are negligent or intentional, his decisions are not trustworthy — and for this he deserves to be removed from office.

– – –

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