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Barack Obama’s illegal domestic spying scandal continues to grow.

Intrigue has swirled around former National Security Advisor Susan Rice ever since it was revealed she was the one who requested the unmasking of Trump officials.

Now the cover up in this scandal traces straight back to Obama.

The watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act Request for any documents pertaining to Rice’s request to unmask Trump officials caught up in the Obama administration’s surveillance.

The National Security Council responded that they no longer had the documents.

In fact, they had been turned over to Barack Obama’s Presidential library.

Under the law, this means they can be kept hidden from the public for five years.

Breitbart reports:

“The National Security Council cannot hand over records relating to former National Security Adviser Susan Rice’s surveillance of Americans, because they have been moved to the Obama presidential library and may be sealed for as may as five years, conservative watchdog Judicial Watch announced Monday.

The NSC informed Judicial Watch in a letter dated May 23 that materials related to Rice’s requests to know the identities of Americans swept up in surveillance of foreign targets, including any Trump campaign or transition officials, have been moved to the library.

The NSC’s Director of Access Management John Powers said in the letter:

Documents from the Obama administration have been transferred to the Barack Obama Presidential Library. You may send your request to the Obama Library. However, you should be aware that under the Presidential Records Act, Presidential records remain closed to the public for five years after an administration has left office.

Judicial Watch earlier this year filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for those documents, including of communications between Rice and any intelligence community member or agency regarding any Russian involvement in the 2016 elections, the hacking of Democratic National Committee computers, or any suspected communications between Russia and Trump officials.”

This scandal exploded when classified intercepts of former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s conversations with the Russians were illegally leaked to the Washington Post.

The leaks contradicted Flynn’s claims about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador and he was fired.

No one accused Flynn of any wrongdoing in his conversations, but they created a political embarrassment for the Trump administration and fueled media speculation that the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia during the 2016 election.

Covering up Rice’s requests conceals the paper trail that could expose whoever illegally leaked the classified intercepts to the Washington Post.

In addition, Rice herself may have violated the law.

Andrew McCarthy – a former federal prosecutor – wrote in The National Review:

“In general, it is the FBI that conducts investigations that bear on American citizens suspected of committing crimes or of acting as agents of foreign powers. In the matter of alleged Russian meddling, the investigative camp also includes the CIA and the NSA. All three agencies conducted a probe and issued a joint report in January. That was after Obama, despite having previously acknowledged that the Russian activity was inconsequential, suddenly made a great show of ordering an inquiry and issuing sanctions.

Consequently, if unmasking was relevant to the Russia investigation, it would have been done by those three agencies. And if it had been critical to know the identities of Americans caught up in other foreign intelligence efforts, the agencies that collect the information and conduct investigations would have unmasked it. Because they are the agencies that collect and refine intelligence “products” for the rest of the “intelligence community,” they are responsible for any unmasking; and they do it under “minimization” standards that FBI Director James Comey, in recent congressional testimony, described as “obsessive” in their determination to protect the identities and privacy of Americans.

Understand: There would have been no intelligence need for Susan Rice to ask for identities to be unmasked. If there had been a real need to reveal the identities — an intelligence need based on American interests — the unmasking would have been done by the investigating agencies. The national-security adviser is not an investigator. She is a White House staffer. The president’s staff is a consumer of intelligence, not a generator or collector of it. If Susan Rice was unmasking Americans, it was not to fulfill an intelligence need based on American interests; it was to fulfill a political desire based on Democratic-party interests.”

The documents which could expose these crimes have been squirreled away in the Obama Presidential library and are concealed from the pubic for up to five years.

Was this merely a routine administrative transfer of materials?

Or was it a more sinister piece to a larger cover up?

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“President Barack Obama has taken an ‘unnerving stance of siding with Islamists.'” —Former Congressman Lt. Col. Allen West, US Army (Ret.)

From WND:

Allen West: Obama ‘Schizo’ On Mideast

Says president ‘siding with Islamists,’ damaging to those who ‘love liberty’

Our Number One Enemy


The Obama administration is waging a “schizophrenic” Middle East policy that is aiding jihadists at the expense of people who believe in “liberty and freedom,” according to former U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla.

West, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who served in Iraq and went on to become a member of Congress, told WND in an exclusive interview that President Barack Obama has taken an “unnerving stance of siding with Islamists.”

In calling Obama’s Middle East policy “perplexing,” West cited the example of the resources the U.S. committed to oust then-Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi, resulting in a vacuum in that nation that was quickly filled by jihadists.

West also cited the example of the Obama administration’s backing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt where the U.S. withheld support for the military that ousted the Muslim Brotherhood-backed President Mohammad Morsi in 2012.

Morsi was democratically elected but then sought to consolidate all powers of the judiciary and legislature under his office, resulting in millions of people demonstrating against his rule and, eventually, the military taking power.

West’s frustration with the Obama administration’s Middle East policy is echoed by regional analysts who say the president is making it more difficult for Arabs to join the U.S. in its public stance against terrorism and especially jihadist fighters such as the Islamic State.


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Ladies and Gentlemen, we finally have it!

The heretofore unstated intention of the *Obamination’s final solution to circumvent the problem of the downright annoying and terribly vexing particulars of our partly Democratic Republic.  The most evident of those particulars is our nation’s 2nd Amendment to its Constitution. The very heart of this Amendment’s qualification thwarts the progress of this administration’s paramount agenda — to abrogate the citizenry’s right to keep and bear arms as a means to subjugate the same.

After his blatant and revealing 2013 Inaugural Address in which he laid bare his objective of  “Collective Socialism“, he has now stepped completely out of the closet only to force a direct litmus test upon our Nation’s top military leaders. The question: “Will you fire on American Citizens should they fail to lay down their arms upon demand by federal forces?” has now been posed to those in  numerous high level military positions.  Those that answer in the affirmative are being retained while those who express even the slightest appearance of having doubts are being ostracized and reduced to positions of subordinate authority, or asked to resign their commissions entirely.

I would like to take the opportunity at this time to specifically identify the current oaths taken by both enlisted personnel and commissioned officers of the U.S. Military. (more…)

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It’s Time for a Lynching

Obama is not quite the Teflon Don he thinks he is. He has pissed off too many gun-toting Americans. It’s time to choose sides, people, because the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan and an armed revolution is sure to come.

There are plenty of sturdy trees. Who’s got a rope? It’s long past time for a lynching… the lynching of a tyrannical and illegal president of this country who is hell bent on our destruction!

Obama is a traitor and should be executed by the legal system!

By Floyd and Mary Beth Brown:

Is This The Scandal That Will Bring Obama Down?

It’s even worse than we previously thought. A retired four-star admiral is now claiming that Barack Obama intentionally conspired with America’s enemies to stage a bogus attack and the kidnapping of an American ambassador so he could “negotiate” the release of a “hostage” and bolster his mediocre approval ratings just prior to the election?

The Washington Examiner, quoting retired Four-Star Admiral James Lyons, writes: “the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi… was the result of a bungled abduction attempt…. the first stage of an international prisoner exchange… that would have ensured the release of Omar Abdel Rahman, the ‘Blind Sheik’…”

But something went horribly wrong with Obama’s “October Surprise.” Although the Obama Administration intentionally gutted security at the consulate prior to the staged kidnapping, former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty disobeyed direct orders to stand down, saved American lives, single-handedly killed scores of attackers…and the attackers, believing that the Obama had betrayed them, tortured Ambassador Chris Stevens and dragged his body through the streets.

Some will say that Admiral Lyons’ accusation is not a smoking gun. We agree, that’s exactly why Congress must investigate Benghazi-gate. (more…)

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Gay Obama the Muslim Usurper!

Our Enemy Prez

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From WND, by Joseph Farah:

Meet the real Walter Cronkite
‘Most trusted’ newsman pushed radical agenda



Walter Cronkite is dead at 92 – but most Americans, many of whom considered him “the most trusted man” in the country during his reign as CBS News anchor – still don’t know what motivated him and how he secured such an influential and lofty position.

He was like a grandfatherly institution in the early days of TV. People believed him. Uncle Walter wouldn’t lie, America believed.

Thus, when he gave his opinions, they had impact. One example was his report on the Tet offensive in Vietnam, which is credited with swinging the tide of opinion against the war.

Even in his death, however, nobody has addressed how and why an otherwise obscure figure at the time was elevated to become the most prominent anchorman on television. (more…)

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From WorldNetDaily:

Roseanne Barr blasts Israel as ‘Nazi state’
Accuses Jews bombing Gaza of learning from their German ‘mentors’

Roseanne Barr the HogEmmy-award winning comedienne Roseanne Barr, herself of Jewish ancestry [and now a traitor to her own peeps], has nonetheless blasted Israel for its recent attacks on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, calling Israel a “Nazi state” bent on torturing “the Jewish soul.”

“Exactly as its Nazi mentors did to the Jews of Warsaw, Israel now bombs innocent civilians who have been imprisoned in concentration camps in Gaza!” Barr writes on her blog. }} more…

Even When Temporarily Slim, Roseanne Barr Is Still A Boar

Somebody should tell the Queen of Rotundness that nobody cares about her worthless opinions on any subject. Typical of Barr’s insufficient cranium capacity and its inherent negative side effects (like stupidity), here she is sounding like a Jew-hating anti-Semite while posing as an Israel hater.

Gee, what a clever cover. I’ll bet nobody’s tried that one before. Maybe the radical Arab jerk-offs in Hamas should try her lines … oh, that’s right … that’s where she got them in the first place. She’s one of their many Hollywood puppets. Her puppet strings lead right back to the Gaza strip.

How transparent and cold hearted it is for a carpet-munching fag hag like Barr to refer to Israel, a mostly Jewish state, as Nazis. Haven’t Jews suffered enough at the hands of real Nazis without having to deal with one of their own turning traitor and accusing them of Nazi atrocities? Shame on her and her fat ass.

And notice how Roseanne’s selective amnesia ignores the whys for Israel’s latest retaliatory attacks on Hamas? You know who I’m referring to. It’s the same radicalized Arab cowards who hide behind women and children when Israel responds with force after being bombarded with rocket fire by Hamas and Hezbollah, wounding or killing “innocent civilians” inside Israel — and how the Palestinian leader Abbas ‘begged’ Israel to hit Hamas.

Liberal fools like Barr, Penn, Baldwin, Robbins, Franken, and the UN, to name a few, are easily duped into condemning Israel with propaganda orchestrated by terrorist regimes. This propaganda serves to displace the obvious guilt on the part of Islamofascists and unfairly hangs it on Israel’s back. It’s simply an old propaganda methodology. What a bunch of dopes.

These Hollyweird liberals get played like stooges by our country’s enemies. This makes these celeb fucks our enemies too. Muslim terrorist groups love it when celebrity Yo-Yos beat their drum for them and mouth off about Israel. It keeps everybody’s attention diverted while the terrorists sneak around cutting off non-Muslims’ heads and killing Jewish civilians.

Roseanne’s not fooling anybody — not even her own rotund ass. The same eating disorder, denial and hoggery she’s suffered from her entire life are playing out again with her latest Israeli-Hamas scant rant. These personality flaws serve to render her a perfect stooge for Muslim evildoers.

In her twisted mind, Israel may have become her surrogate daddy, the one who never loved her. Or maybe she lashed out at Israel because the local Hollywood 7-Eleven was out of Ding Dongs, Ho-Hos, and super-size slurpees, thereby inducing a massive sugar withdrawal and resulting anger tantrum. Whatever the reason, she’s as worthless a tits on a boar hog. What a whiny, disgusting adult child.


Roseanne Barr should be shunned by Jews and forbidden to consume Hostess products for life as her teshuvah.

If a gag large enough to fit existed, I’d be glad to drive the bulldozer to stuff it into her goober-smooching cake hole. Problem is, she’d probably swallow it like she has fatty foods and liberal/terrorist propaganda all her life. Plus, they probably don’t make a bulldozer that big and her terrorist puppeteers would just blow it up anyway.

If she continues being such a perfect patsy for terrorists, pretty soon she’ll be swallowing protein milkshakes from their tiny meat straws, just like ‘Jihad’ Jimmy Carter does to fund his Carter (Sedition) Center.

Like Forrest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that.

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Jimmy Carter

Here we go again. In his trademark manner, America’s biggest traitor, anti-Semite, Israel hater, hillbilly, liberal scum, worst prez and ex-prez ever and big-time hypocritical Bible thumper is once again sticking up for Arab terrorists while sticking his big nose where it doesn’t belong: In American Foreign Policy.

The Carter Center coffers must need to be juiced up again with more oil-rich Arab money. Every time his sphincter heals from his last Middle East trip to visit his Arab sugar daddies, Jihad Jimmy can barely walk to the plane to return home. This must be a game he and Billy used to play down on the farm as kids — with each other and various available  farm animals. My heart bleeds for those poor sexually abused chickens, pigs, cows and goats.

Carter is by far the biggest pain in the ass for America. He makes Benedict Arnold look like Sergeant York. He acts up on purpose because he’s angry that we all hate him for his buffoonery and inability to measure up as a US president. He was a big joke and made a mess of things while at the wheel. Now he won’t go away. He’s like a spoiled little baby needing attention and acting out negatively in a desperate plea to be recognized. Unfortunately for him, he’s digging his hole even deeper in this desperate attempt to get out of that same hole. Duh!

Carter is really just a small-minded mean little man…and a traitor to his country. When his crotchety old ass finally croaks, I’m having a party. It will be a happy day for America.

After you read about his latest seditious expedition into aiding America’s enemies below, visit our Jimmy Carter Un-Presidential Library. Admission is free, but be sure to bring along a couple of air-sick bags in case you feel the sudden urge to blow chunks while reading about Jihad Jimmy.

[Carter] Recounts last week’s ‘peacemaking’ trip to Middle East

The Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist organization lacks missiles to “defend” itself from Israeli aircraft, former President Jimmy Carter claimed upon returning from a trip last week to Lebanon. }} more…

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Obama Had Close Ties to Top Saudi Adviser at Early Age

New evidence has emerged that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was closely associated as early as age 25 to a key adviser to a Saudi billionaire who had mentored the founding members of the Black Panthers. }} more…

Obama and Mansour

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Nuclear Proliferation: Jimmy Carter says we should talk to Tehran about dropping its nuclear program even as a new U.N. report says Iran continues to lie about it. The last thing we need is a nuclear Munich.

Our worst ex-president knows a lot about talking with Iran. He once spent 444 days talking to Iran about the 52 hostages taken when Iranian thugs stormed the American embassy in Tehran on his watch.

Perhaps that’s why he wants to get an early start on direct talks with Iran about its nuclear weapons program. (more…)

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