After reading the bio on Susan Collins below, it becomes abundantly clear that Collins is neither a moderate Republican nor a bipartisan and centrist member of the Republican Party, rather, she’s a Libertarian Liberal.

Collins, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, John McCain et al must be great friends; RINOs one and all.

“On August 8, 2016, Collins announced that she would not be voting for Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for the 2016 election. She said that as a lifelong Republican she did not make the decision lightly but felt that he is unsuitable for office, “based on his disregard for the precept of treating others with respect, an idea that should transcend politics.”

Sen. Susan Collins – The Libertarian Liberal

From Wikipedia

Susan Margaret Collins (born December 7, 1952) is an American politician serving as the senior United States Senator from Maine, a seat she was first elected to in 1996. A Republican, Collins chairs the Senate Special Committee on Aging since 2015 and previously chaired the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs from 2003 to 2007. She also is known for her long consecutive voting streak, which reached 6,000 votes in September 2015. She is the most Senior Republican woman in the Senate. She is the dean of Maine’s congressional delegation. Collins is consistently described as both the Senate’s most moderate Republican and its most bipartisan senator. However, a closer look at her voting pattern reveals that she often waits until it is clear that it will not affect the outcome before casting a vote that differs from that of most of her Republican colleagues. In this way she positions herself as a pivotal vote and as a focal point.

Born in Caribou, Maine, Collins is a graduate of St. Lawrence University. Beginning her career as a staff assistant for Senator William Cohen in 1975, Collins later became the staff director of the Oversight of Government Management Subcommittee of the Committee on Governmental Affairs (which later became the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs) in 1981.

She was then appointed as the Commissioner of the Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation by Governor John R. McKernan, Jr. in 1987. In 1992 she was appointed by President George H. W. Bush as the director of the Small Business Administration’s regional office in Boston. Staying in Massachusetts, Collins became that state’s Deputy State Treasurer in 1993.

After moving back to Maine in 1994, Collins became the Republican nominee for Governor in the 1994 general election. Becoming the first woman to become the nominee of a major party for Governor of Maine, Collins finished third in a four-way race with 23% of the vote. After her bid for Governor in 1994, Collins became the founding director of the Center for Family Business at Husson University. Collins was first elected to the Senate in 1996. She has been reelected three times, in 2002, 2008, and 2014.

One of six children, Collins was born in Caribou, Maine, where her family operates a lumber business established by her great-great-great grandfather, Samuel W. Collins, in 1844.

Her parents, Patricia M. Collins (née McGuigan) and Donald F. Collins (1925-2018), each served as mayor of Caribou. Her father, a decorated World War II vet, also served in both houses of the Maine Legislature, one term in the house and four in the senate. Her mother was born in Barrancabermeja, Colombia, to American parents. Collins has English and Irish ancestry. Her uncle, Samuel W. Collins, Jr., sat on the Maine Supreme Judicial Court from 1988 to 1994 and served in the Maine Senate from 1973 to 1984.

Collins attended Caribou High School, where she was president of the student council.

During her senior year of high school in 1971, Collins was chosen to participate in the U.S. Senate Youth Program, through which she visited Washington, D.C., for the first time and engaged in a two-hour conversation with U.S. Senator Margaret Chase Smith (R-ME). Collins is the first program delegate elected to the Senate and currently holds the seat once held by Smith.

After graduating from Caribou High School, she continued her education at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York.[9] Like her father before her, she was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa national academic honor society and Collins graduated from St. Lawrence magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in government in 1975. Continue reading “SEN. SUSAN COLLINS: THE LIBERTARIAN LIBERAL”


Don’t impeach Obama.

Take away his golf clubs and Qur’an—then impeach him.

Problem solved.

Obama is a Muslim Terrorist
During any international crisis, you know exactly where to find Mr. Kenya. The Muslim African homey will be shooting the back nine and his big mouth.
Obama Takes Oath of Office with Koran atop the bible
Obama takes the Oath of Office with a Koran atop the Bible. Meanwhile, the Worst-Lady’s face scares the hell out of the onlookers.

You heard it here first!

Another Reason To Hate Facebook

I’ve never had much use for Facebook, and people are in amazement.

Just out of curiosity I put it to use.

There’s nothing wrong with my marriage and my wife is in great shape and looks fabulous.

I did go on Facebook to try and find the pages of some old girlfriends.

Not to contact them, just to see some profile pictures of over the hill middle aged hags, to mentally gloat and confirm the superiority of my existence.

I found two of them and they were both smoking hot, looking much younger than they are and divorced.

Go figure.

I’m consoled by the belief that the photos are old in attempts to trawl for new fish.

Anarchy of Thought

“I would rather be able to appreciate things I can not have than to have things I am not able to appreciate.” Elbert Green Hubbard, philosopher, author, editor, printer (1856-1915).
Elbert Hubbard
Elbert Green Hubbard


The Marines Have Landed at TMQ2

A former US Marine and fellow veteran is joining the TMQ2 blog team. We won’t reveal his avatar or moniker at this point, but rest assured he shares our irreverent brew of wit, humor and satire with a big splash of Jarhead tossed in for good measure.

The following was part of his response to a question I asked about our chronic problem with Islamofascism.

“As far as the enemy—aka Islamic fascist cocksuckers—I’m done talking. I have nothing more to say. As far as I am concerned there is no place in western society that they should be allowed to live and coexist with sane and sensible human beings. And I’m just laying low—in the bush—waiting for the bitches to come full step into my kill zone.”

Stay tuned for more. He’ll be posting here soon!

We Salute Lt. Col. Terry Lakin—A True American

Let’s hope Obama fails in the November election and the new POTUS pardons this American hero for doing his duty and for his outstanding conduct as an army officer. When compared to a man like Lt. Col. Lakin, Obama is nothing more than a steaming pile of African dog shit.

Also read: Army Col. and Judge Denise R. Lind is a Traitor.

Army Officer Imprisoned For Challenging Obama

LTC Terry Lakin
American Hero Lt. Col. Terry Lakin

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is the author of Officer’s Oath: Why my Vow to Defend the Constitution Demanded that I Sacrifice my Career, a tell all first hand account of his faith and patriotism which ended up resulting in a court-martial, imprisonment and the stripping of all military rank and privileges, including his Army pension. All of this happened because he challenged Barack Obama’s eligibility. In reading this, one has to ask the question why would Barack Obama allow a fine military man like this to go to jail when he could have simply provided the documentation and that soldier would have done his duty. Continue reading “We Salute Lt. Col. Terry Lakin—A True American”

Eligibility Bill Introduced in Georgia

Thanks to Obama and other duty shirkers in the federal government and court system, it appears Georgia and several more states are joining the eligibility issue surrounding future presidential elections. Talk about hope and Change.

 There’s always more than one way to skin a seditious rat like Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama), a natural-born citizen of Kenya and an illegal alien inside the USA. It’s time to break out the tar and feathers for this African Neo-Marxist and enemy of our country.


by Kathleen Gotto

Georgia Representative Mark Hatfield has introduced into the state legislature House Bill 1516, which would require proof of eligibility in order for presidential candidates’ names to be placed on the state ballot for future elections.

WorldNetDaily reports that Hatfield represents a coalition within the Georgia legislature which is prepared to take action on the issue, because “without the leadership in Washington necessary to do that, it is up to states to tackle the issue.” Georgia follows Arizona, which has proposed its own eligibility bill. That proposal has now passed the Arizona House 31-29 and is now in the Senate awaiting action.

Similar plans have been submitted in Maine, Oklahoma, Missouri and Montana but have not been adopted. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), Oklahoma is attempting to bring the issue directly to its citizens by way of a referendum. }} more…

How about a large cup of tea, Barry old dog?

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Email From G. Gordon Liddy

Dear Shlomo,

Have you seen the much talked-about cartoon on the cover of the New Yorker yet? It’s got Obama in his Muslim dress with a turban, and he’s there with his wife. His wife has a ‘mad at the world’ afro, circa 1968 — she’s got bandoliers and an assault weapon, and there in their fireplace is burning the American flag. The New Yorker finally got it right.

I love TMQ2 Blog. Can’t get enough of it. More, more, I’m still not satisfied.

Your Faithful Servant,


G. Gordon Liddy

B. Hussein The Movie

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In learning more about Code Pink, I discovered PSFG (Peace and Security Funders Group). They control some 27 BILLION DOLLARS in assets. All of it goes to left-wing groups like Code Pink. One of their former members told me a story about Barack Obama.

While a student at Columbia University, Barry Obama met many of the leaders of the American Left. The story goes he was groomed by them after many of the revolutionary (ANSWER) and environmental (Green Party) groups received funding from the Middle East. And I don’t mean from Israel. They saw in Obama a potential presidential candidate for the Left. The Middle-Easterners saw him as potential Muslim presidential candidate. His father and step-father were Muslim, with his name he cannot hide from who he is. He put it in writing in his book where he stands with the Muslims. 20 years ago the wheels were set in motion for today. Or so the story goes.

Will President Obama fight to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States? Or does he stand between Karl Marx and Mohammed? Can this story be true? Will the world soon to find itself in the middle of a movie thriller? He denies his study of the Koran and his being registered as a Muslim at school in Indonesia. Why does he do this? His spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright was also a Muslim. These are facts, not Right-Wing smears. Except when he was stoned out in High School, throughout his whole life he has surrounded himself with Marxists (Community Organizers) and Muslims who seek to destroy Israel (and America).

Farrakhan also teaches self-reliance. Barack’s conservative values talk does not make him conservative in any way. There is no need for the relic Jesse Jackson to cut his balls off. Obama will be a good socialist, that’s for sure. His purported Christianity is not traditional unless you are a Black Nationalist. The real question is, will he be a good Muslim? And then the real question will be, is there such a thing as a good Muslim?

I hate it when Americans elect someone who’s never governed, who’s never done anything other than gerrymander voting districts (so he can win), run for office, and make the most of being an “articulate” “Black” in a world where liberals need articulate Blacks to vote for to validate something they’re lacking.

“In a world… where reality is suspended… can movies come true?”

Synagogue Solidarity Rally in Yorktown, New York April 13, 2008

Rally in Yorktown After Vandals Deface Synagogue

Vandals deface SynagogueTMQ2 Blog joins supports the Mohegan Park Jewish Center who met at 2:00 PM on Sunday April 13, 2008 at the synagogue at 1688 Decatur Road. We respect Jews and members of other religions who wholeheartedly support America’s separation of Church and State, and the right to congregate and pray peacefully. We denounce people who teach and practice this kind of hate.

The perps went to the symbols of Judaism inside the synagogue and destroyed them. The perps painted a swastika(s) inside the synagogue.

Police charged three females with these crimes. The charged suspects are: Continue reading “Synagogue Solidarity Rally in Yorktown, New York April 13, 2008”