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The pope calls out the anti-Semitism of Israel-bashers

“To attack Jews is anti-Semitism, but an outright attack on the state of Israel is also anti-Semitism. There may be political disagreements between governments and on political issues, but the state of Israel has every right to exist in safety and prosperity.” — Pope Francis, meeting at the Vatican with officials of the World Jewish Congress.

And if any Jew-hating ass hats happen to see this, repeat after me,



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ROME — First Jeb Bush, President George Bush’s brother, converted to Catholicism. Now Tony Blair says he’s about to convert to Catholicism. And since George W. Bush was being shown such a good time by Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican yesterday, rumors immediately began to fly that America’s President was on the verge of converting to Catholicism. (more…)

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The Vatican had no problem complaining when the Nazis said bad things about Christianity, but the Vatican never had a problem with how the Nazis killed 6,000,000 Jews in five years. That’s 1.2 million Jews a year. That’s 3,288 Jews killed a day. Everyday for five years. That’s almost 2,000 9/11s in a row.

This was fine as far as the Catholic Church was concerned. But a few bad words about Christianity and the Pope got wicked pissed. Consider how quick the Vatican was to respond when Hitler said something naughty about the Christians. Two seconds later the:

Osservatore Romano, organ of the Vatican, on September 15, 1937, reported that the penetration of the new Nordic paganism was constantly progressing in Germany, ‘and the official representatives of the Nazi Party, far from opposing this penetration, encourage it.’ The anti-Christian movement in that country was ‘sowing seeds of hatred and vilification.’ A pastoral letter signed by the German Cardinals and read from all Catholic pulpits in Germany, on August 28, 1938, charged undiminished persecutions of religion and slurs on the Pope. -by Gustavus Myers

When the Nazis toned down their anti-Christian rhetoric, the Vatican was pleased to sit by as Hitler went about killing every Jew his people could find.

Christians say, “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” Looks like they loved Hitler when his sins only applied to the Jews. And boy did they love those sins. Looks like lots of Christians still do, and now they’re doing all they can to bring on the end of times.

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The Pope should be interested in this article.

They used to say girls were sucking guys off left and right just so the girls could remain virgins. Now that hard data have been analyzed, the truth is far less tantalizing. It looks like kids are still doing pretty much the same stuff we did as kids.

A Debunking on Teenagers and ‘Technical Virginity’
Researchers Find That Oral Sex Isn’t Commonplace Among Young People Who Avoid Intercourse

by Rob Stein | The Washington Post

Contrary to widespread belief, teenagers do not appear to commonly engage in oral sex as a way to preserve their virginity, according to the first study to examine the question nationally. The analysis of a federal survey of more than 2,200 males and females aged 15 to 19, released yesterday, found that more than half reported having had oral sex. But those who described themselves as virgins were far less likely to say they had tried it than those who had had intercourse. (more…)

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The Catholic pope runs the world’s biggest tax-exempt non-for-profit organization.

It’s called the Catholic Church. It’s mega-rich and mega-dirty, and it doesn’t know how to comply with the laws pertaining to not-for-profits.

For one, it should keep out of issues that have nothing to do with the Church, and it should focus on issues pertaining to the Church. Meanwhile, the pope traipses around the world sticking his nose (the Pope’s Nose) into matters that his tax exempt status clearly state are outside the Church’s legal jurisdiction.

If the Church has too much time and money on its hands and doesn’t know what to do, since it obviously wants nothing to do with pedophile priests and randy nuns, maybe it should look into the behavior of a married Catholic congressman in Staten Island: (more…)

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A chicken may have one Pope’s Nose, the part of the chicken that goes over the fence last, but that doesn’t mean there’s just one pope.

You’d never learn this from Catholics. They talk like there’s one Holy Papa. Turns out there’s another pope, he’s not a Nazi, and he’s in the US for “treatment”

The head of Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church, Pope Shenuda III, is on his way to the United States for medical treatment. The 84-year-old patriarch left Cairo Monday for an appointment in Cleveland, Ohio. Doesn’t sound like the “routine check-up” his people are calling it. Word is Shenuda’s suffering from severe kidney pain. Shenuda has made several health-related trips abroad over the past two years. Will this be his last?

He is the 117th successor of Saint Mark, who some say founded the Coptic Church in the first century AD. Pope Shenuda has been the Coptic papa since 1971. In that time, no one has shot him. He hasn’t pissed off the Muslims. And he’s stayed healthy, until now.

In Egypt, where there are more Copts than anywhere else, they account for 6 to 10 percent of Egypt’s 76 million people, which makes them the largest Christian community in the Middle East.

Just so you know, instead of calling him the Coptic Pope, some people prefer to call him “Pope and Patriarch of All Africa on the Holy Orthodox and Apostolic Throne of Saint Mark the Evangelist and Holy Apostle.”

And while we’re on the topic, there’s another guy who’s called the “Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa.” He’s the head of the Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria.

And then when talking about priests in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, the Russian Orthodox Church and the Serbian Orthodox Church, instead of calling them priest, they’re just as often called “pope” (“поп”). That’s slightly different from what the Bulgarians call the head of the Catholic Church (Bulgarian “папа”, Russian “папа римский”).

And then there’s Pope Al Sharpton…

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Christ Relates the New Law to the Old

The old law and the new.

“Do not think that I have come to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I have not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For amen I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, not one jot or one tittle shall be lost from the Law till all things have been accomplished. Therefore whoever does away with one of these least commandments, and so teaches men, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever carries them out and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. For I say to you that unless your justice exceeds that of the Scribes and Pharisees, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:17-20

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The Pope is Unbelievably Inconsiderate

The HutchNew York — The Pope is speaking in Yonkers on Saturday, and for security reasons, the Cross County Parkway will be shutdown to non-Pope-related people Saturday April 18, 2008, precisely when Jews get into their cars in droves and drive to their friends’ and relatives’ homes for the first night of Passover.

When traffic in the New York Metropolitan Area predictably backs way up, that’s when the Pope and his planners chose to shutdown the area’s main highway. I guess they figured the only people who would be inconvenienced would be the regions millions of Jews, so it was okay. (more…)

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Pope meets with victims of clergy sex abuse

WASHINGTON – Pope Benedict XVI, after urging bishops, priests and parishioners to heal the wounds caused by the clergy sex abuse scandal, talked and prayed privately with survivors Thursday in what was believed to be a first-ever meeting between a pontiff and abuse victims. (more…)

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What’s the Pope said so far while in America?

He’s given us a hard time about how we treated American Indians and blacks. He seems to forget slavery ended in America first and then spread around the world. He seems to forget that stealing other people’s land ended in America first and the Muslims are still in that business, big-time. He’s too old to remember how long the Inquisition lasted or how many popes were implicated. He forgets who the Church stole the gold from in the huge cross hanging several inches below his chin.

The Pope was quick to divert our attention from his past as a Nazi, and from the Church’s problems with perverted priests, perverted bishops, and pedophilia. He remembers the Indians but forgets about the Inquisition? He remembers slavery but forgets treating non-Catholics like savages.

Does he talk about problems with the Church? Nope.

Is he a great spiritual leader? Nope.

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