Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush & the Politics of Exhaustion

Reblogged from The Daily Beast, by Nick Gillespie:

Hillbillery and Jebro
Hillbillery and Jebro
For partisan and media elites, ‘the past is never dead. It’s not even past,’ which means with these two candidates likely to lead the race in 2016, the future doesn’t look so different.
As if we need it, here’s extra proof that contemporary politics is more thoroughly exhausted than adult actress Lisa Sparkxxx must have been at the end of her record-setting roll in the hay at the 2004 “Eroticon” in Warsaw, Poland.
The Washington Post reports, “Many of the Republican Party’s most powerful insiders and financiers have begun a behind-the-scenes campaign to draft former Florida governor Jeb Bush into the 2016 presidential race, courting him and his intimates and starting talks on fundraising strategy.” For once, I found myself agreeing with Jesse Jackson. Can’t we just “stay out the Bushes” this one time at least?
On the other side of the aisle, it’s a given that Hillary Clinton is not only the presumptive Democratic nominee, but the only possible Democratic nominee anyone can name with a straight face (sorry, Joe Biden, but this just ain’t your century any more than the 20th was). “There was a Bush or a Clinton in the White House and cabinet for 32 years straight,” notes Maureen Dowd at The New York Times, whose headline writer adds, “Brace Yourself for Hillary and Jeb.”
As it was, it shall always be. About the only cause for optimism is that there’s no Kennedy in the mix.

At least Lisa Sparkxxx participated voluntarily in her own screwing. For the large and growing plurality of Americans who identify as independent, there’s seemingly no way to opt out of the compulsive-repetitive disorder among legacy media types and partisan string-pullers. What is it that Faulkner said in Requiem for a Nun (1950)? “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” Who knew that he was talking about politics in the goddamned 21st century, not Yoknapatawpha County after the Civil War?

It’s not a mystery why elites would totally dig a retro contest between two of the nation’s least-appealing families. It would mean that zombified pundits such as David Gergen, whose lack of cogency is directly proportional to the number of administrations in which he served, could push off retirement a few more years and writers such as Dowd, who peaked in terms of what passes for wit and originality during the Clinton era, could recycle old columns as unashamedly as Cate Blanchet recycles plastic bags at the local Safeway. GOP and Democratic apparatchiks and their big-money enablers wouldn’t have to struggle with the grim and unavoidable fact that fewer and fewer of us are willing to identify with either party – even to strangers on the phone.

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Et Tu, Rupert? Et Tu?

Has any one else noticed the nauseating lack of news coverage in America concerning the butchering of three children and their parents (May God comfort the mourners) in the Israeli town of Itamar?

That’s right, I said Israel. As far as I’m concerned until there’s a change in the governing authority, that’s where the town is.

My hope for humanity was that Fox News would have given the event the notoriety it deserved.

Except for a final segment commentary by Glenn Beck, the NY Times had more about it as news than they did. You should be ashamed of yourself dhimmi Murdoch.

And for those who did cover it, refering to those beautiful children (May God hold them in his hand) as settlers, hang your heads in shame, you boils on the asshole of mankind.

If you think it’s okay to minimize this horrendous occurence because it happened to Jews, wake up and smell the coffee.

The Fogels were not murdered merely for being Jews.

Their bigger crime was being non-Muslim and refusing to live under Muslim rule as second class citizens instead of as free citizens of their own state.

If Christian excercised their own authority,if israel were a Christian state and the Fogels were Christian, they would have suffered the same fate.

Headline Kills Thousands — Part 2

Following up on Word-Drum‘s post, Headline Kills Thousands, here’s another shocker from AP via the The New York Times:

American Tourist Is Killed in Beijing, Chinese Officials Say

BEIJING (AP) — Beijing authorities say a Chinese man attacked two American tourists on the opening day of the Olympic Games, killing one of them before committing suicide.

The Beijing Municipal Government says the attack happened in downtown Beijing at noon on Saturday. Officials issued a statement saying the 47-year-old attacker, Tang Yongming, also injured an American woman and her Chinese tourist guide.

The attack took place on the second level of the Drum Tower, a popular tourist attraction in north Beijing. Tang threw himself from the ancient monument used to tell time centuries ago.

I wonder which important details AP may have left out of this story.

For instance, was the killer Muslim?