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Less than 13 hours Eastern Standard Time and Obama is through!

Berry-the-hoodlum and his Illegal Pinche Pendejos


Adios Mamachinga !!

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From The Telegraph:

After Kenya, no more turning the other cheek to those who hate us

By Allison Pearson

Where is the Muslim condemnation of the Nairobi massacre by maniacs in the name of their religion?

A child runs to safety during the fighting

A child runs to safety during the fighting

Picture the scene if you can bear to. A bustling shopping precinct where a group of men, women and children are surrounded by armed men. As one of the terrorists moves among them, he demands that the person quailing in front of him names the mother of Jesus or recites the Lord’s Prayer. “Our Father which art in Heaven,” says one woman. She is spared. Her neighbour, a Muslim boy, racks his brain for any line of the Bible, anything he has heard in school or on TV. But it’s too late. The boy is shot through the head; put to death for not being Christian. (more…)

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Imagine how many bells and whistles you would set off in the “collection agencies” of this administration for e-mailing the following to everyone in your address book: 
“Now that all of my weapons are cleaned and loaded, I’m going to relax and read Rush Limbaugh’s daily recap. Hopefully I don’t spill my glass of Jim Beam on the Bible as I reach for another Camel cigarette.”

Best regards,


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A Biblical Study: Pharaoh’s Drowned Army

Confirmation of the actual Exodus route has come from divers finding coral-encrusted bones and chariot remains in the Gulf of Aqaba

ONE of the most dramatic records of Divine intervention in history is the account of the Hebrews’ exodus from Egypt.

The subsequent drowning of the entire Egyptian army in the Red Sea was not an insignificant event, and confirmation of this event is compelling evidence that the Biblical narrative is truly authentic. Over the years, many divers have searched the Gulf of Suez in vain for artefacts to verify the Biblical account. But carefully following the Biblical and historical records of the Exodus brings you to Nuweiba, a large beach in the Gulf of Aqaba, as Ron Wyatt discovered in 1978.

Repeated dives in depths ranging from 60 to 200 feet deep (18m to 60m), over a stretch of almost 2.5 km, has shown that the chariot parts are scattered across the sea bed. Artefacts found include wheels, chariot bodies as well as human and horse bones. Divers have located wreckage on the Saudi coastline opposite Nuweiba as well.

Since 1987, Ron Wyatt found three 4-spoked gilded chariot wheels. Coral does not grow on gold, hence the shape has remained very distinct, although the wood inside the gold veneer has disintegrated making them too fragile to move. The hope for future expeditions is to explore the deeper waters with remote cameras or mini-subs. (ABOVE GILDED CHARIOT WHEEL – Mute witness to the miracle of the crossing of the Red Sea by the Hebrews 3,500 years ago. Found with metal detector. *Coral will not grow on gold) }} more…

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From the network that brought you the Bush assassination snuff-udrama, the war crimes trial of Tony Blair, the Islamic “alternative Christmas message,” the anti-war agitprop film “The Mark of Cain” depicting British troops abusing Iraqi prisoners, and of course the highly nuanced interview stylings of Palestinian shill Jon Snow comes the latest episode of “Dispatches” and a fresh look at British Muslims. (more…)

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What explains the ineptitude of terrorists inside the U.S. and UK since 9/11?

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From The JAWA Report:

While condemning terrorism is always the decent thing to do, lying to people about Islam isn’t. You’ll notice that “Not in Our Name” website is islamispeace.org.uk. Islam doesn’t mean peace, it means submission.

Why do these ad campaigns inevitably lead me to the conclusion that those responsible think bigotry and prejudice are more problematic than suicide bombs, murder, and terrorism?

I’d feel a lot better if the campaign was designed to convince Muslims that Islam is peaceful, rather than convincing non-Muslims of it.

Islamic Roach Coach

From Islam is Peace Violence web site:

The Campaign

The Muslims United Campaign aims to address the negative perceptions and stereotypes of Islam and British Muslims. It aims to do this through a media engagement approach that uses established channels to reach out to the wider community across the United Kingdom. It aims to start this process through a multi-pronged approach… }} more at islamispeace.org.uk

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Um…like WHAT-everrrr…

Immediately after stating she read the Bible in the slammer, Larry asked Paris what her favorite Bible passage was…

Is Paris Catholic? I like the way Larry asked her about attending Mass. I think a lot of Jews don’t realize the word “Mass” is a Catholic term, used mostly by them and derivatives and spin-offs from the Catholic Church, like the Lutherans. Protestants don’t go to “Mass.” They go to church services or Bible study, or if Holy Rollers, they gather at the river. And if they don’t go to any of these, they go straight to H-E-double-L.

Now that Paris has found Haysuss, how do we most accurately describe her? Is she a Bible thumper? An Evangelical? A Christian Fundamentalist? A Jesus freak? And when she smokes crack, do we say she’s smokin’ the Rock of Ages? And what about her Bong Hits 4 Jesus?

I do know there’s a 1-thru-10 rating system to denote how holy a Christian is, with 10 being holier than Jimmy Carter on Easter Sunday at Arafat’s house, and 1 being somewhere between Billy Carter and Rosie O’Donnell. For example, anyone with at least four teeth and a Bible qualifies as a 10.

Now I’m feeling the spirit, channeling it, just like John Edwards*. Hallelujah! Come on folks, sing along now: Shall we gather at the ri-ver, the beautiful, the beautiful ri-ver…

Praise Jesus! Amen brotha. Gawd did it! He will heeeeal yew. Evil demons come OUT!


* He’s the trial lawyer who pretended in court to channel the spirit of a handicapped fetus in front of illiterate jurors to scam tens of millions of dollars off of innocent doctors. According to The New York Times, Edwards told one jury: “She speaks to you through me … And I have to tell you right now — I didn’t plan to talk about this — right now I feel her. I feel her presence. She’s inside me, and she’s talking to you.”

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This video is from an unknown author and has been circulated widely on the Internet. The parallels of the state of our nation and the purposeful removal of God from our public lives are powerful.

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JERUSALEM — Archaeologists and clergymen in the Holy Land derided claims in a new documentary produced by the Oscar-winning director James Cameron that contradict major Christian tenets. }} more…

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