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Less than 13 hours Eastern Standard Time and Obama is through!

Berry-the-hoodlum and his Illegal Pinche Pendejos


Adios Mamachinga !!

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Barry, Barry quite contrary:

  • Americans may now refer to Barry Soetoro (a.k.a.  Barack Hussein Obama) as the “Worst Prez Ever” indicating necessarily that he has superceded both Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) and James Earl Carter (Jihad Jimmy) as Worst Prez Ever. Earning this moniker is no small feat. I never expected that anyone could dethrone Carter, but much to my amazement, he has been out-done and forced to move down a notch to allow room for the Kenyon usurper and douchebag numero Uno.
  • And, instead of something comical, like Howdy Doody and/or Buffalo Bob the puppeteer, with Obama we get Clancy the toy monkey being controlled by sociopaths and psychopaths, like Bill Ayers, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, et al who are the exact opposites of (to put it lightly) good, loyal, patriotic, sane Americans.

Elections official hits TV to affirm no Hawaii birth (for Obama)
In direct contradiction of the White House storyline, the former Honolulu elections official who caused a national stir this month when he told WND Barack Obama was “definitely” not born in Hawaii, and that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate even exists for the president in the Aloha State is now reaffirming those claims to a network television affiliate.
Read the latest now on WND.com.

Learn what the mainstream-media buffoons won’t tell you about the tea-party movement sweeping America.

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Allow me to play the Devil’s advocate for a moment
Meanwhile, we all have front row seats with panoramic views in order to witness the methodic destruction of our lives and country, all the diabolically driven haters of us and our ways of life. They’re killing us off one bill at a time. Our armor is in tatters. Our hearts are breaking and we cannot even fight back because our family jewels were sliced and diced beyond repair in our sleep.

Buh bye bye  Miss American Pie. Our Chevies line the levies that are always dry.  Catch ya on the flip side my friends. We have our dates to keep with the destiny and the grim reaper.

It’s time for a nice cup of tea as we speed toward our doom and past our lives as we knew them. Let’s all crank up the Freddy Fender 8-tracks, stomp harder on the accelerator, and sing along with FF as we continue to get *ucked up and prepare to meet our makers.

Somebody please be sure to turn out the light. This day way of life is most certainly over. Damned good tea, damned lousy ending for poor slobs like me. What the hell were we thinking? But no sense crying over spilled milk. Besides, it was already long soured anyway.

It’s too late now–just too damned late at this juncture to waste any time looking for hope. Hope got shagged brutally by change and there is no time left for a proper reckoning. Just enough time to kiss my sorry ass goodbye.

It’s either this or we get the ass-munch in the white house and his cronies out of Washington. Which do you prefer? As for me, I’m locking and loading, like a good American.

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This article posted with author’s permission:

Joan SwirskyAn amazing thing happened on Wednesday, April 15th, Tax Day, when nearly a million people took hours off from their workdays – many sacrificing pay cuts and even the threat of being fired – to attend thousands of Tea Parties across America. What motivated this huge number of Republicans, Conservatives, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, and even apolitical people to come out in mid-week with placards aplenty and passion unprecedented? It was to tell President Obama that they rejected and resented just about everything he and his radical-left Congress have foisted on our nation during his 90-plus days in office. These include: (more…)

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