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I’ve always loved this phrase. It has such a positive ring to it.

“Affirmative Action”

As a conservative I can apply it to my core principles. We want people to take affirmative action to get rich if they say they hate rich people and want their money. Take action to work hard and achieve success your self. You will create work and wealth rather than negative action through government handouts.

We should take affirmative action against our enemies before they think they can take negative action against us. Our strength will keep us and our allies safe.

General Colin Powell believes in Affirmative Action the social policy. We really see this today with his endorsement of Obama. We on the Right are criticized for raising the Bill Ayers/ Bernadine Dohrn issue.
But what demonstrates the twisted world of a Washington insider like Gen. Powell is the contrast of John McCain’s good friend from the Hanoi Hilton, Bud Day, (Powell was fighting in Vietnam at that time,) and Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn who are Obama’s good friends (and collaborators). They were at war with the US, and sided with the Vietcong who were killing our troops and torturing McCain.

I believe Barack Hussein Obama is a stealth candidate. He is the culmination of a long project to “change” this country to another failed Socialist state. He is Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers’s hope for
change. He is Jeremiah Wright, and General Petraeus wrong.

Ayers said “Kill your parents.” and “Kill the Pigs”(police). And he did.

Barack Hussein Obama the First killed himself by driving drunk. He was a Muslim Communist. “Dreams From My Father” the book claimed to be Obama’s great acheivement and will get Bill Buckley’s son to vote for Obama, was mostly written by Bill Ayers.

The dreams from his father have propelled Obama and made him rich and famous. But that is not the American Dream.

Drunk with power, before Obama drives our freedom off the cliff after hitting your family,  it is time to give an answer to The Red One’s audacity.

(Word-Drum is the author of “The Audacity of Dope” a guide to the coffee shops of Amsterdam)

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