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This article is a re-posting from Laissez Faire Today, a daily e-letter club site dedicated to social/political awareness in the broadest sense. The root of this site is one concerning financial matters, but they expound on a variety of other concerns as well with informative thought brought to their reading public through a continual series of timely articles, book reviews and discount book offerings. With an incredibly vast array of perspective LF defies categorization other than that which might be considered somewhat anarchistic … but in a respectable and responsible manner.

I offer here one of their latest posts, one that describes a woeful tale of totalitarian government surveillance and civil disobedience brought together with an historical perspective on the manner of the world in which we now live. Prepare to witness how our civil liberties in general and specifically our 4th Amendment rights have been under ongoing assault and rapid diminishment through manipulation and lies since no later than the latter half of the 20th Century. See how Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell may well go down in history as one of the greatest philosophical treatises on liberty in Socratic dialog the world has ever witnessed.

For your reading pleasure, I present:

Thank You, RUSSIA?

August 2, 2013

Dear Laissez Faire Today Reader,

Baltimore, MD What happens when you spend a day at home searching the Internet for home appliances and maybe some back-to-school supplies? For most people, you get a lazy afternoon. But one couple in Long Island, N.Y., got a visit from their local police department. They had some questions about their peculiar Internet searches.

Better sit down before you read this. And move away any valuables you might throw at a wall in a fit of rage. (more…)

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Re-blogged from the syndicated column The Daily Rant:

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By Dan Bubalo | July 8, 2013Kangaroo Court

You can run from reality, but it will eventually catch up to you. If you don’t believe me, try out-running your shadow.

James Clapper is the head of an obscenely mismanaged and misguided espionage machine known as the National Security Agency. Its purpose was to spy on our enemies but instead it spies on Americans. But that’s no longer called spying in the Obama administration. Clapper claimed to be “clearly erroneous.” That’s called lying, but not under the Obama administration. There’s a consequence for lying called perjury, but there is not a ramification under the Obama administration. Morsi’s Arab Spring was rejected in Egypt and he was deposed by the military, which is called a coup d’etat [sic: d’état], but that’s no longer called a coup according to the Obama administration.

Smoke and mirrors. Sleight of hand. A façade covering a mask hiding a disguise, and euphemisms substituted for anything remotely resembling candor.

Honesty? So passé……………………………………so jejeune……………………………


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License plate locations tracked, details stored
Police feed info on millions to intelligence ‘fusion centers’

Apparently the government not only is monitoring telephone activity, maintaining back-door access to computers and networks and photographing mail, it is recording where your vehicle’s license plate is seen – and storing the details.

Cops Tracking our License Plates

Cops Tracking our License Plates

The report comes from the Center for Investigative Reporting, which explained in an online posting that police officers can gain insight into who are your friends, where you shop, where you work, where you go to church and whether you go to political meetings based on the tracking of your car. (more…)

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Barack: “Think I’ll, uh, you know, go down to the corner store for some… uh… milk.”

Michelle: “OK baby, here’s the milk money.” (she hands him a bundle of cash)

“It’s beautiful day in the neighborhood…”

(Knocking on Farrakhan’s door) “Minister Farrakhan, it’s B-O.”

(Muffled voice from within house): “Just make the deposit. Minister Farrakhan will talk to you on Friday, at the mosque.”

“…a beautiful day in the…”

“Did you get that thing I sent you?” (turning around, B-O sees Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.)

Barack: “I got it and lit it up.”

Ayers: “My man.” (more…)

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