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Fourteen years after 9/11, we still lack a strategy. Congress should lead with hearings on the enemy and how to prevail.

The United States has been at war with radical Islamist terrorism for at least 35 years, starting with the November 1979 Iranian seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and taking of 52 American hostages. President Jimmy Carter , in his State of the Union address two months later, declared the American captives “innocent victims of terrorism.”

For the next two decades, radical Islamist terrorism grew more powerful and more sophisticated. On Sept. 11, 2001, a remarkably sophisticated effort by Islamist terrorists killed nearly 3,000 Americans in New York City, Washington, D.C., and western Pennsylvania.

In response to the worst attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor, President George W. Bush told a joint session of Congress: “Our war on terror begins with al Qaeda, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated.”

We have clearly failed to meet that goal. After more than 13 years of war, with thousands of Americans dead, tens of thousands of Americans wounded, and several trillion dollars spent, the U.S. and its allies are losing the war with radical Islamism. The terrorists of Islamic State are ravaging Iraq and Syria, Boko Haram is widening its bloody swath through Nigeria, al Qaeda and its affiliates are killing with impunity in Somalia, Yemen and beyond, and the Taliban are resurgent in Afghanistan. The killings in Paris at Charlie Hebdo and at a kosher supermarket are only the most recent evidence of the widening menace of radical Islamism.

Confronted with the atrocities in Paris, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls told his people on Jan. 10 that they were at war: “It is a war against terrorism, against jihadism, against radical Islam, against everything that is aimed at breaking fraternity, freedom, solidarity.”

Yet France, like the U.S. government, doesn’t have a strategy for victory in this war. Ad hoc responses to attacks have failed to stop the growing threat. We remain vulnerable to a catastrophic attack (or series of smaller attacks) that would have dark and profound consequences for the American people and for freedom around the world.

The U.S. and its allies must now design a strategy to match a global movement of radical Islamists who sincerely want to destroy Western civilization.

Congress should lead the way, first by convening hearings that outline the scale and nature of the threat. Additional hearings should seek advice from a wide range of experts on strategies to defeat radical Islamists.

Understanding the global threat, outlining strategies that might lead to its defeat, identifying the laws and systems that need to be changed to implement those strategies—all are complex problems that will require months to sort out. But the American people will rise to the challenge if they are given the facts about the real dangers we face.

Here is an outline of the sequence of topics that Congress should investigate: 

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The American Studies Association has voted to academically boycott Israel because of their colonial occupation of and genocide against the indigenous Palestinians.


Libtard anti-Semite, Curtis Marez

The fact that many abusive, oppressive, repressive and dictatorial regimes don’t get a mention is blatant double standard antisemitism.

The fact that the only democracy in the mid-East that guarantees human, civil and religious rights for its women, gay and minority citizens is singled out for condemnation is blatant double standard antisemitism.

The rationalization of this action according to UC San Diego professor Curtis Marez is “one has to start somewhere”.

Now that you have demonized Israelis as a starting point to save humanity let’s just see where you go from here.

While you patiently decide who the next target of your righteousness will be you can lick the asshole of every Israeli and Jew on the planet.

May I suggest first up; the Golani Brigade of the IDF, because Curtis, one has to start somewhere.

When you are not putting your mouth to the aforementioned good use please accept our invitation to


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For all those defending the ‘Red, White and Blue’ and the ‘Blue and White’

US-Israel Flags

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Good news: More radical mussies leave Minnesota to join and get killed in Somali Jihad.

POP! go the weasels.

Bad news: Minnesota Cabbie shortage imminent.

Andrea Elliott of the New York Times has a good in-depth report on the disturbing number of Somali Muslim refugees living in Minnesota who have returned to Somalia to join the jihad: A Call to Jihad, Answered in America.


Mohammad is a figfart of your flagellation. Tee hee hee.

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  • Do Obama’s policies and the presence of Clintonistas in the administration foretell a return to the oblivious nineties?
  • How do we not end up playing an endless game of whack-a-mole with vermin in human form?
  • Read what Benny Avni has to say.

It’s looking like the Obama administration may spurn a gift from the Bush team — a chance to lance the boil of Somalia.

“I’m very concerned now,” a Western diplomat based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, told me last week, as Ethiopian troops finished evacuating Somalia – leaving their neighbor to its own devices. The al Qaeda-affiliated local Islamist group, al Shabab, is quickly filling the vacuum.

Over the weekend, Somalia elected a new president – Sheik Sharif Ahmed, a former leader of the Islamic group that ruled the country until ousted by the Ethiopians, who has turned his back on the most extreme among his former Islamist allies.

But the Western-backed parliament that elected him controls nothing in Somalia. It is so powerless, in fact, that it had to conduct Saturday’s session in neighboring Djibouti. And al Shabab, which is quickly taking over large parts of the country, immediately vowed to fight the new president and any of his pro-Western allies.

Somalia, in other words, is back to being a potential terror camp as dangerous as Afghanistan under the Taliban. (more…)

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Muslims Were Assassins
Muslims Were Racists
Muslims Kidnapped Africans and Sold Them as Slaves
Muslims Kidnapped Israelis and Held Them Hostage
Muslims Kidnapped Ships and, Oh, That’s Right, Muslims Are Still Assassins, They Still Hold Slaves, They’re Still Sexists, They’re Still Anti-Semites, They Still Hate Christians, They’re Still Fascists, and They’re Still Pirates

Greek ship with 25 crew hijacked near Somalia

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Armed pirates hijacked a Greek bulk carrier with 25 crew members off the coast of Somalia on Thursday, the 13th ship seized in the notorious African waters in the past two months, a maritime official said. (more…)

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Islamic insurgents say head of African country’s terror network slain

MOGADISHU, Somalia – The U.S. military said Thursday it launched an attack against an al-Qaida (al Qaeda) target in Somalia, and an Islamic insurgent group said the head of the terror network in the African country was killed in an overnight American airstrike. (more…)

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islam: A non-prophet organization.

Here we go again. Another religion of peace pundit of allah goes all mohammed on a defenseless woman, raping and beating her in front of equally guilty muslim witnesses. Fellow islamic cult members looked on while offering no help to the victim.

These Somali dirt bags haven’t evolved much past throwing spears, running around naked, and having the cranium capacity of a Barbi Doll, have they? The fact that they’re also muslims certainly makes for a poisonous combination.

This further proves that the muslim god referred to as allah is not the same God of the Jews and Christians. In fact, he’s about as much a god as mohammed was a prophet.

Gag me!.

From LGF and MM:

Michelle Malkin has the details of a horrific assault in a Somali neighborhood of the Minnesota Twin Cities, witnessed by neighbors who did nothing to help: The ghost of Kitty Genovese in St. Paul … and breaking the silence in Afghanistan:

As many as 10 people witnessed a man raping and beating a woman early Tuesday in the hallway of a St. Paul apartment building, police said Wednesday. No one stopped it. At one point, the 26-year-old victim knocked on a door, yelling for the occupants to call police. A man inside told police he didn’t open the door or look out, though he said he called police. Police found no record of the call, according to an affidavit for a search warrant filed in Ramsey County District Court. St. Paul police arrested Rage Ibrahim, 25, on suspicion of criminal sexual conduct Tuesday. He hasn’t been charged.

“It was horrifying. I can’t describe how it sent chills up my back, watching this woman getting assaulted and people turning their backs and doing nothing,” said St. Paul police Cmdr. Shari Gray, who oversees the department’s sex crimes unit. She saw surveillance video that recorded the attack in the Highwood neighborhood. As the woman screamed, five to 10 people – men and women – peeked out their apartment doors to see what was happening or started walking down the hallway and retreated after witnessing the assault, Gray said.

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Mutilated Girls; U.K.’s Ignored Secret
Female Genital Mutilation Taking Place In Britain, Are Police Afraid To Stop It?

Twenty-seven females in the London borough of Harringey have sought medical treatment after being sexually mutilated. Down the road in Waltham Forest, more than a thousand women, girls and infants have experienced female genital mutilation or FGM.

The group Forward campaigns against the practice and estimates there could be as many as 66,000 women now living in Britain who’ve suffered this — either in one of the 28 African countries where it is still practiced, or here in Britain. It’s especially popular in the growing Somali community.

For a detailed description of what constitutes female genital mutilation, a visit to the World Health Organization Web site will enlighten. }} more…

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MOGADISHU, Somalia – At least one U.S. warship bombarded a remote, mountainous village in Somalia where Islamic militants had set up a base, officials in the northern region of Puntland said Saturday.

The attack from a U.S. destroyer took place late Friday, said Muse Gelle, the regional governor. The extremists had arrived Wednesday by speedboat at the port town of Bargal.

Gelle said the area is a dense thicket, making it difficult for security forces from the semiautonomous republic of Puntland to intervene on their own.

A local radio station quoted Puntland’s leader, Ade Muse, as saying that his forces had battled with the extremists for hours before U.S. ships arrived and used their cannons. }} more…

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