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A few more thoughts to be added to Lance’s on the toxic concept of toxic masculinity.

The term creates the notion and implication that all masculinity is toxic, which makes it libelous and slanderous calumny.

Granted some toxic behavior may appear masculine but the bigger issue is what can be labeled “toxic feminization backlash“.

For at least one generation there has been a toxic war on boys.

Boys who don’t conform to feminized ideals of behavior or comport themselves like little girls are stigmatized, disciplined or even medicated.

Boyish behavior has been quashed or even criminalized , if not by statute then by the court of public opinion.

If you know about dogs then you are aware that whippets need to run around a lot. If they don’t then they become neurotic and exhibit dysfunctional behavior.

This is what has been done to boys for decades and when one of them reaches a breaking point or is gaslighted by society or rendered psychotic by behavior medication, masculinity at large is held accountable.

Enough of this bullshit.

When my son was about ten he was at a birthday party where the birthday boy received a book entitled, “The Dangerous Book for Boys”, which is all about stuff boys are meant to do. Climb trees, whittle a stick, skim a rock on water, and so on.

Someone suggested I get a copy for my son.

I said, why should he waste his time reading these things when he  actually does them. It’s very empowering for a ten-year old to be given an axe and told, it’s not a toy, be careful, come back with as much dry wood you can carry and I’ll show you how to build a fire and cook on it. Or to take a bunch of boys to Wal-Mart at one in the morning to pick out knives for themselves.

Masculine behavior is not a crime and is not toxic.

Here are some results of “toxic masculinity”:

Getting into tiny boats and crossing the North Atlantic to explore new lands

Clearing the forests and creating new life there.

Establishing a new rule of law based on personal liberty and capitalism benefiting more people than anything else in history.

Freeing the slaves.

Storming the beaches of Normandy and defeating Nazism.

Rushing into burning buildings to carry people to safety.

Making yourself a target to rescue hostages.

This is what masculinity has to offer.

If you think it’s toxic, don’t just shut the fuck up.

Don’t even look in my direction, don’t even exhale near the air I breathe.

Just crawl under a rock and shrivel away you ungrateful piece of shit.

Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

During a visit to Richmond Virginia earlier this summer my son was aghast at all the statues honoring heroes of the Confederate army.

He said it was the equivalent of going to Germany and seeing statues of Nazis.

As egregious as slavery was, it was not designed to annihilate slaves like the Nazi goal of eradicating Jews.

A large number of  Southerners who fought for the Confederacy did not own slaves.

The cause they believed they were fighting for was to preserve their way of life from Northern aggression.

We have come to believe the North fought to free the slaves as opposed to just preserving the Union.

It was really a war of cultural chauvinism.

Many of the confederate heroes enshrined in honor had proved themselves to be great Americans before the war.

I can see why either side of the equation feels the way they do.

There are many fine, upstanding and righteous individuals on both sides of this coin.

Wanting the statues up or down doesn’t make anyone inherently good or evil.

The bee in my bonnet is selective memory, selective amnesia and selective outrage.

If Harvey Fierstein admires my tie, does that make me gay?

Just because some Nazis agree with you on an issue it doesn’t make you a Nazi.

I’m all for showing Nazis the working end of a baseball bat up close and personal, but that in and of itself doesn’t make me a saint.

Stalin fought the Nazis and he’s the only person known to mankind that has any business being compared to Hitler.

The leftist  mobs who showed up in Charlottesville to disrupt the protest were not solely as my wife described, “peaceful college kids”.

They were another bunch of Nazi thugs with different flags and different hats.

But the bigger issue for me is this.

If the statues of Confederates and the Stars and Bars are to be banned because of their association with slavery, let’s be thoroughly consistent.

Take the the statues and rename the streets, schools and institutions named for the following.

Any New England sea captain or ship owner.

Any industrialist who manufactured clothes made from cotton.

Any wholesaler or retailer who sold those finished goods.

Any southern landed gentry who owned a plantation.

And most importantly, any politician or office holder of any level who was a member of the Democrat party from 1850 to 1960.

No other group in power did more to protect the institution of slavery, promote segregation, or subjugate and impoverish black Americans in those 110 years.

Come to think of it their policies today continue to maintain the bigotry of low expectations, the  destitution of broken families and to chain blacks to Uncle Sam’s Welfare Plantation.

Help a black person, boycott Democrats.

Jim Crow was a Democrat. So was every Grand Dragon and Imperial Wizard.


No living people — black or white — are responsible for what other black and white people did generations ago.

Some two-hundred years ago the white people sat on their porches and watched the black people do the work that needed to be done so the whites could live the life they wanted.

If the blacks didn’t produce enough to keep the whites happy, they paid the price.

In those days, this was called slavery.

Today, the black people sit on their porches and watch the white people work to pay the taxes that are necessary for the blacks to live the life they want.

If their welfare check is not enough to keep them happy, they complain about it, or they tear up a town to get the point across that they are unhappy.

It would appear to me that the only thing that has changed is the color of the slaves.

Acknowledge that some of our history was not pretty, then move forward.

Irony will likely never go away.

The Second Amendment Was Never About The Right To Go Hunting

Re-posted from: The Vine of Life News| January 10, 2013

The right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

In all the noise and clamor today over guns and gun control, let us pause for a moment and refresh our failing memories with exactly what the Second Amendment to the Unites States Constitution actually says and secures:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” September 21, 1789, Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Read those words written by our forefathers and let them sink in. The right to own guns to protect your personal freedoms – keep and bear arms – was never, not even for a moment, written to protect your right to go deer and bear hunting.

It was written to guarantee all Americans for as long as the Union would survive, the right to own firearms to protect their liberties from their government and elected officials. To protect themselves from tyrants and dictators in the event they should arise. The use of guns for sports and recreation was not even a though in their heads at the time they wrote this.


The way of all dictators

One lesson we have clearly been taught in the past 120 years Continue reading “The Second Amendment Was Never About The Right To Go Hunting”


We have a Muslim Arab at the helm who just happens to have a splash of African and a splash of Caucasian blood cursing through his veins, but he’s at least 50 percent Arab.

And the recent blurb about Obama’s mom being descended from the first American slave is unadulterated bull shit. Even if she was related, John Punch did not start out a slave. He was an indentured servant who entered into an agreement just as many white men and men of other races did at the time, but he reneged on the contract, tried to escape, and his punishment was to be made a slave for the rest of his life.

However, irony lies in a singular characteristic shared by Obama and Punch. They both lack(ed) any semblance of duty or honor, and their word is anything but their bond.

So, Obama is not the first black president, nor is he descended from slaves, but his Arab ancestors were in the slave-trading business.

Being the first black president is an honor already bestowed upon Abraham Lincoln. That’s right, folks, Lincoln was *melungeon.

However, Obama is America’s first Arab president.

And—thanks to Obama and his ties to Islam—we have been infiltrated (and effectively annexed) by the Middle East. The crescent flag will be flying over the white house anytime now, if he and the Muslim Brotherhood have anything to say about it.

Unfortunately, whether Obama likes it or not, the US and Israel will soon be at war with Iran, thanks to his traitor-ship and weakness.

Ironically, Obama will have to sleep with his enemy—the Israeli Jews—to fight against our common enemy, Iran.

Plus, we’re going to have 4-years of congress resisting Obama at every turn (thank God), and Obama tumbling further into his narcissism, fascism and power intoxication while continuing to break our bank, thereby dismantling the USA from within.

To all you Obama supporters out there, I say, You asked for it; now you’ve got it! Bend over ’cause here it comes!

Rest assured, the rich will remain rich, but the “middle class” will foot the bill for all the freeloaders. This means you, the Obama groupies, have voted yourselves into slavery.

And Obama loves this.


Because he’s a Muslim Arab.


*Melungeon: Tri-racial populations thought to be of mixed European, sub-Saharan African and Native American ancestry.

Also see:


Words On And From American Icons

Today the words of John McCain and Sarah Palin are being played and posted throughout the virtual and real worlds. This reminds me of the words of (on) two other American icons:

Everyone knows the sonnet “The New Colossus,” by Emma Lazarus (July 22, 1849 – November 19, 1887). Its final lines are engraved in the base of the Statue of Liberty. Fewer know Lazarus was one of Moses Lazarus and Esther Nathan’s seven children. Her parents were Portuguese Sephardic Jews whose families settled in New York during the colonial period. On her mother’s side, Emma was related to Benjamin N. Cardozo, Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court.

The New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,

With conquering limbs astride from land to land;

Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall standA mighty woman with a torch, whose flame

Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name

Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand

Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command

The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

“Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she

With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

While we repeat the words said by and engraved on such American icons, as liberty’s maverick (John McCain) and the Statue of Liberty, it bears mentioning that the inscription on the Liberty Bell, also by a Jew, still rings true some 115 years later. From Leviticus (25:10), the words are “Proclaim liberty throughout the land and unto all the inhabitants thereof.” These are the words that inspired America’s anti-slavery movement and these words stirred Harriet Beecher Stowe to write “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

What Muslims Don’t Want You To Know

Islam’s Dirty Little Secrets

For Arabs, keeping slaves is a time-honored tradition. That was one of the main reasons Muslims moved to Africa in the first place. They went there to take slaves. Soon they had a booming slave business and were sending slaves everywhere. Meanwhile, they were exporting the family business, “Convert or off with your heads!”

Now, much of Africa is under Islam’s umbrella. Parts that aren’t are experiencing what the world now calls genocide (Darfur, Sudan). Or ethnic cleansing (don’t forget Israel – where the Jews are still Jewish). For Muslims, it’s all in a day’s work.

Why do I mention this? Because in much of the Arab world, slavery is still one of their little dirty secrets. Even in big fat rich Saudi Arabia where money is no problem, they still are so cheap they’re willing to import women all the way from the Philippines and turn them into indentured slaves… Continue reading “What Muslims Don’t Want You To Know”

All Except the Muslims

To think George W. Bush is the real enemy borders on insanity, and yet, that’s what Americans in ever-increasing numbers seem to believe. With that being the case, we can only continue in the best way possible until something changes. And yet, since Muslims seem to have our number, they continue to do their best to boil us slowly in a manner that we will never see until it’s too late.

Apparently, part of what the Muslims hate about us is that ever since the American Revolution, we’ve proudly exported our culture. And during the American Civil War, none other than Abraham Lincoln rewrote the Hebrew Bible, proclaiming emancipation in an open an uncompromising manner. Continue reading “All Except the Muslims”

Winston Churchill on Slavery

Quotes from an 1899 book by Winston Churchill in which he describes Moslems [Muslims] based in part on first-hand observations during Kitchener’s campaign in the Sudan:

“The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.”

(The River War, first edition, Vol. II, pages 248-50) London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1899