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Or: A New Era Take On “None Dare Call It Treason”

By Aulddog

To begin: Here’s a few textbook definitions of sedition:

From http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Sedition: A revolt or an incitement to revolt against established authority, usually in the form of Treason or Defamation against government.

From https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sedition: incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority.

So let’s see … anybody here seen any examples of this lately?

I have. Here’s a short list:

1) Pop music star Madonna at a demonstration immediately after the election: “I wish I could blow up the White House.”

2) Hollywood movie star Robert Deniro: “I’d like to punch Trump right in the face.”

3) Kathy Griffin and her oh-so-adorable pose with a disembodied head of President Trump. (And then she’s got the unbridled fucking nerve to cry about the people’s reaction afterwards.)

4) Any part of Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar hosting gig.

5) Anything from Hollywood movie star Alec Baldwin. (Yes, I put him after Jimmy Kimmel … at least Kimmel still has some class, even if he IS just a third-rate comedian. Almost none of the Baldwin bros do.)

6) Those idiots in Central Park and their absolutely AWFUL misinterpretation of “Julius Caesar”. If I was Shakespeare, I’d climb right of my grave and hunt them down. “The Walking Dead” would have nothing on me.

So there’s it is. As I take a moment to pause and look it over, I’ve filled in a bunch of Hollywood/show-biz types. I can’t produce anything concrete on the politicians that are out there; Elizabeth Warren presents a pretty clear and present danger as a seditionist. Others are less obvious about it, but are still in the game anyway—George Soros comes to mind. I would love, LOVE to see his tax returns, as long as that subject is being bandied about. I wonder what kind of tax breaks he gets for covertly funding sedition through any number of social efforts.

What really scares me is the fact that—for the most part—Obama’s gone underground. Oh sure, there’s been a few sound bites here and there. There’s a new YouTube video up of him congratulating Jay-Z on some Hall of Fame nomination. But beyond that, Obama’s gone quiet and dark, and that is disturbing. At least when he was president we could keep an eye on him. He may have been destructive to the country, but it was obvious damage. Now … I don’t know. And that, my friends, is deeply worrisome.

It would not surprise me if he, Soros, and Hillary The Horrible were all behind this latest legal push to take down President Trump. What they cannot do by direct frontal assault—because it would be much too obvious and would tip their hand, thereby derailing their efforts—they are almost certainly doing by covert means. Scarier still is the idea that I don’t even know what form those means take.

The next thing to think about is where this track leads. Unfortunately, I can tell you that part: It leads to some disturbed redneck ex-plumber living out of his van next to a baseball diamond in Alexandria VA, who camps out there and waits for the Republican baseball team, and then tries to gun them all down. These people, Hollywood and liberal politicians alike, wound that asshole up and aimed him at the Republicans just like the guns he carried.

This will not be the last time we see this, I’m afraid. I can’t speak for anybody else, but having analyzed terrorist acts for some years now, I can tell you that this has all the same data points as the attack on the U.S.S. COLE—a small-scale test-bed effort, just to see if they can do it. The next attack will almost certainly be a straight shot on the President himself, or at least at someone from the Cabinet. I don’t envy the Secret Service their job.

So—with that analysis done, back to the opening lines of this missive. I submit to you, dear reader, that the time has come to re-institute the laws against sedition. Now, we’ve had them before: The Alien and Sedition Acts in 1798, the Espionage Act of 1917, and the Alien Registration Act (Smith Act) in 1940. Each time they worked; the Smith Act, in particular, was used in a series of trials against members of the Communist Party of the USA between 1949 and 1957. If Wikipedia is to be believed, the Smith Act is still on the books, although it has lain unused since 1961.

I sincerely hope that Wikipedia is right on this one. If that is indeed the case, then the Trump administration has something to start with in their countering efforts against the liberal groundswell. Furthermore, the Trump lawyers could even articulate a legal argument against the liberals that posits they are responsible for the Alexandria asshole. It wouldn’t be that hard.

The only thing we are missing is concrete evidence. Next time there is an attack—and I’m sad to say, there will be next time, given the current circumstances—we need to take the attacker alive. Tall order, I know; certainly if they came at me, I’d try to put them down. But we need a witness to point the finger back at the seditionists, and that means going against our better judgement and actually allowing a couple of them to live.

Sedition it is, and by any other name is still sedition. Hollywood, the Democratic Party, even the mainstream media have all conspired together to bring this about. I daresay if I were to walk into a college classroom anywhere in this country now, the professor at the head of the class would be teaching the students about the evil that is Donald Trump.

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Eric Holder Himmler and the DOJ are as busy as bees fomenting racism in the wake of the lawful self-defense killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman.

Zimmerman was found not guilty by a jury of his peers, and rightly so. Zimmerman’s civil rights were also violated when Martin called him a “white ass cracka.” Unfortunately, since Zimmerman is not black and Martin was black, the DOJ (Read: Eric Holder) and a host of race baiters—the usual suspects: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al—are further violating Zimmerman’s civil rights by alleging that he violated Martin’s civil rights. This ironic amalgam of thought processes is laughably irrational.


Their tacit premise is predicated upon the illogical notion that blacks may do whatever they wish—indiscriminately, while ignoring the law—simply because they’re black. Anyone attempting to call them out is labeled a racist. Meanwhile, any non-blacks (especially whites) may not defend themselves against black violence and somehow don’t have the same rights as blacks under our legal system.

hitler-danceI’ve never seen a more blatant case of the the crybaby double standard being applied in my lifetime. This crack-induced line of reasoning by so-called black civil rights leaders is what really undermines the black community, not racial bigotry by non-blacks. And the Obama administration, along with Eric Himmler, use these leaders to do their bidding like jimmy hats at a wild west brothel.

Well all know the metaphor of fighting fire with fire, but to fight false accusations of racism with real racism is an indication that these “leaders” might be victims of lead paint chips and too many drops on their heads as babies. Of course, they’ll probably blame this on non-blacks as well. Their ridiculous arguments coupled with attempts to bully others in order to exact change will inevitably lead to even higher death tolls of young black men. So be it.

As I wrote in an earlier blogpost, THE REAL TRAYVON MARTIN:

“The black protests and plans to further pursue Mr. Zimmerman (the victim who also has civil rights) via the absurd idea that he somehow violated Trayvon Martin’s civil rights are tantamount to lynch mob mentality, reverse discrimination, and classic black racism.”

Meanwhile, black mobs across the country have taken cues from the Obama administration’s inaction (specifically the Department of Justice) ultimately fueling even more brutal attacks by blacks against non-blacks. This is unadulterated racism—the black pots are attacking the kettles simply because they’re not black. If this isn’t racism, then racism doesn’t exist.

Fascists Obama, Holder Himmler and their henchmen know exactly what they’re doing, too. They want to stir up division and chaos among Americans in order to keep us diverted as they quietly go about dismantling our Republic, morphing it into their twisted fantasy of a New World Order, a socialist utopia ruled by mulattoes and libtards. This is not some half-baked conspiracy theory, folks, it’s a fact. These men are evil.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Author’s note:

What we need now are more automatic weapons with super-high-capacity magazines so we can defend ourselves against the black mobs—also called domestic urban terrorists—who are perpetrating beatings and killings of innocent folks around our great Republic simply because they’re not black. Now, they not only beat and kill their own, they beat and kill anybody! Citizens need to start popping caps in their asses and empty noggins. They’ll scatter like scared little school girls. In the rare case they don’t, shoot ’em again!

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On June 14, 1775, Congress in Philadelphia authorized a new Continental Army to prosecute what had just become a shooting war with British regulars around Boston — dispatching Gen. George Washington to organize a siege of the city.

The army’s first major victory came only months later, as a daring nighttime expedition to install artillery at Dorchester Heights forced the British evacuation of the city.

Today, the United States Army celebrates its 234th birthday — marking a proud history in which it has triumphed everywhere from the breastworks of New Orleans to the beaches of Normandy and New Guinea to the streets of Baghdad.

Indeed, the ragtag force that nearly froze at Valley Forge has long since evolved into the most effective defender of human freedom in world history.

Not a bad record, that.

To be sure, today’s Army faces daunting challenges: After nearly eight years of war — most spent fighting a pair of grueling counterinsurgencies — it still must be prepared to defend America’s security from threats all over the world.

Yet the men and women who wear the uniform — some of their generation’s best and brightest — have never shrunk from the task.

Clearly, the country’s freedom remains in good hands.

Happy birthday.



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Democratic Party - Losing Wars Since 1968

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Subsidizing Sedition

Media: The New York Times gives moveon.org a discount on a full-page ad smearing Gen. David Petraeus.

Does anyone think for a minute that the Times would grant a similar discount for a group backing Petraeus? }} more…

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And oh how they love it…

Why The New York Times Can Legally Help The Enemy in The War on Terror

by Jeffrey Imm

In July 2007, the Washington Post gave a Hezbollah supporter full coverage of an online column on Jihadism, and in June 2007, both the New York Times and the Washington Post printed editorials by a Hamas figure.

This week, the New York Times has provided online columns on August 8 and August 9 dedicated to brainstorming new ideas on how Jihadists can attack and kill Americans. The New York Times author, Dr. Steven Levitt, a writer on economics, used his online August 8 column “If You Were a Terrorist, How Would You Attack?” to offer some new ideas to Jihadists on ways to murder Americans, and suggested some specific tactics that Jihadists can take to improve both the level of terror and effectiveness of such murders. Then Dr. Levitt invited the general public to offer their own suggestions on how Jihadists might be able to kill Americans, stating “I’m sure many readers have far better ideas. I would love to hear them.” And disturbingly, many hundreds of readers obliged Dr. Levitt by offering horrific suggestions to help Jihadists. This was not yet enough for the New York Times, and so on August 9, Dr. Levitt wrote a second online column “Terrorism, Part II”, where he defended his right to recommend murder ideas to terrorists, by explaining that there are a “virtually infinite” number of American vulnerabilities, and by claiming that the “terrorists are incompetent” or the “terrorism threat just isn’t that great”. }} more…

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Here’s a video compilation you definitely won’t see on mainstream media. The next time you hear the expression “Bush’s war” remember this video.

The most despicable acts of deceit ongoing in this country are the lies and hypocrisy perpetrated by the people seen in this short video. These people are so blinded by their hate for our president that they have betrayed their own consciences. Want to elect any of these folks to the 2008 White House?

This should be seen by everyone in America!

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Posted July 23, 2007 @ 12:01 am

I’m sure this will come as a shock to you, but blogger sleuth’s found a contemptible Kos diary entitled “KILLITARY” that was even more acerbic than usual towards the military. In fact, the admin geeks tried to shove it in file 13. Charles at LGF is making sure that doesn’t happen. We thought we’d do the same.


Update 1: 12:02 pm — MM has more.

Update 2: 12:08 pm — See: USA Today Interviews ‘Killitary’ Author

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From LGF:

Maan News, a Palestinian organization based in Bethlehem, is reporting that America’s most disgraceful former president is taking US policy into his own hands and offering to help Hamas negotiate with Fatah.

(IsraelNN.com) Hamas leader and former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh met with the director of former United States President Jimmy Carter’s Carter Center on Sunday, according to Bethlehem-based Maan News. The director, Scott Caster, told Haniyeh that Carter was willing to mediate negotiations between Fatah and Hamas, an offer that Haniyeh accepted.

Carter is known to support the PA, and recently published a book titled “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.” His reported offer to mediate between Hamas and Fatah goes against official United States and Israeli policy, which has called for Fatah to isolate Hamas.

Also see:

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The Drums

The Drums of War

The Dumbs

The Dumbs of War

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