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Forty-five years ago this week the world received the honor of another “Palestinian” creation.

Arab Muslims labelled Palestinian savagely tortured and murdered eleven Israeli athletes at the Olympic Village in Munich.

Among other pastimes devised by “Palestinians” that have been emulated by Arab Muslims at large are:

Airplane hijackings

School shootings

Suicide/homicide exploding vest attacks

Knife attacks

Car and truck attacks

If only we would give them everything they want the world could be perfect.

Yasir Arafat, the chic magnet

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This is an update to this post.  It has been confirmed that the initial web accounts regarding the school that Mr. Bill Stevens’ daughter was attending were incorrect.  Mr. Stevens has now been reported by several sources as having requested corrections to the reporting once he became aware of the error.  In short Mr. Stevens’ daughter was not a student at the Sandy Hook Elementary School when the tragic shooting occurred, but was instead a student at one of the neighboring schools in Newtown CT.

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In the views of this contributor, this in no way-what-so-ever diminishes Mr. Stevens’ comments, and in light of his attempts to correct the erroneous reports only adds credibility, integrity and honor to his name.  My original comments and assessment of Mr. Bill Stevens still Stands!

Though I may disagree with the political views of the reader who brought this error to our attention by means of their comment… I offer my appreciation and a hardy “Thank You!” for the information that allowed this correction to my post.  Additionally the link above may be found in that reader’s posted comment.

This correction was made to the original post by Marshal Infidel on 11 February 2013


Here is a true American… short, sweet and to the point! Please take special note of his contextual use of the word “tyrant”.

Conservative blogger Rob Port noted in a February 4th post:

“In the politics of tragedy, victims and the relatives/friends of victims are often given absolute moral authority on the subject at hand. As long as they’re saying things that fit the political agenda of one side or the other in the debate. The anti-gun folks have been quick to champion anyone related to Sandy Hook saying anything against gun rights. I’m guessing Mr. Stevens won’t be given that authority, however, because his opinions don’t fit the narrative.”
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