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Barney the Pimp (boys and poverty)

Barney the Pimp (boys and poverty)

The sub-prime mortgage scandal is a perfect example of the corruption in the Democratic Party. You have the coming together of two great forces: Do-Gooderism and Greed.

We all want to be do-gooders, so like “environmentalism” it’s perfect for scam artists and communists to latch onto.

While “helping the poor” you can make a tidy sum for hooking it up. It’s a win – win deal for the two merging forces. It’s free stuff for everybody mentioned. Not mentioned is who picks up the tab. Not mentioned is the failure of similar programs and “intentions” of the past. Not totalled in is the cost to the taxpayer and the even worse cost to the object of charity: the poor.

Corruption is the bane of democracy. In a democratic society like ours, Liberalism is a perfect cover for corruption. Why do liberal/socialists and criminal rip-off artist work so well together? It is the scale that can be achieved by scamming through the government.

HEREHow many more generations will be swept away by words? Will there ever come a time when people remember all the broken promises and empty words? When they look around and see the outcome of trusting liberal politicians. When things are going well (like just a few months ago) or things look dark (today’s economic troubles) we just plug along.


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