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Gotcha again you pervert.

But now that I have your attention, maybe you can help me find the answers to questions I have for some major religions.

1. If it was God’s plan for Jesus to die for the sake of everyone’s sins, then tell me Christians why persecute, torture and murder Jews for 2,000 years for supposedly killing him? Weren’t they merely fulfilling God’s plan?

2. If the Holocaust never happened, and the Jews made it all up, what exactly is it about Hitler that makes Moslems just love him so much?

3. Why do Jews pray for rain during the rainy season? It’s already raining. Wouldn’t it make more sense to pray for rain during the droughts?

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Libtard or not, we love Sarah Silverman…


What a beauty at 43!

One of our favorite funny (beautiful) ladies will be joining the cast of a popular TV drama. Sarah Silverman is hopping on board Masters of Sex (not that we ever watch that crap).

Joining Michael Sheen, Lizzy Caplan, and the rest of the cast, she’ll take on a recurring guest star role next season. Other than that, details are being kept firmly under wraps.

Will she bring a dose of her signature wit to the serious show? Or, will she play it straight? Only time will tell. But, if you can’t wait to get your Silverman fix, she’s also in A Million Ways to Die in the West, coming out next month. (Vulture)

Our biggest disappointment is her choice of men.

Come on, Sarah, Jimmy Kimmel and Kyle Dunnigan!? Really?

Girl, what you need is a died-in-the-wool real man with a large… uh… brain. A man born and raised in the Midwest.

I’m sorry to inform you that I’m already taken, but I’m sure Marshall Infidel would be happy to step in and enlighten you on the ancient techniques of pleasing a woman. Only men from our old stamping ground are privy to this knowledge. For example, we can simply whisper into a woman’s ear and she’ll instantly experience multiple orgasms… BIG ones.

Let yourself go, girl. Don’t waste your time on these Hollywood boys who offer the equivalent of fast food sex.

Meanwhile, good luck with your new role.


Click on image to enlarge — I dare you!

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‘Be Still, My Beating Heart!’

She’s beautiful. She’s gorgeous, young, funny, and smart… Well, kind of smart with one huge flaw. She’s a libtard.

Politics (psychosis) aside, there isn’t a traditional shiksa alive I know of who could dethrone this Helen of Troy.

Sarah Silverman

Click on image to enlarge

Screw the shiksas. Give me women who look like Sarah Silverman and I’ll be a happy camper.

Oh, to be young again.

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My recent trek through America’s heartland allowed me to meet an Israeli rabbi who has been living in flyover country for the past twenty years


There is no reason for my photo to be here. I have nothing to do with this essay. But the administrators of my favorite blog, TMQ2, think I’m so hot I belong here. Thanks, Guys! —Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman:

One of the things our conversation touched on was Muslim behavior and world peace.

He explained that their behavior can be explained by their theological relations with God.

There basically isn’t one.

Jews and Christians worship a God they have a relationship with.

For Christians it offers personal salvation

For Jews it provides a framework for their obligations to fellow-man.

Muslims worship God because He is all-powerful.

That then dictates a cultural mindset that power is the end all and the be all.

Serve God by being more powerful than the next guy.

That’s all that matters.

Kill and/or die trying.

Some religion of peace.

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Jackie Mason takes on Sarah Silverman and her video for The Great Schlep.

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Having 75 minutes to myself, I managed to watch Sarah Silverman’s opus, “Jesus Is Magic.”

This movie is right up our alley. It skewers just about everyone, is raunchy and laugh out loud hysterical. Sarah is witty, biting, intelligent, funny, classy and drop dead gorgeous. If I ever find out she can cook I will leave my wife and stalk her to the ends of the earth.

I highly recommend that you watch this movie.

I’m sure you will give it two thumbs up your asshole.

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