Liberals — Fuck ‘Em All Where They Breathe

The crazier President Trump acts, the more his enemies paint themselves into a corner.

“Obama tapped my phone” has the libtards screaming foul.

They deny that it ever happened and Trump is delusional.

There is no evidence of his phone being tapped and there would have had to been evidence of wrongdoing for the wiretap.

If there is insufficient evidence for the tap does that mean there is no evidence that he colluded with the Russians?

Why does no evidence of wiretaps automatically dismiss that charge but no evidence of colluding with the Ruskies demands an investigation?

Why did the NY Times months ago report that wiretaps confirm Trump/ Russia connections?

Or was that just fake news?

Hands Across The Water

Message to TMQ2 Readers:

We have received a spate of comments that have not been published because they were in Russian Cyrillic and could not be deciphered.

I told the Rooskies to speka da inglesh but they won’t get with the program.

We received two more which were deleted by an administrator before I could get the translation. So, for what it’s worth, here are the translations, per Google, of two comments left in Russian:

  • Huge thank you! and even posts on this topic will be in the future? It is waiting!
  • Cool all: the picture and information

We rock the Kremlin.