As the sinking ship known as Democrats goes down, how long will it be before talk of how they were stabbed in the back by those disloyal, ungrateful, hyper-white Joos is shouted from the mountain tops?

from the NY Post

Jewish voters are furious at Dems’ defense of Ilhan Omar

Jewish voters furious at Democrats’ defense of Rep. Ilhan Omar say they’re done with the party that has held their support for generations. “We felt we had a home there,” said Mark Schwartz, the Democratic deputy mayor of solidly blue Teaneck, NJ. “And now we feel like we have to check our passports.”

Jordan Manor of Manhattan, who calls himself a “gay Jewish Israeli-American,” laments, “The party I thought cared about me seems to disregard me when it comes to my Jewish identity.”

Mark Dunec, a consultant in Livingston, NJ who ran for Congress as a Democrat in 2014, says, “I’m physically afraid for myself and for my family,” adding, “I see my own party contributing to the rise of anti-Semitism in the United States.”

Omar, a freshman congresswoman from Minnesota, sparked the firestorm in February for using anti-Jewish tropes: saying that support for Israel was “all about the Benjamins” and accusing Jewish-American legislators of “dual loyalty.” Many, including some fellow Democrats, deemed her comments anti-Semitic—but the party’s lefty activists pushed back. “No one seeks this level of reprimand when members make statements about Latin + other communities,” complained Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a March 5 tweet. 

Omar issued only a partial apology. In response, the House passed a resolution condemning all “hateful expressions of intolerance” with kitchen-sink language that named nearly a dozen different groups. “I feel confident that [Omar’s] words were not based on any anti-Semitic attitude,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

Many Jewish Dems in the city aren’t buying it. “The fake defense she doesn’t know what she’s saying? I don’t believe it,” said Sara, a Queens teacher who asked not to be fully identified. “This is a grown woman and a member of Congress. Trying to excuse this as naivete is inexcusable.” For her and others, anger is sparking immediate action.

“The watered-down resolution triggered my decision to walk away from the Democratic Party,” said Allison Gangi of Manhattan. “I never dreamed anti-Semitism would have become mainstream on the left, but it has.”

Sara said she is “not comfortable anymore being a Democrat” and will register as an independent.

Among his Teaneck neighbors, Schwartz said, “Our only question now is, do we start voting Republican, or do we become Republicans?”

Others say they feel like the wandering Jew of legend. “I’m homeless. I don’t think I can vote for Trump, even though he’s great for Israel,” said Jason, a start-up owner from Long Island who asked that his surname not be used. “But as a Jew, I can’t see a way to support the Democratic Party. It’s supporting your own destruction.”

Last week, President Trump issued two tweets boosting “Jexodus,” a new advocacy group—advised by a prominent GOP strategist—that encourages moderate and conservative Jews to find a new political home. More than 4,000 people have signed on, organizers said.

“Since launching this, the anti-Semitism we are seeing is so blatant and obvious it’s terrifying,” said Elizabeth Pipko, the group’s spokeswoman and a volunteer on Trump’s 2016 campaign.
The organization’s Instagram and Facebook pages are regularly targeted with hateful messages, she said. “I leave them up, because people have got to see it,” Pipko said.

Could that be coffee that they smell?

Speaking of Secret Security Forces

Reposted from 07 Nov 2013 | Clandestine Activity On American Soil | in Mychal Massie’s The Daily Rant | by Pastor Stephen Nash

blackwaterMore and more there are occurrences in our country I never thought I would ever witness; no, not in the land of the free!  I have known through the years that certain radical groups like the white supremacy people and even Islamist extremist factions were secretly meeting and training, but I never would imagine in a million years that one of those forces would be our own government!

I came upon the following in the Drudge Report (11-5-13) that certainly caught my eye:

“The Department of Homeland Security is to spend $19 million dollars on a private security force in Wisconsin and Minnesota; an armed unit that must have a “Top Secret” security clearance according to an official solicitation.  The fact that the contractors being hired must have a “Top Secret” security clearance clearly suggests that the DHS is not merely seeking to hire armed guards, but Blackwater-style mercenaries who will be engaged in some kind of clandestine activity.

“The notion of an armed security force operating domestically under a “Top Secret” designation, something normally reserved for foreign spying and military operations, underscores how the DHS increasingly treats America like some kind of occupied territory.  The hiring of private mercenaries with Top Secret clearances also suggests the DHS may be planning on using the contractors as cutouts who will be involved in a variety of different operations outside the purview of public and Congressional scrutiny.”

“For some, the idea of an ever-expanding federal government turning to a private security force with a “Top Secret” clearance will stir memories of Barack Obama’s pre-election promise to build “a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, and just as well-funded as the US military.”

What in the world is going on?  I hope there is an acceptable explanation for all this secrecy and clandestine activity within our own borders.  This is taking place in the Minnesota and Wisconsin woodlands, not on a military base or some far away island.  I knew about the ammunition but I didn’t know about the mercenaries.

I have been watching the President during recent news clips and noticed something I have not witnessed before.  I cannot judge a man’s heart but I can notice his countenance and there has been an obvious change.  It could be because of the deception revealed behind the passage of Obama Care but nevertheless, he is not the same man he was during his first term.  He is doubling down in defense of his deception and his determination to turn us into a socialist state.

Our Federal Government is grabbing more and more power and authority than I would have ever predicted and they are getting away with it.  Former presidential candidate, Ron Paul has suggested that we are sliding toward a “totalitarian state.”  Just what does that look like?  Some television commentators have referred to this administration as a “regime.” 

The following are characteristics of a totalitarian state:

  1. The regime must be a one party state.
  2. The regime must use terror as a political tool.
  3. The leader must have total control over his subordinates, through political and extra-political means (meaning that they must use fear even on close allies).
  4. The regime must control nearly all aspects of the economy.
  5. The regime must try to control all aspects of human relations, from trade unions and politics to social groups, education and even marriage and youth.

We may not be there yet, but are we, as Con. Paul suggests, “sliding in that direction?”  There are goals this administration has that are indeed “socialist” in nature.  Could it be that the goals are to control every aspect of peoples’ lives and have little individual freedom?  Totalitarian governments are often believed to be a solution to political or economic problems in a country.  We are experiencing both!  Totalitarianism is mostly about political power, but it is also the desire to control all aspects of life, not just the political sphere. Oh, by the way, the Drudge Report also reported that the “Dep. Of Homeland Security (DHS) recently purchased 1.6 million rounds of high powered ammunition, half a million dollars worth of fully automatic pepper spray launchers and projectiles that are designed to be used during riot control situations.”

Could someone be expecting trouble? Me thinks so!
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Obammy is a pussy!


Ruled by Kangaroos

Re-blogged from the syndicated column The Daily Rant:

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By Dan Bubalo | July 8, 2013Kangaroo Court

You can run from reality, but it will eventually catch up to you. If you don’t believe me, try out-running your shadow.

James Clapper is the head of an obscenely mismanaged and misguided espionage machine known as the National Security Agency. Its purpose was to spy on our enemies but instead it spies on Americans. But that’s no longer called spying in the Obama administration. Clapper claimed to be “clearly erroneous.” That’s called lying, but not under the Obama administration. There’s a consequence for lying called perjury, but there is not a ramification under the Obama administration. Morsi’s Arab Spring was rejected in Egypt and he was deposed by the military, which is called a coup d’etat [sic: d’état], but that’s no longer called a coup according to the Obama administration.

Smoke and mirrors. Sleight of hand. A façade covering a mask hiding a disguise, and euphemisms substituted for anything remotely resembling candor.

Honesty? So passé……………………………………so jejeune……………………………

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Videos: The Battle of Athens — Restoring the Rule of Law

Video one and intro:

When veterans of World War II returned to their homes in Athens, Tennessee, they decided to put a stop to the machine politics that had become ingrained in their society. Open battle broke out on election day, and the GIs won the battle and the election. The GI victory spelled the destruction of machine politics in Tennessee.


Video two and intro:

The Battle of Athens was an armed rebellion led by WWII veterans and citizens in Athens and Etowah, Tennessee, USA against the tyrannical local government in August 1946.

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