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The color green has a number of connotations; environmentally friendly; inexperienced; loaded with cash.

But I’m green with envy.


I’m jealous of the twitter relationship between blogger Elder of Ziyon and Ray Hanania.

Ray, I thought we were exclusive.

Now I find out that behind my back you are sharing your ignorant, thick-headed rants with some one else.

Notice how I’ve kept my years old promise not to call you stupid?

I miss you Ray. Don’t you follow us anymore?

I miss how you called me a well-known Muslim hater after my second post. Is there any way we can rekindle the flame we had?

It’s comforting to know that your sawdust filled cranium is still unencumbered by facts, logic or common sense.

I’d never stop loving your innocent simplicity if it didn’t condone and support terror, murder and mayhem.

I guess for you the color green is Hamas.

I love you baby, don’t ever change.

Judging Israel against perfection – a Twitter thread with Ray Hanania


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…. in realizing the flawed logic, lack of knowledge, hypocrisy, and forgive me for adding this because years ago  promised it was out of the equation, outright stupidity of dear old Racist Ray “Hamas” ray-the_dope_hananiaHanania.

Check out the link: http://www.israellycool.com/2017/01/13/responding-to-ray-hananias-myths/


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I was reading an article online about UN Ambassador to be, Governor Nikki Haley when there was a link to an article by none other than favored TMQ2 “SHUT THE FUCK UP” recipient, Racist Ray “Hamas” Hanania.

Ray wrote a piece for the Arab Daily News earlier in the year critiquing Haley for her response to the State of the Union Address.

Racist Ray, a Christian “Palestinian” carries water for Muslim causes and probably never met a jihadi he didn’t like.

He is more mixed up than a schizophrenic on LSD in a blender.


Racist Ray “Hamas” Hanania

The Old Double R excoriates the governor for:

Being Indian
Being Sikh
Being an immigrant
Being a a minority
And having white teeth.

We here at TMQ2 never hold against a person things they have no control over, like what they are or their intelligence.

We only hold those accountable for what they say or what they do and keep it at that.
The catalyst for Double R’s preschool tantrum is that Haley stands for the USA-
stands for justice and truth, and God bless her stands with Israel.

She had the audacity to say the US should make treaties that would be celebrated in Israel and protested in Iran.

Boo hoo fuck face.

She favors the only Mid-east country with a 9/11 memorial over one whose official policy is “Death to America”.

FYI Ray, when the Islamists take over Christians like you will be lined up for beheading along with the Jews and Muslim reformists.

Please shut the fuck up and remember that the only reason God gave you a mouth was to eat deep dish pizza and labneh you fat fuck.

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Psst, Ray, You There? ray-the_dope_hanania

You see this?

Holy shit Ray, is this fucked up or what?

Columnist Says Israel ‘Last Hope’ for Arab Christians Before Total Annihilation

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Lookie here fuckheads.

This is the future- suck it.

Am Yisroel Chai.

At least these Iranians got to get drunk enough to not know why they will be killed when they get back.

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Isn’t that an appropriate title to mention that our old friend Ray Hanania is back in the mix.

Ray wrote an opinion piece for the Saudi Gazette moaning about Muslim mistreatment of Christian Arabs.

Just maybe Ray is capable of recognizing a fact of life that does bite him in the ass.

It must stick in his craw that he has to direct his dissatisfaction somewhere other than Israel/Jews.

ray-the_dope_hananiaHe says his wife is Jewish and his son is being raised as a Jew but he puts the word in scare quotes.

Was he bar mitzvahed?

Does he keep kosher?

Does he put on tefillin?

Does he believe in the Jewish tenet that God gave the Land of Israel to the Jews?

A country that he twice mentions in the piece as something that will no longer exist.

The fact that Christians have a more secure and protected existence under Israeli rule than Muslim must drive him up the wall.

Christian Arabs have had a long and virulent history of Jew hating and if they have to suffer under Muslims I won’t lose sleep.

Maybe someday this will serve as an illustration of what the Jews have had to deal with, and Ray will identify as a “Jew by culture” based on the shared experience at the hands of Muslims.

In the meantime he still equates Israel with al-Qaeda and Bashar Assad.

What a dope.

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And these still on our old TMQ web site:

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Anthony Weiner at the LGBT Pride parade, New Y...

Weiner Whines After Flashing His Wiener

All this frenzy about Anthony Weiner for some reason got me thinking about our respected adversary, Ray Hanania.

I don’t know why, but that’s my mishegos.

Maybe because Weiner’s wife is Muslim and Ray’s is Jewish?

Have you guys thought about double dating?

Anyway, just a shout out to ya Ray.

Ironic that the Cubs actually make the Mets look good isn’t it?

Wishing you and the family a Happy Shavuos, enjoy the cheesecake and repeat after me:

Kol Ha K’vod L’Tzahal, Golan Shelanu.

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I Keep My Promises

Years ago I promised Ray Hanania I wouldn’t call him a moron anymore. I leave it to you to read Ray’s own words below and decide for yourself

“Americans have always opposed Muslims, but the opposition started to increase in the 1990s as Muslim immigration to the country began to increase. It came out of the closet after Sept. 11, 2001, when Americans blamed Muslims for the terrorist attacks as a simplistic way to avoid answering their own crimes against the Arab and Muslim World through years of exploitation (the harvesting of oil) and the expansion of foreign policies hostile to the rights and laws of Middle East, Arab and Muslim Countries. The battle in New York City recently waged by closer expatriates who have taken their hatred to the streets is not an exception but the rule. Similar battles have been taking place in American cities and suburban regions for the past two decades.”

Keep on keeping on, Ray.

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Our old fiend Ray Hanania, Arab American, hacker of stand-up comedy and wanna-be jihadist is at it again. I still wonder how much the rich Arab sheiks pay Ray for his ridiculous drivel.

Here’s Ray’s latest rim job for his turbaned-up, wanna-be world dominatrices who still wipe their asses with their bare hands.

I have mercifully added some much-needed mark up.

President Ahmadinejad and the Distortions of Politics [Ray Hanania’s Hookah Spew]

Ray Hanania [Forrest Gumpallah], Arab News

IRANIAN President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to America this week to address the United Nations and found himself the center of an American media storm.

The Iranian president is routinely demonized [correctly categorized] in the United States for allegedly “denying the Holocaust” and calling for the “destruction of Israel.” Ahmadinejad has also been criticized for oppressing Iranian citizens, persecuting women and dissidents including members of the Bahai’ faith and homosexuals. (more…)

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But don’t badmouth Ray to the Jerusalem Post. They’re liberal Jews who appease Arabs (both Muslim and so-called Christian Arabs) and scoff at non-Muslim counterterrorism efforts. Their approach is, “Be nice to the bad man and maybe he’ll go away!”

We know better.

Rumor has it Ray works for both the Muslim Chickens and Mossad (Ray has a tendency to talk too much while in bars, comedy clubs, and those secret Arab circle jerks he attends). (more…)

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