Ahmed. I’m so bummed. The Supreme Court just outlawed the teaching of Islamic tenants and Sharia law in US schools.

Boo hoo hoo.

Next they’ll outlaw our torture of animals and women, rape, fucking our beloved goats, and wearing pajamas in public.



Boo hoo hoo…



That was quick! It only took left-wing, anti-Semitic, cowardly Youtube eight hours to censor and remove this video in order to appease our terrorist enemies in Hamas.

But believe me, folks, these Hamas Neanderthals were making serious “love” to this innocent goat.

Caught on video!

Hamas terrorists gang raping a helpless goat.

Violence? Who do they mean, the goat or the Hamas goat fuckers?

After Israel kills them all, I wonder how these horny Hamas fools are going to take the news that their 72 virgins are all billy goats?

Speaking for the stars in this video, I’d say they’ll make no issue of it. Cock a doodle do, any goat will do!

So much for paradise and the 72 virgins that were purportedly promised by Islam’s non-prophet, Mohammad, the pedophile, murderer, and maniac with the tiniest penis in the history of humanoids.

– – –

Now it seems the goats are out for some payback!

Goats get some payback...
Angry Goat gets some payback from Hamas terrorist!


Wake up, girls. You’re on the wrong side!

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An Apology to All Muslim Jihadists

…and a bonus video to boot!

Having previously posted a call for debate to All Muslims, and having to this date subsequently received no response from any member of my intended audience in the Muslim community at large, I have come to realize the grave error that I made.

I see now that my error was in calling for critical and intelligent debate with anyone claiming adherence to the current-day debauchery and absurdity being ludicrously espoused, promulgated and propagated by the imbecilic tragic abomination and blasphemy of the prophet Mohammad, a lying, treacherous, murderous pedophilia embracing rapist whose words were robed in piety and whose true intentions of total domination are still hidden by religious rhetoric.

Instead, what I should have done was to post a litany of pornographic exposé showing misguided jihadists partaking in their favorite pastime, the much-loved and so often requested receipt of the “Rear Admiral” from their dildo wearing captive female slaves while yanking their pathetically diminutive noodles in an effort to remove the feces from their urethra left there by their last gang rape of baby camels and small dogs, all the while watching some variety of pornographic display on their cave walls.

So that said to all you misguided Muslim Morons… when you are not otherwise involved in the above described activities, or involved in your other favored and usual activities of beheading defenseless men, women and young children or running amuck with fever pitched wails and moans while becrying your incredulity and outrage at the supposed tragic and unjust manner that you, your pedophilic rapist and murderous prophet and your pseudo-religion’s equally degenerate clergy are constantly being ridiculed and condemned with by the majority of the remaining world’s higher intellect… Please take a moment to view this well-deserved treat that I have provided here just for you.

No need to thank me, I’m just trying to make amends for past errors and deficiencies by increasing the length of my sentences for you simple-minded cretins whose attention span can only accommodate a very limited number of periods, period.

Pedophilia, Molestation, Rape – A Normal Day in Islam

For over six years TMQ2 has blogged off and on about the rampant pedophilia, homosexual molestations, and rapes perpetrated by the Muslim Ummah Wahida. But the wonderful piece below—borrowed from another blog dealing with the same subject—was done with such elegance we felt it was worth pasting here. It is a perfect balance to our hard-hitting slam-dunking when writing about problems within the Islamic cult community.

Agony Under the Cedars

“Women are for children, boys are for pleasure.” So goes the Afghan saying. But there are no women in the Hindu Kush or Kabul or Kandahar. There are no mothers, no sisters, no grandmothers, no aunts. There are only the shades of womanhood; pale shadows flitting in the background of the horrific crimes routinely committed against their little boys—their sons, their brothers, their grandsons, their nephews—by Afghani men awash in the sick pleasure of pedophilia. And there is no childhood for those little boys. There is only their agony, and the creatures imitating men—the fathers, the grandfathers, the brothers, the uncles—who buy them, steal them, enslave them, groom them, rape them, prostitute them, turn them into dancing playthings, “bacha bazi,” for the pleasure of others of their ilk, and then discard them: “When he starts growing a beard, his time will expire, and I will try to find another one who doesn’t have a beard,” declares one such “man” about his “companion” of two years. And there is no Afghani government, apparently, either: “A kid who is being sexually exploited, if he reports it, he will end up in prison,” a UN worker tells the Washington Post. “They become pariahs.

This is where Bad Rachel came in. And this is where I have begun to wonder whether it is possible to help these benighted forgeries of humanity save themselves from themselves—for after all, isn’t that the point, once we’ve beaten our enemy, of continuing the fight?—and, more to the point, and though it pains me dreadfully to find myself standing in anything resembling proximity to the execrable anti-American left and its befouled doppelganger on the right, whether the attempting to do so has been worth the lives—and the terrible sacrifice of their mothers and fathers, their husbands and wives, their sons and daughters, their sisters and brothers, their grandmothers and grandfathers, their aunts and uncles—of all those great, valiant, heroic, wonderful, Americans who’ve given them for that cause. —Rachel Abrams | 5 Apr 2012 |

It’s not much of a stretch to figure out why misguided Muslims practice such barbaric and abusive acts. All one has to do is be reminded of Islam’s founder Mohammed and his six-year-old bride, Aisha bint Abu Bakr (612 – 678), and how he raped her when she was only nine. I wonder how many little boys also suffered rape by his tiny penis? I guess what’s good enough for madman Mohammed is good enough for the animals described above.

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