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It’s a dirty rotten shame that we can’t deport members of Congress for not doing their jobs and who instead use their positions to get rich rather than take care of their constituents.

If we could, the entire Congressional Racist Black Caucus would likely be working taco stands in Mexico.

How do we prove they’re racists?

Imagine if Trump were black.

They’d be all over him like white on rice, which proves their hatred and blather about impeachment isn’t about politics.

Playing the race card constantly and consistently, they accuse Trump of outlandish characteristics like racism, Nazism, and being mentally unsound.

Their 45-member sum total IQ is likely under 100 while Trump’s alone would likely clock in at 150 or above, and he clearly is neither a racist nor a Nazi.

Moreover, Obama could have burned down the entire country (and he pretty much did) and they would still have considered him their Melungeon god.

In their hate-filled eyes, Obama could do no wrong strictly because he is part black.

How fun it would be to purge track stars like “Mad Maxine” Waters, Al “Impeach Trump” Green, Elijah “Hate-Whitey” Cummings, Keith “NOI Jihad” Ellison, Sheila “Gimme Yo First Class Seat” Jackson Lee, John “Ugliest Man in the World” Lewis, and Frederica “I Wear 70s Pimp Hats” Wilson — just to name a few.

After this band of dolts, there is a plethora of other scoundrels from which to chose.

The Black Caucus is merely the largest single gaggle of perpetrators.

Congressional Black Caucus

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Eric Holder - Bigot

Eric Holder – Our Outlaw Attorney General

Dismantling America

Barack Obama – Our Outlaw Prez

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Socialism vs. Racism

A young black child asks his mother, “Mama, what is Socialism and what is Racism?”

“Well, child, Socialism is when white folks work every day so we can get all our benefits, you know, like free cell phones for each family member, rent subsidy, food stamps, EBC, free healthcare, utility subsidy, and on and on, you know.  That’s Socialism.”

“But mama, don’t the white people get pissed off about that?

“Sure they do, Honey.”

“That’s called Racism!”

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Barack Hussein Obama: How the Fuck Did This Worthless Racist Win?

America has lost its marbles and Obama’s voters deserve whatever crap he dishes out.

Let the Barry-Bashing begin!

Let the Barack-Bashing begin!

If this current liberal wave keeps up, we might live to see a second Civil War that will be anything but civil. This country is seriously divided, thanks to the left and its 8-years of Bush-bashing.

Are we just going to bend over, spread ’em, and say, Thank you and may I have another sir, or are we going to take our country back?

Now it’s our turn to bash Kenyan-born and still unproven as a natural-born citizen Barack Hussein Obama. Bend over Barry ’cause here comes the big meat whistle right up your six!

Hell, after all the trash talk the left put out about Bush, Arnold the Pig could have won the election on the Dem ticket. I shit you not.

Since we know Obama was raised as and always will be a Muslim, TMQ2 is gonna verbally bash him harsh enough to make what the left did to Bush look like a Sunday picnic.

Let the Barack-Bashing Begin!

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If Obama is half black and half white, why is everyone saying he’s our first Black President-elect?

Is this not a racist way of looking at it?

He’s neither white nor black. He’s mixed, half black Kenyon and half white American whatever.

To say Obama is a white President-elect is tantamount to saying he’s a black President-elect, and vice versa. Sorry to all you racists out there — including Obama himself.

If properly and legally vetted, there will be as much white as black occupying the White House if Obama does become our next prez, with the exception of Michelle Obama who is 100% black America-hating racist.

Therefore, we must embrace both sides of Obama’s ethnicity or we are guilty of racism (again, including Obama himself).

Everyone seems to be missing this obviously accurate point.

A black man has yet to be our president, just as a woman has yet to do the same.

I back either, as long as they are qualified and legal, both of which Obama has yet to substantiate.

The most accurate description of Obama is to say that he’s our first mulatto, and thus far illegal President-elect, or illegal biracial President-elect for the brainwashed “politically correct” Marxists readers.


Personally, I’d sooner have voted for Snoop Dogg or Cindy Sheehan rather than Hillary or Obama. At least they’re harmless. But I’m not a liberal so I’d never have had to make that choice. And McCain is mostly liberal in GOP disguise, so this election was simply about which liberal got the seat this time around. It looks like the illegal, unvetted, mulatto confidence man is on deck at this point.

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Dems: The Real Racists


“If the media were more objective, we’d be hearing a lot more about the racism at the heart of the Democratic Party. But such objectivity would cause too much cognitive dissonance for a press corps that defines “racist” as shorthand for Republican and sees itself as the publicity arm of the Obama campaign.”

Race Explains All

THE news media have been shamefully stoking the idea that the only way Barack Obama could possibly lose the presidential election is if racists have their way. Indeed, CNN’s Jack Cafferty says the fact that Obama isn’t leading in polls by a wide margin “doesn’t make sense . . . unless it’s race.” }} more…

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Muslims Were Assassins
Muslims Were Racists
Muslims Kidnapped Africans and Sold Them as Slaves
Muslims Kidnapped Israelis and Held Them Hostage
Muslims Kidnapped Ships and, Oh, That’s Right, Muslims Are Still Assassins, They Still Hold Slaves, They’re Still Sexists, They’re Still Anti-Semites, They Still Hate Christians, They’re Still Fascists, and They’re Still Pirates

Greek ship with 25 crew hijacked near Somalia

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Armed pirates hijacked a Greek bulk carrier with 25 crew members off the coast of Somalia on Thursday, the 13th ship seized in the notorious African waters in the past two months, a maritime official said. (more…)

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