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Watch what happens when black Africans from Uganda try to enter Israel.

Note how they are set upon by settlers and Zionist occupation forces.


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Hey Valerie – SHUT THE FUCK UP

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We must all join together and condemn France  for the disproportionate response to the acts of resistance carried out in Paris last week.

France must be pressured to do whatever it takes to end the cycle of violence between the French and Muslims.

Countless innocent lives are being taken by indiscriminate French air attacks that target civilians.

We call on all entities, both public and private to boycott French products, academics and services; divest from any economic ventures; and sanction the country of France under the harshest of terms.

We only want to see Frenchmen and Muslims living side by side in peace in two states.

Muslims should not have to endure living under French occupation.

We are all ISIS

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Asian Jews serving in the IDF

Asian Jews serving in the IDF

Another example of “Jews of Color” making Joseph’s Dreamcoat a metaphor for modern day Israel.

Anyone who fails to understand the post title as sarcastic irony is a pin-headed anti-Semite or one of their useful idiots.

To these brave defenders of righteousness, we say kol ha k’vod and chag sameakh-z’man torateynu

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Obama, Hitler, And Exploding The Biggest Lie In History
Bill Flax | Forbes

“The line between fascism and Fabian socialism is very thin. Fabian socialism is the dream. Fascism is Fabian socialism plus the inevitable dictator.” John T. Flynn

Numerous commentators have raised alarming comparisons between America’s recent economic foibles and Argentina’s fall “from breadbasket to basket case.” The U.S. pursues a similar path with her economy increasingly ensnared under the growing nexus of government control. Resources are redistributed for vote-buying welfare schemes, patronage style earmarks, and graft by unelected bureaucrats, quid pro quo with unions, issue groups and legions of lobbyists.

In Argentina, everyone acknowledges that fascism, state capitalism, corporatism – whatever – reflects very leftwing ideology. Eva Peron remains a liberal icon. President Obama’s Fabian policies (Keynesian economics) promise similar ends. His proposed infrastructure bank is just the latest gyration of corporatism. Why then are fascists consistently portrayed as conservatives? (more…)

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Zionism clearly defined is the right for Jews to rule themselves in their ancestral homeland.

Nothing more, nothing less, not withstanding the variations such as religious Zionism, Socialist Zionism or even Oriental Zionism.

These are merely internal nuances of what the character of the state should be.

It is no different than Germans living in Germany, French in France or Swedes in Sweden, etc. etc. etc.

If your problem is one of dual loyalties, many other countries offer dual citizenship to those from other places, and there is no question of loyalty.

No one questions the right of an American of French descent to move to France and become a French or dual citizen.

If it’s a question of displacing indigenous populations, there isn’t a demographic on earth that didn’t move in on some one else.

Where are the Gauls, Celts, Bretons, Gaels, and Picts that have been displaced by the French and British?

Or the Turkic tribes displaced by the Rus when Russia was created?

Besides, the Jews are the indigenous people of Israel. The people who call themselves Palestinian were mostly Muslim invaders who came from the Arabian Peninsula, emigrated legally and illegally from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon in the 19th and 20th centuries, and a smattering of indigenous Jews forcibly converted.

But that’s for another day.

The excuses that are used to deny Jews and Israel the right afforded other nations and peoples are a smoke screen for old-fashioned Jew hatred.

It’s not about land for peace, occupation, human rights or exploitation.

It’s the fact that Jews have a piece of the world in their possession.

Not satisfied with being able to persecute and murder Jews among them, the anti-Zionist is compelled to incessantly drive the Jews from their own country.

The underlying rationale for this hatred is dual edged in theology and racism.

Christianity has evolved considerably in the last 1700 years but is and of itself the basis for Antisemitism.

The whole point of Christianity is ,”Hey we’re not Jews”

We didn’t kill Jesus, they did.

We didn’t reject his divinity, they did, and it’s God’s will that they be punished for that until the end of time.

Muslims have no room in their world for any non-Muslim, so why should Jews be any different?

And if you think intermarriage or conversion protects a Jew, dream on.

Jews who converted during the Inquisition were not accepted as priests until after five generations to establish sangre pura.

Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws applied to any one with a Jewish grandparent. hence the basis for Israel’s Law of Return.

So, as we can see , based on geometric logic, anti-Zionists who claim that their statement is only applicable to certain policies of the Israeli government are full of more bullshit than a Kansas feedlot.

It’s racially based as much as a whites only bathroom.

The next time you hear someone say that they don’t hate Jews, only Zionists, explain to them that they are full of shit and invite them to


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Lookie here fuckheads.

This is the future- suck it.

Am Yisroel Chai.

At least these Iranians got to get drunk enough to not know why they will be killed when they get back.

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…and race baiting.


Brought to you by Al Sharptongue, the Goddamn father of race baiting, the racism racket, an FBI snitch, with the physiognomy of a crack addict.



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The American Studies Association has voted to academically boycott Israel because of their colonial occupation of and genocide against the indigenous Palestinians.


Libtard anti-Semite, Curtis Marez

The fact that many abusive, oppressive, repressive and dictatorial regimes don’t get a mention is blatant double standard antisemitism.

The fact that the only democracy in the mid-East that guarantees human, civil and religious rights for its women, gay and minority citizens is singled out for condemnation is blatant double standard antisemitism.

The rationalization of this action according to UC San Diego professor Curtis Marez is “one has to start somewhere”.

Now that you have demonized Israelis as a starting point to save humanity let’s just see where you go from here.

While you patiently decide who the next target of your righteousness will be you can lick the asshole of every Israeli and Jew on the planet.

May I suggest first up; the Golani Brigade of the IDF, because Curtis, one has to start somewhere.

When you are not putting your mouth to the aforementioned good use please accept our invitation to


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