Adolf Hitler did a brilliant and effective job of generating mass hate for and against Jews with his Nazi movement.

He understood that humans always need someone to hate, so he gave them just that. He also understood that if he could get everyone on the same sheet of hate music, he could use them as his personal hate army.

By employing all the Jedi mind tricks he could conjure up in order to influence others into becoming flaming anti-Semites like himself, he knew he could take their minds off the suffering German economy.

One of the most creative Nazi tricks was to blame everyone else for all the atrocities they themselves were perpetrating. The effectiveness of this technique may seem counterintuitive, but we can all see how well it worked then and still works today. More on this later.

But rather than using Donald Trump-like techniques to jump start the economy, Hitler fired them up and led them into a world war by using bigotry, racism, propaganda, hate, lies, false promises and insanity—all of which took their minds off their woes.

We all know how that story ended.

Fast forward to 2015 when Donald Trump announced his candidacy as a Republican for the presidential race of 2016 and won. Again, an economy was suffering and everybody with half a brain had a gullet full of the “anointed one,” Barack Hussein Obama. However, in this case Trump employed actual fixes to Barry’s liberal blunders and Muslim sabotage which had created huge public dolor. Trump repaired our failing economy and it is now booming.

How did the Democrats respond from the outset of Trump’s candidacy? Trump instantly became the object of their ire. They took their fallback position: Smear the bastard!

So, has this worked for the left?

For the sake of drawing an accurate parallel, let’s call the entire left—from center left to the whacked out far left—”Nazis.” This includes the propaganda wing called the mainstream media (MSM), politically left courts (like the 9th circuit), liberal states, all Democrat politicians and Republicans in name only (RINOS).

Since 2015, every hour of every day of every week of every month has been devoted to tearing down Trump by the Nazis and every other leftist from Toledo to Timbuktu. It has ultimately become a worldwide Nazi movement against Trump and anyone who supports him.

According to these Nazis, if one does not behave and think exactly as they dictate, then one is guilty of bigotry, racism, propaganda, hate, lies, false promises and insanity. Sound familiar?

As far as the Nazis are concerned, conservative Trumpers and our Constitutional Republic have become the new Jews. Ironically, liberal Jews are co-conspirators in this Nazi world.

Where Is The Outrage?

We must all join together and condemn France  for the disproportionate response to the acts of resistance carried out in Paris last week.

France must be pressured to do whatever it takes to end the cycle of violence between the French and Muslims.

Countless innocent lives are being taken by indiscriminate French air attacks that target civilians.

We call on all entities, both public and private to boycott French products, academics and services; divest from any economic ventures; and sanction the country of France under the harshest of terms.

We only want to see Frenchmen and Muslims living side by side in peace in two states.

Muslims should not have to endure living under French occupation.

We are all ISIS

Behind The Veil – Muslim Sisterhood Split Beavers

Leon “No Axe To Grind” Panetta was laughable in is jokester role to Bill “Phoney-Baloney” O’Reilly as his straight man.

panetta-o'reillyLeon threw Obama under the bus in this interview promoting his book that throws Obama of all places under the self-same bus.

I deplore this exercise in loyalty as detritus not for any pity for Obama who deserves to be thrown under something more substantial than a bus, but for the nauseating and transparent way that Pancetta, that’s right, pancetta (look it up) is angling for a spot in what he believes will be the next Clinton regime.

He’s distancing himself from an administration he was part and parcel to faster than a Kenyan at the starting line of the New York City Marathon.

And shame on you O’Reilly for not asking the most obvious question.

The one that matters most in the context of this charade and the one to which Pancetta is most accountable.

The question unasked that inquiring minds want answered is this.

Leon, if you feel so strongly about the deficiency and miscarriage of executive power over the last five years, why the fuck didn’t you say something then, you blow-hard, self-serving, vacuous piece of shit?

And who the fuck paid O’Reilly off to keep him from asking it?


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Curtis Marez Likes To Take It Up The Ass – Big Time

The American Studies Association has voted to academically boycott Israel because of their colonial occupation of and genocide against the indigenous Palestinians.

Libtard anti-Semite, Curtis Marez

The fact that many abusive, oppressive, repressive and dictatorial regimes don’t get a mention is blatant double standard antisemitism.

The fact that the only democracy in the mid-East that guarantees human, civil and religious rights for its women, gay and minority citizens is singled out for condemnation is blatant double standard antisemitism.

The rationalization of this action according to UC San Diego professor Curtis Marez is “one has to start somewhere”.

Now that you have demonized Israelis as a starting point to save humanity let’s just see where you go from here.

While you patiently decide who the next target of your righteousness will be you can lick the asshole of every Israeli and Jew on the planet.

May I suggest first up; the Golani Brigade of the IDF, because Curtis, one has to start somewhere.

When you are not putting your mouth to the aforementioned good use please accept our invitation to


Roseanne Barr’s Goober-Smooching Cake Hole Parrots Anti-Semitic Arab Propaganda

From WorldNetDaily:

Roseanne Barr blasts Israel as ‘Nazi state’
Accuses Jews bombing Gaza of learning from their German ‘mentors’

Roseanne Barr the HogEmmy-award winning comedienne Roseanne Barr, herself of Jewish ancestry [and now a traitor to her own peeps], has nonetheless blasted Israel for its recent attacks on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, calling Israel a “Nazi state” bent on torturing “the Jewish soul.”

“Exactly as its Nazi mentors did to the Jews of Warsaw, Israel now bombs innocent civilians who have been imprisoned in concentration camps in Gaza!” Barr writes on her blog. }} more…

Even When Temporarily Slim, Roseanne Barr Is Still A Boar

Somebody should tell the Queen of Rotundness that nobody cares about her worthless opinions on any subject. Typical of Barr’s insufficient cranium capacity and its inherent negative side effects (like stupidity), here she is sounding like a Jew-hating anti-Semite while posing as an Israel hater.

Gee, what a clever cover. I’ll bet nobody’s tried that one before. Maybe the radical Arab jerk-offs in Hamas should try her lines … oh, that’s right … that’s where she got them in the first place. She’s one of their many Hollywood puppets. Her puppet strings lead right back to the Gaza strip.

How transparent and cold hearted it is for a carpet-munching fag hag like Barr to refer to Israel, a mostly Jewish state, as Nazis. Haven’t Jews suffered enough at the hands of real Nazis without having to deal with one of their own turning traitor and accusing them of Nazi atrocities? Shame on her and her fat ass.

And notice how Roseanne’s selective amnesia ignores the whys for Israel’s latest retaliatory attacks on Hamas? You know who I’m referring to. It’s the same radicalized Arab cowards who hide behind women and children when Israel responds with force after being bombarded with rocket fire by Hamas and Hezbollah, wounding or killing “innocent civilians” inside Israel — and how the Palestinian leader Abbas ‘begged’ Israel to hit Hamas.

Liberal fools like Barr, Penn, Baldwin, Robbins, Franken, and the UN, to name a few, are easily duped into condemning Israel with propaganda orchestrated by terrorist regimes. This propaganda serves to displace the obvious guilt on the part of Islamofascists and unfairly hangs it on Israel’s back. It’s simply an old propaganda methodology. What a bunch of dopes.

These Hollyweird liberals get played like stooges by our country’s enemies. This makes these celeb fucks our enemies too. Muslim terrorist groups love it when celebrity Yo-Yos beat their drum for them and mouth off about Israel. It keeps everybody’s attention diverted while the terrorists sneak around cutting off non-Muslims’ heads and killing Jewish civilians.

Roseanne’s not fooling anybody — not even her own rotund ass. The same eating disorder, denial and hoggery she’s suffered from her entire life are playing out again with her latest Israeli-Hamas scant rant. These personality flaws serve to render her a perfect stooge for Muslim evildoers.

In her twisted mind, Israel may have become her surrogate daddy, the one who never loved her. Or maybe she lashed out at Israel because the local Hollywood 7-Eleven was out of Ding Dongs, Ho-Hos, and super-size slurpees, thereby inducing a massive sugar withdrawal and resulting anger tantrum. Whatever the reason, she’s as worthless a tits on a boar hog. What a whiny, disgusting adult child.


Roseanne Barr should be shunned by Jews and forbidden to consume Hostess products for life as her teshuvah.

If a gag large enough to fit existed, I’d be glad to drive the bulldozer to stuff it into her goober-smooching cake hole. Problem is, she’d probably swallow it like she has fatty foods and liberal/terrorist propaganda all her life. Plus, they probably don’t make a bulldozer that big and her terrorist puppeteers would just blow it up anyway.

If she continues being such a perfect patsy for terrorists, pretty soon she’ll be swallowing protein milkshakes from their tiny meat straws, just like ‘Jihad’ Jimmy Carter does to fund his Carter (Sedition) Center.

Like Forrest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that.