Who’s the Clown Now?


I guess when it comes right down to it… the truth really does hurt.


Goodbye President Bush

The TMQ2 staff wishes all the best in the coming years to you and your family. You will be sorely missed.

You understood the threats to our country and acted decisively rather than hesitantly as so many past presidents have or would have done if faced with the monumental challenges you were forced to deal with during your eight years in office.

President George W. Bush, Served 2000-2008
President George W. Bush, Served 2000-2008

It’s lonely at the top, and I’m sure you have come to know this better than anyone on the planet. Likewise, you know all too well how the Lilliputians (Islamists, Muslim terrorists, enemy appeasers, Democrats, liberals, Marxists, political correctness stooges, Communists, and other enemies to the United States of America) offer nothing but speed bumps, potholes, and flat tires along the road to economic success and world peace.

Many fear the USA will never again be as it once was, as we came to know and love it as children and young adults, but become yet another failed liberal experiment — the kind of messes handed back to us by duds such as Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, FDR, and many other spineless and spend-happy leftists from regimes gone by (and soon to be made by your predecessor, perhaps illegally).

Regretfully, we must now say goodbye to you, sir. To say the least, you have been our fearless leader, friend, protector, patriot, vetted Natural-Born Citizen and veteran of the armed forces.

The US presidency has transgressed from a legally vetted, Natural-Born Citizen who proudly wore the American flag pin on his lapel to an illegal alien and Marxist liberal who refuses to wear the American flag pin at all and has yet to be legally vetted even though he has been inaugurated.

Moreover, the First Lady Gash joins him in his hatred for this country.

In light of these usurpers who will shortly be moving into the White House, may God help us through the challenges they will most certainly create for us in the years to come.

And to all the Bush critics and all the Obama fans, I say…


Joan Swirsky: Thank You, President Bush

Posted with author’s permission.

Joan SwirskyAs I type this article, I think of the figurative-millions of both mundane and serious things I’ve done over the past seven-and-a-half years with absolute confidence in America’s safety. That confidence was inspired by the steadfast leadership and unblinking courage of President George W. Bush, as he faced our country’s most deadly enemies and succeeded in preventing another ghastly attack on American soil after September 11th.

I know, I know. Let me count the ways that Republicans and conservatives have railed against our 43rd president’s deficit spending, his refusal to pardon the American border-guard heroes Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, his “going socialist” with multiple bailouts, and his departure from any other number of bedrock conservative principles.

And let’s not forget the hysterical leftwing-media and their minions who did everything in their power to undermine the president – during wartime –by writing revisionist-history books and articles, compromising national intelligence (and therefore security), waging bogus lawsuits, and engaging non-stop in their typically childish temper tantrums.

Yet in spite of all their sound and fury, President Bush kept a steady course, delivering on his promise to keep America safe. Continue reading “Joan Swirsky: Thank You, President Bush”

Bush’s Final Words to the Press

President Bush Addresses The Nation:

“I know millions of Americans hate me. They think I’m a liar and I started an unnecessary war. They are angry and I understand them. Before I head back to Crawford, I just want to tell them that the troops are comin’ home. 8,000 will be back home real soon. And more will follow. The war in Iraq has been won by these fine Americans. The Iraqis are standing up and the future rests with them.” Continue reading “Bush’s Final Words to the Press”

Seven Years of Bad Luck for Democrats

7 years bad luck
7 years bad luck
Texas Rules
Texas Rules

Seven years of peace for America.

God Bless Our Troops
and all who have kept us safe.
Thank you Mr. President.