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May your days be long, peaceful, and free of Islamic maniacs like Barack Hussein Obama.



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Anti-Mullah blog gives a partial list of leftist puke organizations who accept funding from the Islamic state of Iran.

Remember, if there is “peace” and “justice” in the name, they are commie traitors. With their petro-dollars, the Mullahs can buy heaps of love from the pukes — though most of them do it gratis.

If they are young and graduated from university, they were re-educated, or their hippie parents filled their minds with shit. But the worst are the old hippies and commies themselves. Clueless, they are programed to destroy the traditional values in American society. They love Obama and are his real base.

Check out the list here.

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Bush and Blair clowning at Jena’s wedding rehearsal

Bush and Blair ham it up at Jena's wedding rehersalImagine a billion blows to your head.

Your back filled solid with knives, the holes having holes. Your name, cursed more than God or the Devil.

You are called a liar, by liars, witting or unwitting, day in and day out for 7 seven years. Before you even speak, indecent lies are started. Yale and Harvard aside, when you rise to speak, YOU MIGHT SOUND RETARDED.

Could you stand it and still comfort a wounded soldier or consol a grieved family? Could you carry on with your job as leader of The Free World with the weight of a billion blows? Or would you crawl up into a ball and cry like a baby before you expire?

Yesterday, President Bush married off his daughter Jena. I pray, in the bosom of his family, he will find some joy in this.

That he can still walk around after being stabbed in the back so many times is as miraculous as John McCain walking out of the Hanoi Hilton, triumphantly. That he can get one or two words out at all, with the level of hate against him coming from ungrateful arrogant fools, is no small feat.

There is no need now to say you or I don’t always agree with the president. The need now is to say our president is a strong and honorable man, and to share in the joy of a proud and loving father.

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Mahmoud Abbas is whining to Condoleeza Rice, complaining that settlement expansion is a major roadblock to peace.

Just like Arafat used to complain that occupation of Gaza was a major roadblock to peace. Israel withdrew from Gaza and it was turned into a staging area for sending troops and missiles into Israel on a daily basis. (more…)

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