That was quick! It only took left-wing, anti-Semitic, cowardly Youtube eight hours to censor and remove this video in order to appease our terrorist enemies in Hamas.

But believe me, folks, these Hamas Neanderthals were making serious “love” to this innocent goat.

Caught on video!

Hamas terrorists gang raping a helpless goat.

Violence? Who do they mean, the goat or the Hamas goat fuckers?

After Israel kills them all, I wonder how these horny Hamas fools are going to take the news that their 72 virgins are all billy goats?

Speaking for the stars in this video, I’d say they’ll make no issue of it. Cock a doodle do, any goat will do!

So much for paradise and the 72 virgins that were purportedly promised by Islam’s non-prophet, Mohammad, the pedophile, murderer, and maniac with the tiniest penis in the history of humanoids.

– – –

Now it seems the goats are out for some payback!

Goats get some payback...
Angry Goat gets some payback from Hamas terrorist!

Messages of Hope from Eden, Hopi and Jews

From Shlomo, our Spiritual Leader.

Barack Obama who thinks there are 60 United States, not 50, calls himself the great Healer. Wherever he goes he says he carries a MESSAGE OF HOPE. Instead of talking honestly, he prefers to be more spiritual. He’s into the touchy-feely New Age message loved by many Liberals and inept and disenfranchised intellectuals.

What if like Obama, and Obama’s spiritual leader, Rev. Wright, and like Rev. Wright’s spiritual leader, Louis Farrakhan, what if I did as they do? Only this time, I won’t lie. Incorporating healing and hope in my message, I will tell a story around the one word. The word is HOPE. Continue reading “Messages of Hope from Eden, Hopi and Jews”