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Let’s Give Some Muslim Boys A Happy Ending

I have always felt you can get more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. For example, I was against sending US Marines into Lebanon in 1982. They were sent there to keep the Israelis from kicking the ever living shit out of the Palestinians and were rewarded by having Hezbollah blow them up. I contended then that US taxpayers could buy a more secure peace by flooding the place with color TVs, $100 bills and loads of hookers, to f**k the fight out of these guys. If these working gals could keep the Muslim kids reamed, steamed and dry cleaned their urge to merge would replace their thrill to kill. But alas, I was not in charge and it didn’t happen that way.

My esteemed colleague, Professor Shlomo, on the other hand is an advocate of tough love. He uses this approach to goad, cajole and inspire Muslims to proper behavior. He berates and intimidates them on the basis of their penis size and lack of sexual prowess. I have found him to be a tad harsh on the lads and also doubted his thesis. Muslim culture, with such high birthrates, must be one in which the men use their mannish muscle to keep the women’s fuzzy poodles flambéed.

My apologies to Dr. Shlomo. You can’t question genius. French movie producer, a novelist, journalist and lawyer Pierre Rehov has interviewed future residents of Shaheedville for his new film. It seems that to Arabs the name Pierre might as well be Rashid and the little tykes really opened up to him. They are bound by a common thread as a factor responsible for their willingness to explode. They have a neurotic sexual frustration due to the extreme sexual repression of Muslim Society. Not having an outlet for this energy they are easily indoctrinated into this death cult (or is it spontaneous combustion?).

For this reason I am calling on prostitutes world wide to set up shop in Muslim countries and offer deep discounts to single Muslim males between the ages of 17 and 30. Maybe the UN can form a non government; agency for this purpose. I would call it the PIECE CORPS.

And what about you lovely Muslim lassies? Do you want your men folk to keep blowing themselves from here to Canarsie? How about breaking out of the burkas, bitches, and shaking the date trees dry? Let’s put some meaning back into the term “Whore of Babylon”.

We’ve seen those Cecil B. DeMille movies, and know about the harem outfits in the closets. Give your guys a happy ending everyday and keep them coming back for more. Don’t make them die for virgins when they can get heaven on earth.

Check out what Pierre Rehov has discovered and what Shlomo knew all along.


muslim mummy
Masturbating Muslim Mummy (Unfortunately His Magnifying Glass and Tweezers Didn’t Make It)


Headline from Friday April 26, 2019:

Ilhan Omar Speaks to Elementary and Middle School Students Behind Closed Doors

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN-05) was back in her home district Friday visiting students at elementary and middle schools throughout the area, but parents and press were allegedly not allowed to attend… (more)

Here’s a pertinent question: Why “behind closed doors”? What exactly was she hiding?

Was she instructing the little Muslim bastards about how to strap on a bomb vest and dive into a synagogue full of Jews?

Or perhaps she was teaching them all the anti-Semitic drivel she’s been indoctrinated with as a young Muslim in Somalia, no doubt concomitant to having her genitalia mutilated according to the edicts of sharia law.

What’s most disturbing about Omar is her pattern of anti-Semitism and Islamofascism, both of which have been wholeheartedly embraced by today’s left (see: herehereherehere, and here). Omar has more anti-Semitic tropes than Doans has back pills and the left cheers her on.

The American Thinker hit the nail on the head in a February 2019 article about Omar’s rhetoric:

“Reading headlines and watching news accounts regarding Omar’s tweets, I was disgusted at phrases such as “some call these anti-Semitic,” “these may border on anti-Semitism,” “considered to be anti-Semitic by some,” “possibly anti-Semitic,” and similar permutations that leave open the question of whether her tweet was actually anti-Semitic.”

Bet every dollar you’ve got that her tweets and speeches on Jews and Israel are demonically anti-Semitic and purposeful.

And all this time I thought my ex was the most annoying creature on earth.

We owe having this lousy excuse for a human being as a MN Congresswoman to B. Hussein Obama who dumped a shitload of Somalis in her district expressly for this outcome.

The American jihad has just hit phase II!





It has come to my attention that the most salient features of identity politics and intersectionality are inconsistencies, incongruities, and idiocy.

This especially applies to the relations between African-Americans and Jews, and African-Americans and Muslims.

There was a time last century when Jews were at the forefront of the civil rights movement, which seems to have been expunged, dare I say blackwashed from the current cultural milieu.

I contend that this slide began with a 1968 New York City teachers strike.  Local school boards in black districts  wanted community control but were opposed by the teachers union, whose leadership was mostly liberal Jews.

Community control is essentially a right-wing libertarian small government concept.

For an inner city district it’s liberating but for an upscale neighborhood it’s labeled as racism. Different strokes for different colors?

Nowadays many black Americans support the BDS movement and  “intifada”, and align themselves with other Muslim Arabs.

The same Muslim Arabs who started the transAtlantic African slave trade.

The word for a black person in Arabic is abed, which means slave, and blacks are still enslaved in many places within Arab culture.

Does this alliance make sense?

And why the animosity to Jews and Israel?

What hold do Palestinians have over American blacks?

If it’s the bonhomie of skin color how moronic is that?

What are the cultural affiliations? What are the shared goals and values other than a decision to hate Jews?

What else is there to it  besides a belief in 1970s Soviet propaganda that Jews are white colonial oppressors?

The dirty little secret of the “non-white” world is that the darker skinned non-whites are discriminated against by the lighter skinned non-whites and they in turn are resented for trying to pass. This has been confessed to me by African-Americans and Hispanics.

I’m not saying this makes it excusable for whites , I’m just calling race baiters on their shit.

Arabs say they can’t be anti-semitic because they are Semites also.

So if that’s the case why are they people of color and Jews are white?

Grasping at straws regarding fake or real skin color is imbecilic and an arbitrary way to compartmentalize people.

So what color are Jews?

Jews come in all different skin tones.This doesn’t mean I’m t saying that Jews are immune to the mental frailty of prejudice.

But here is the other dirty little secret. No matter what skin tone a Jew has, he or she has more genetic commonality with other Jews than the non-Jews he may look like.

A Jew from Burma who appears Asian has more shared DNA with a Danish Jew who looks Nordic than they each have with non-Jews in Burma or Denmark.

This shows that they all have a common mid-Eastern starting point unaffected by the few genes that determine coloration.

Skin color and DNA only counts for so much.

The real basis for their commonality, distinction and uniqueness, and what ultimately sets them apart are the shared, values, goals, aspirations, beliefs and practices.

Jews were the scourge of Europe for 1,000 years not just because they were darker but didn’t share these things with the Christians, and looking like their neighbors didn’t save them from the Nazis.

Jews lived in Baghdad and Damascus for centuries before Christians or Muslims, and were indistinguishable in appearance but were ultimately outside the purveyance of Arab for the same reasons.

The DNA and adherence to various traditions is what makes Jews the same color unlike any other.

I’m at a loss to name that color but it’s definitely not white, maybe we can call it tekhelet.


Modern Arab Toilet

Since 2007 British authorities have been spending taxpayers’ money to rebuild prison toilets so Muslim inmates don’t have to face Mecca while using them.

The Islamic religion prohibits Muslims from facing or turning their backs on the Kiblah—the direction of prayer—when they use the toilet. I wonder which wacky mullahs thought of this?

Muslim inmates complain that they have to sit sideways on prison toilets to comply with that prohibition.

But jail officials have bowed to pressure from Muslim leaders and agreed to turn toilets 90 degrees at London’s Brixton prison.

Over a quarter of their prisoners are Muslims.

One Brixton jail officer grumbled: “If they didn’t get locked up for committing crimes they would not have this problem. If we weren’t paying for it as taxpayers I’d laugh my socks off.”

These are inmates mentioned here. The same Muslim folks that wipe their six with their hand expect their toilets to orient north to south. Will the US follow this change as well? When do Westerners start doing it for all Muslims?

If we do, then what’s next? What about all the other public facilities? Do we re-orient the toilets in the White House so that Muslim visitors urinate and defecate in the proper direction? Do we mandate that port-o-potty dealers must properly orient these smelly portable outhouses when dropping them at rental sites?

Should Congress also enact laws specifying proper orientation of lavatories, chamber pots, commodes, urinals, latrines, privies, heads, etc? They could place another 100,000 policemen on the streets—toilet police.

While we’re at it, we could train all our dogs to never dump while facing Mecca, and to never urinate on fire hydrants (we need them in good repair due to Muslim suicide bombers).

At what point do we say, enough, no more accommodations?

If they’re willing to spend big money to turn toilets around so Muslims don’t have to face Mecca while taking a dump, certainly we should be willing to spend more to turn urinals around so Christians and Jews can urinate while facing Mecca. It’s only fair.

Again I wonder, did they build the new Freedom Tower that replaced the World Trade Center with toilets oriented to please the Muslims who blew the old one up?


Muhammad’s Toilet

The Left Would Be Wise To Worry About Its Anti-Semitic Wing

By John Podhoretz

Jewish conservatives get asked this question more than any other: “Why are Jews liberals?” The question eventually got so tiresome that my father, himself a prominent Jewish conservative, wrote an ­entire book about tracing the history back to Biblical times. You can still buy it on Amazon. So I’m not going to answer it here.

What we know is this basic fact: In national elections, Jews vote for Democratic candidates by a margin of 3 to 1. That number has been fairly consistent through four elections now. It suggests Democrats should have no concerns about keeping Jews in their coalition for another generation.

And yet they do have such concerns. And they should.

This week, prominent Democrats announced a new group called Democratic Majority for Israel, led by the pollster Mark Mellman. He told The New York Times: “Most Democrats are strongly pro-Israel, and we want to keep it that way. There are a few discordant voices, but we want to make sure that what’s a very small problem doesn’t metastasize into a bigger problem.”

The “very small problem” Mellman has in mind is a trio of newly elected Democrats: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib and Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar. They seem to have very few foreign policy views aside from a caricature of Israel as an occupying colonial force that sits up at night thinking of new ways to torment Palestinians.

Such ideas haven’t arisen from nowhere. They are the full flowering of decades of leftist propaganda and fashionable campus blatherskite. From such repellent acorns mighty trees grow, as we have seen in Europe. Britain’s Labour party did little to head off the virulent Israel hatred in its ranks, and it is now headed by an out-and-out anti-Semite.

In Britain, once-overwhelming Jewish support for Labour has cratered. A poll before the 2017 election found that only 13 percent of Jews supported Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour because of its horrid record on ­anti-Semitism.

That is why Mellman and his fellow Democrats are smart to be doing this now, before the conflict actually begins to bite. The problem is “very small” at this moment, but the party’s trend line to the left suggests it will grow in force absent some major intervention or ideological change of heart.

Nor are the views of the new, leftist members of Congress completely alien to the kinds of Democrats who take official roles in the party. At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, delegates removed language supporting Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

When the Obama White House, fearful of losing campaign dollars, intervened to have the language restored, there was a vocal fight on the convention floor. It sounded very much like those who didn’t want the pro-Jerusalem language restored won a voice vote — and when the chair announced otherwise, the hall erupted in boos.

Bernie Sanders came very close to espousing anti-Zionist opinions openly in 2016, and he won 22 states. His path was softened by the hostile posture of President Barack Obama’s administration. Obama claimed to be a friend of Israel, but there was no country or government he criticized more over his eight years — and he concluded his term allowing a UN resolution hostile to the Jewish state to pass without an American veto.

The activist base’s growing antipathy to Israel is less worrisome to friends of the Jewish state than it would have been at any other time in the country’s history, because Israel finds itself in a surprisingly strong position internationally and at home. It has held the line against Palestinian terrorism, and it is working in concord with Arab and Muslim nations in a manner that would have seemed science-fictional at the turn of the century.

What should be concerning is the subject that goes unaddressed in Mellman’s fight: the potential mainstreaming of anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party as represented by the renewed public importance of Louis Farrakhan and the refusal of vanguard figures on the left, like the leaders of the Women’s March, to repudiate his noxious filth.

Here, too, Democrats need not worry today about this electorally or when it comes to votes and donations. Instinctively liberal, Jews are bound to be more alarmed by some of the white-nationalist encroachments into President Trump’s GOP. But the Corbyn example looms large and is arguably far more dangerous to the American Jewish future than anti-Israel sentiment in the Democratic Party is to Israel’s future.


I think Podhoretz has the cart before the horse.

The Jews are the ones to be worrying.

Most of the left-leaning Jews I know would vote for Hitler himself if it meant protecting legal abortions.

As more Jews abandon Judaism for the theology of progressiveness and distance themselves from Israel and as more Muslims enter this country, “Jewish issues” will be less relevant to Democrats.

Jewish Democrats are rearranging the deck chairs as the Titanic sinks.

It’s a question of how long they can be the Democrats’ punching bag before they either leave their party or religion.

When Will It Finally Be Never Again?

Everyone loves to feel good about themselves when they can cry over dead Jews.

Those tears are worthless and offensive and as far as I’m concerned you can choke on them.

Think about those tears when you hear some one disparage, deny, demonize or delegitimize Jews and you say nothing, or when the voice is yours.

You want to hate Jews?

That’s your right I suppose, but let me in on your dirty little secret and I’ll give you some real good reasons to hate at least one Jew.

Otherwise shut the fuck up.

Hat tip to Elder of Ziyon and his take on you motherfuckers:

I’m reading various account and commentaries of the horrific shooting and massacre of Jews in synagogue in Pittsburgh today, and everyone is putting up their own political spin on the event. It is expected — and disgusting.

The suspect didn’t target Jews because of “occupation” or because he was a Trump supporter (he wasn’t) or because he had access to guns or because any Jews did anything to him personally. He is just an antisemite who is not sophisticated enough to couch his hate in terms like “anti-Zionist” or “anti-capitalist” or “pro-justice” or any other of the dozens of terms used nowadays to make Jew-hatred a little more palatable.

There are more crimes targeting Jews in America than crimes targeting all other religions combined. There is no common thread — the far-Left hates Jews, the far-Right hates Jews. Muslim Jew-hatred is “understood” and down-pedaled [sic] by the Left. And people will be gleeful that today’s murderer identifies with the far-Right, just as the Right will disavow their role in emboldening the hate on their side.

Antisemitism is not like other hates. There is no logic behind it, no justification for it. Jews aren’t allowed to be in “our country” but are not allowed to be in their own country either. Assimilated Jews are as much targeted as religious Jews. Jews are vilified by extremists of all stripes.

Stop using this massacre as an excuse to pin this on ideological and political enemies. Every group has Jew-hatred associated with them in one way or another. If you truly care about Jew-hatred, root out antisemitism from among the groups that you identify with.

Don’t pretend it isn’t there… because it is.



Why do Muslims think it’s any of their business where Israel places its Capital?

It’s absolutely none of their business and any Muslim that approaches the subject should be summarily flogged and jailed.

How would Muslims like it if we told them where Mecca had to be moved?

This Is What Peace Looks Like

Here’s a man bites dog story.

Prof. Mohammed S. Dajani Daoudi, peace be upon him, is upturning the apple cart as evidenced by the link below.

I salute salutes him and wish him success.

May he go from strength to strength.

Wasatia: The Straight Path from Denormalization to Reconciliation



Jews worldwide develop skills in business, technology, and science in order to help cure illnesses and grow their economies.

Concomitantly, Muslim and Arab Countries are taught to develop skills on how to destroy Israel.

Since the War on Terror began, 2-4 million radical Muslims have been eradicated, whereas only about 15,000 counter-terrorism soldiers have given their lives.

So, Muslims are systematically phasing themselves out.

The disparity in the true number of dead jihad-mongers is due to underreporting of deaths by Muslim countries.

Some scholars put the actual number of dead Muslims at nearly 4 million.

Pretty soon we’ll be freed up to go after the liberals.

Can’t wait.


An Answer To The Muslim Question

Sultan Al-Zubani – Peace be upon him.

Kuwaiti writer calls on peace with Israel and Jews