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September 1, 1939, seventy-five years ago today began what is now referred to as World War II, or as the Russians call it, The Great Patriotic War.

It was the world-wide effort to defeat Nazism.

We thought victory was achieved with Hitler’s suicide and the subsequent unconditional surrender of Germany followed by Imperial Japan.

The last vestige of Nazi Germany that was never called to task has continued to carry Hitler’s torch and is now resurgent like never before.

Hitler’s Islamist, Muslim Brotherhood ally escaped defeat and the punishment it deserved, and now is conducting war against the very core of western civilization.

If Rosie the riveter were alive today she would drop the rivet gun and pick up an M-16.

The fight against Nazism is not over yet. Stamp out Muslim extremism.

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The American Studies Association has voted to academically boycott Israel because of their colonial occupation of and genocide against the indigenous Palestinians.


Libtard anti-Semite, Curtis Marez

The fact that many abusive, oppressive, repressive and dictatorial regimes don’t get a mention is blatant double standard antisemitism.

The fact that the only democracy in the mid-East that guarantees human, civil and religious rights for its women, gay and minority citizens is singled out for condemnation is blatant double standard antisemitism.

The rationalization of this action according to UC San Diego professor Curtis Marez is “one has to start somewhere”.

Now that you have demonized Israelis as a starting point to save humanity let’s just see where you go from here.

While you patiently decide who the next target of your righteousness will be you can lick the asshole of every Israeli and Jew on the planet.

May I suggest first up; the Golani Brigade of the IDF, because Curtis, one has to start somewhere.

When you are not putting your mouth to the aforementioned good use please accept our invitation to


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For all those defending the ‘Red, White and Blue’ and the ‘Blue and White’

US-Israel Flags

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… is that by refusing to refute terrorism and the jihadist dogs who practice it,

and acknowledging a minute of silence for the Israeli athletes murdered in Munich in 1972,

the International Olympic Committee has for perpetuity,

earned an invitation from TMQ2,


We have no interest in anything you have to say.


Fuck Islam!

Israeli Olympic Athletes Murdered in Munich by Muslim Jihadists in 1972

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One of the best scenes in “Munich,” the movie, was in Golda Meir’s office. The Golda in that scene was vintage Golda. And the way the guy she talked to in that scene went about carrying out his assignment was also portrayed in a very real manner throughout the rest of the movie. We saw how the Israelis operate. How much they care about each person, even their enemies.

If you’re at all interested in what that guy in the scene with Golda’s been up to lately, or if you’d like to know what’s on his mind, or what he thinks about Iraq, and what he thinks George Bush will do between now and the end of his term, or if you wonder what the terrorists are planning, here’s some of all that, plus a little more: (more…)

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