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If you know anything about Pakistani porn or vaginas then you are quite familiar with my newly nascent opinion of “journalists”

Until there is a reformation, restoration and reconstruction in this industry on the magnitude of what is required of Islam, the scare quotes are justified.

In this day and age of “news” being entertainment and the only news that matters is what pertains to entertainers, forever may the two be conflated, we here at TMQ2 proudly salute,


Some little known facts about Ted;

When he asked out the prom queen she shot him down.

His favorite TV show as a kid was Whirlybirds.

He encouraged his daughter to get naked and have public sex for Lena Dunham so he wouldn’t be thought of as a helicopter parent.

He was the inspiration and role model for TV heart-throb Brian Williams.

Brian, in case you haven’t heard, has just been awarded an official TMQ2 invitation to:


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‘Obama 2016’ Movie Races to Box Office #1

The anti-Obama documentary based on Dinesh D’Souza’s book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” expanded nationwide on Friday — with early first-place showings in the domestic box office rankings, Deadline Hollywood reports.

Cover of "The Roots of Obama's Rage"

Obama—#1 enemy of the USA!

As of late Friday afternoon, “2016: Obama’s America” had grossed $700,000 from 1,090 theaters. That compared with $300,000 for the new big-budget, Sylvester Stallone action flick “The Expendables 2,” which is playing in 3,355 theaters, Deadline Hollywood reports.

The early showing puts Obama’s America on track to gross $1.2 million to $1.7 million on Friday alone, with as much as $3.7 million to $5 this weekend, according to Deadline Hollywood. Its afternoon ranking will likely be eclipsed by “Expendables” and several new releases, including “Ride Like Hell,” starring Michael Shannon.

Exhibitors reported that busloads of filmgoers arriving at theaters to see Obama’s America in pre-organized trips, Deadline Hollywood reports. (more…)

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I watched an old Paul Newman movie over the weekend.

How many of you remember Hombre?

The short form is Newman portraying a white man raised by Indians, is discriminated by his fellow stagecoach passengers for that reason.

The coach is robbed but not without Newman foiling their total success and a large sum of money remains with it’s owner, but a hostage is taken.

The passengers continue to be pursued and harassed by the bandits who want to finish the job.

There are subplots to the story that include the big haul the thieves are after was in actuality embezzled by Fredrick March from funds meant to provision an Indian reservation and the hostage taken is his much younger and voluptuous wife.

Of course everyone is too chickenshit to do anything about it except Newman who puts his life on the line for everyone else.

Maybe the original intent in 1967 was to induce liberal guilt over white people being prejudiced against Newman’s character for being raised by Indians and them getting their comeuppance only to be saved by the “noble savage”.

I saw it in a different light.

The passengers only wanted to give the thieves the money so the hostage would be freed and they would be left alone.

They despised Newman’s character, John Russell, for wanting to fight instead and chided him for wanting the money for himself.

Russell only wanted the money to go to the reservation Indians from whom it was originally stolen, but that’s not what I’m going after.

The passengers couldn’t relate to Newman’s intuition that no matter what they do the thieves want to kill them.

His failure to see the good and humanity in the bandits made Russell evil in the eyes of his fellow victims.

As a parable for our time, the passengers represent liberals who refuse to accept the bandit/islamonazi mentality that makes us the target of an obsessive war bent on our destruction.

Anyone who understands the reality of the world situation within this context is guilty of crimes against humanity as far as the libs are concerned.

These are the people who feel morally superior by supporting the construction of a mosque at ground zero but are blind to what is happening at the hands of islamonazis.

Hopefully it won’t take a major catastrophe to open their eyes to where the true evil resides and those of us who see John Russell as the voice of sanity will not be the focus of their vitriol.


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Two thumbs up for Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Bastards”

This very tongue in cheek caricature of WWII movie cliches is provocative entertainment at it’s apogee.

That is if your idea of entertainment is to see pecker sucking Nazis getting scalped, and I don’t mean overpaying for opera tickets.

The final comeuppance for the bevy of heavies is justice served, as they receive exactly some of the same treatment to which they subjected Jews.

I’m happy that this is now the number one grossing movie in the U.S. Maybe there is some semblance of America left.

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I recommend the film “Defiance”

It’s fast paced, action packed, and based on a true story.

The Bielski brothers escaped into the forests of Belarus in 1941. They formed a partisan brigade that rescued about 1200 Jews from the Germans.

Unlike most Holocaust genre films, this one portrays Jews not as lambs to the slaughter but rather as a force to be reckoned with.

It’s score one for the good guys as the Bielskis serve the Nazis with hot lead enemas. We need more films like this one and maybe some where it’s Nazi Muslims getting the shit kicked out of them.

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Young Americans a film by Pat Dollard -Credit Sequence

When I saw some of the clips from Young Americans last year I was blown away.

(from an interview in Maxim, Nov. 2006) “Pat Dollard gave up a life of
luxury as a Hollywood agent for that of war journalist dodging bullets
and shrapnel along side Marines in Iraq. He did so you could see the
truth…his version of the truth.”

Heart Of Darkness
“I had about 15 employees, a wife, a daughter, and no one believed I
was going to lock horns with Al Qaeda, especially because my only
motivations was to keep more American civilians from dying, and to
honor those who were already risking their lives for that very reason.
Who does such a thing? But go I did, and like Kurtz, when i got back
from the first three months, sold the house, sold the car. Well not the
car. I love my H2. But I got out of the Hollywood agenting game, at a
cost of about 10,000,000 in future income.

Death Humvee

Photo of actual Humvee Pat Dollard was blown up in and badly wounded that night.

“Eventually, I learned the joys of killing. But I’m skipping ahead of
myself. I landed for my first stint in Iraq in November 2004 armed
with a video camera instead of a weapon. I obtained a rare imbed
with the United States Marine Corps for a nonjournalistic private
citizen to make a documentary Young Americans.”

After a long wait by his supporters, Pat promises the film will be
released soon. His magnam opus Young Americans has also spurred
a website which is in my opinion, one of the best sites for news.
And around the site has developed a community of like minded, pro-
military folks. Look for the movie and support a serious effort to get
the truth about our troops and their mission into the general public.
You can feel the pulsating energy of the film in this credit sequence.
You want superheroes? This is the real deal.
Pat Dollard.com

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Emissions and Omissions (Movies and Plays)

I’m a man on a mission. Specifically omissions, and one in particular. We read plays but we don’t read movies. Sure, we read novels that become movies but that’s not the same. Movie scripts either aren’t commercial or are purposefully kept from our not-so-prying-eyes. Anyone know why?

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