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If young European women and girls, even as young as ten years old,  bear the burden of rape and sexual assault as a direct result of their  provocative dress and actions;

And Jews are responsible for Antisemitism in thought and deed by simply being Jewish;

Then just maybe…….

“Islamophobia” can justifiably be blamed on Muslims.

Stop being so Islamic and “Islamophobia” will go away.

What’s good for the toilet is good for the feces floating in it.

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Happy Nakbullshit Day losers.

The most misrepresented  event in world history.

Cuz Emakh.

Am Yisroel Chai Motherfuckers.

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New York Post Editorial:

President Obama claims bad intelligence caused him to miss the threat from ISIS, but critics say he closed his ears to warnings.

Could the same thing be happening when it comes to the threat from homegrown jihadis in America?

On Tuesday, Alton Nolen was charged with first-degree murder in the gruesome beheading of a female worker at an Oklahoma food-processing plant.

Prosecutors tie the killing to his recent suspension from the plant and discount any link to Islamic terrorism. For the FBI, too, it’s just a case of “workplace violence.”

Yet, according to police, Nolen had become a fervent Islamic proselytizer. His Facebook page was inundated with passages from the Koran, signed “From a Muslim,” near pictures of Osama bin Laden.

Could this be another case of see-no-evil?

Recall that the feds treated Maj. Nidal Hasan similarly, even though he admitted communicating with jihadis abroad before launching his Fort Hood massacre.

This summer, Hasan asked ISIS to make him a “citizen” of the Islamic State. Yet the Obama folks still chalk up his killings to just more violence in the workplace.

Closer to home, Ali Muhammad Brown murdered Brendan Tevlin while the 19-year-old student was sitting in his car at an intersection in West Orange, NJ.

Brown, who’s tied to three murders in the Seattle area, admitted killing Tevlin and called it a “just kill” — “vengeance” for US military action in the Middle East. Yet the feds won’t label this terror-related, either.

Will the Obama folks ever learn? To head off a threat, you’ve got to be willing to acknowledge it first.

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Lookie here fuckheads.

This is the future- suck it.

Am Yisroel Chai.

At least these Iranians got to get drunk enough to not know why they will be killed when they get back.

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Dark Invasion: 1915: Germany’s Secret War and the Hunt for the First Terrorist Cell in America —by Howard Blum

This book was not only informative and entertaining, but, in my opinion, is also a must read for all Americans.

DarkInvasionBkCvrThe fact that the actual occurrences were kept from being a media circus and fomenting a jingoistic war frenzy is understandable, given the administration’s obsession with maintaining neutrality, but that they have never been part and parcel of elementary American history education is inexcusable and negligent.

German nationals and ethnic German Americans, financed and supported logistically and materially by the German government through their embassies and consulates in America undertook a campaign of terror that included arson aboard ships at sea, bombing the Capitol building and an attempted assassination of John Pierpont Morgan in his Long Island home.

Anti-German sentiment not withstanding, the spy ring was only effectively countered by scrupulous detective work and the contribution of loyal German-American policemen capable of infiltrating the enemy.

Ethnic Germans were just about the largest minority in the country, yet action was taken without fear of special interests or anyone being labeled a Germanophobe.

Flash forward ninety-nine years and once again we are confronted with foreign nationals and disloyal Americans with support of hostile regimes, bent on sowing terror in our midst.

Let this book be a wake-up call and a reminder that Americans can lay claim to the same statement uttered by Jews on Passover, that, In every generation there are those that will rise up against us.

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Is Michelle Obama a Transvestite undergoing gender reassignment and augmentation?

Is she really a he? What about her (his) hairy knuckles and Adam’s apple? Is she (he) a drag queen? What’s the real story behind Barack and Michelle Obama? Is Barack Obama a homosexual? Is Obama’s marriage one of convenience and a same sex marriage? Did Jesse Jackson and reverend Wright introduce the Obamas? Why are there so many lies and cover-ups surrounding the Obamas?

You decide…




Also see:

#MichelleObamaTransvestite #MichelleObamaAMan #ObamaGay


Gorilla woman

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In Fact, Iraq Was Crawling With Them!

Jihadist; n; a weapon of mass destruction (WMD).

Since jihadists kill scores of innocent people—up to 3000 at a time—and since Iraq was chock full of jihadists, it follows that George W. Bush was correct when he said Iraq had WMD… mostly Iranian insurgents with short dicks.

So, eat shit all you lefty Democrat, libtard, retrogressive, peacenik, Islamofascist cowards.

In fact, the entire Middle East is chock full of human, limp-dick WMD.

Likewise, Muhammed (Mohamed, Mohammmed, Mohammad, Dick-Licker, Mo-Larry-Curly) was a WMD…

Danish Muhammad Cartoon

…and a child molester.

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Using a progression of concepts in conformance with basic logic, I have made the following determination.

A. Muslims worship the one true God they refer to as Allah.
B. Muslims claim descent from the biblical Abraham.
C. Muslims worship the God of Abraham.

A. Jews worship the one true God they refer to as YHVH
B. Jews claim descent from Abraham.
c. Jews worship the God of Abraham.

A. Muslims worship the God of Abraham.
B. Jews worship the God of Abraham.
C. Muslims and Jews worship the same God.

A. Jews believe the word of the Bible as told through the prophet Moses.
B. Muslims count Moses as their prophet and claim to hold Jews above infidels because of the Bible.
C. Muslims can’t deny the Bible as the word of God.

Now that we have established these ground rules I want to share something I read in the Bible this morning. It comes from the book of Deuteronomy chapter 31 when Moses tells the Jews,

“The Lord thy God, He will go over before thee; He will destroy these nations from before thee, and thou shalt dispossess them. And the Lord will do unto them as he He did unto Sihon and to Og, the Kings of the Amorites and unto their land; whom He destroyed…

Be strong and of good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them; for the Lord thy God, He it is that doth go with thee; He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”

So all you God-loving Muslims take heed, as your prophet Moses has warned you. The Jews have been slated to destroy you. And from the Nile to the Euphrates, you will have to answer to God of the Jews. And this is no cartoon, it’s the word of your God.

God and the Angels visit Abraham

God and the Angels visit Abraham

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There’s a scientific explanation for how Jesus could have walked on water. Maybe he was a land-locked dolphin. Somehow he got stuck in the Sea of Gallilee. We know humans can’t walk on water, so this is my working hypothesis. Similarly, since we know humans can’t fly on carpets, I wonder what kind of animal Mohammed could have been.

Does this mean Christians and Muslims have a bit of the anti-human in them?

Wild Dolphins Tail-Walk on Water
The tail-walking dolphins were spotted at the coast near Adelaide.

A wild dolphin is apparently teaching other members of her group to walk on their tails, a behavior usually seen only after training in captivity.

The tail-walking group lives along the south Australian coast near Adelaide.

One of them spent a short time after illness in a dolphinarium 20 years ago and may have picked up the trick there.

Scientists studying the group say tail-walk tuition has not been seen before, and suggest the habit may emerge as a form of “culture” among this group. (more…)

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How can it be? Is there such a thing as a right-wing blog that’s way over on the left?

I ask because after being silent for way too long, it’s happened one too many times for me to continue to maintain my silence. The most recent time it happened was while reading JJG Journal, something I feel it’s safe to say is a liberal blog. The article in this liberal blog that I was reading was entitled “Obama a ‘leftist’?”

The author wrote, “Had a little time on my hands this morning and scanned some right-wing blogs.” Underneath he provided a list and about the 5th one down was TMQ2. The author went on to say that he was surprised to find “the consensus on the right fringe seems the be that Barack Obama is some kind of leftist. Huh? Can think of two explanations for this lack of fact-based thinking.” And then he listed his reasons Obama isn’t a leftist.

I don’t really care how far off track JJG Journal or any other blog is when it defines whatever it’s writing about. But considering TMQ2 is often referred to as a “right-wing” blog, and because the JJG Journal author is so proud of his “fact-based thinking,” I just wanted to point out a few items about this so-called right-wing blog: (more…)

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