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From WND:

Obama aims ‘wrecking operation’ at military
Reaction to ‘purge’ of generals, flag officers, includes frustration, alarm, worry

By F. Michael Maloof and John Griffing

WASHINGTON – President Obama is aiming a “wrecking operation” at the U.S. military, according to a former Defense Department official who was reacting to a WND report about his dismissal of nine generals and flag officers so far during his second term.

And the official was joined by hundreds of commenters who responded to the story with blasts of criticism for the president.

WND reported earlier this week that Obama this year alone has fired some nine generals and flag officers, on top of at least four similar dismissals during his first term.

Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, an outspoken critic of the Obama administration, explained right away it looked like a part of Obama’s strategy to reduce U.S. standing worldwide.

“Obama is intentionally weakening and gutting our military, Pentagon and reducing us as a superpower, and anyone in the ranks who disagrees or speaks out is being purged,” he charged. (more…)

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SEAL Vet: Obama Asks Military if They Will Shoot Americans While Under Martial Law

Former Navy SEAL, Ben Smith, warns that the Obama administration is asking top brass in the military if they would be comfortable with disarming U.S. citizens, a litmus test that includes gauging whether they would be prepared to order troops to fire upon Americans.

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From Godfather Politics:

Even More Warning Signs: Obama Poised for Hostile Military Takeover of U.S. – Part 2

Read Part 1 here.

A week ago, I laid out a list of things President Obama has put in place to set the nation up for his hostile military takeover.

After my first post about Obama’s hostile military takeover, I received an  email from a reader that offered an explanation to my pondering of why NOAA  (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) would also be ordering millions of rounds of ammunition and assault rifles. He offered the idea that it is an ironic twist to Obama’s relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers.

Ayers was a wanted domestic terrorist back in the 1960s and 1970s. Ayers was a co-founder of the terrorist group known as the Weather Underground. Now, Obama is using NOAA, a federal weather agency to  stockpile weapons and ammunition for his terrorist assault on the American  people.

Today, I would like to add a few more items to that list that makes the case for his hostile military takeover even more compelling.

It has now been confirmed that the goal of the Department of Homeland Security is to purchase a total of 1.6  billion rounds of ammunition. A portion of that ammunition is hollow point bullets, which have been banned from use in war by international law. Another portion is specialized sniper ammunition.

In case you have a difficult time comprehending the significance of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, allow me to give you a couple of  comparisons.  During the height of the war in Iraq, the US  Army fired less than 6 million rounds per month. That means DHS has  enough ammunition to supply the US Army for 266.67 months (22.22 years) of  intense war.

Currently, the DHS uses approximately 15  million rounds of ammunition every year at their various training  facilities. At that rate, they have enough ammunition for 106.67 years of training.

So ask yourself, what is the justification for the purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security, especially when some of it is illegal to use in war?  Now ask yourself why Sen. Dianne Feinstein is so concerned about private citizens stockpiling ammunition, weapons and using high capacity magazines when the federal government is doing the same time only a thousand times more?

Perhaps the abundance of ammunition goes along with the purchase of ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ MaxxPro MRAP vehicles that are scheduled to be deployed on the streets of America. The number of vehicles they are purchasing has not been released, but they are part of the 2,717 that have been recently retrofitted by the manufacturer. The DHS appears to be taking delivery of  the armored vehicles through the Marine Corps Systems Command located in Quantico, Virginia.

The scary part of the DHS acquiring MRAP vehicles is that they have been already been spotted in a number of cities throughout the country. DHS cannot deny their existence since a number of them have been photographed and videoed by citizen observers. Why would DHS need so many, assuming they are purchasing over a thousand, MRAP vehicles deployed throughout the US, unless they are preparing for a war of some kind. Now add to that question the  fact that the MRAP vehicles are equipped with gun ports.

There can be no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is preparing for the bloodiest war in American history and it’s going to take place here on American soil.  When?  It has to be prior to the 2016 election, unless he  manages to force a constitutional amendment allowing himself to run for a third term. However, I truly don’t think the amendment will be necessary, because he plans to forcibly take control of the country prior to the election. Everything points to the conclusion that this is all in  preparation for a hostile military takeover.

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At Itunes http://tinyurl.com/26oykez from Jon Kahn, a.k.a. Jon David. A song to honor our brave men and women in uniform.

Check out Jon’s other music including “Careless Conversation”; as Jon David “American Heart”; and from his band the Color Green, the albums “Breakable” and “Rust.”

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There’s an article in tomorrow’s Haaretz by Barak Ravid:

Russia Weighs Increasing Military Aid to Arab World

Syrian President Bashar Assad is scheduled to leave for Russia on Thursday for a two-day visit that has been described by analysts as important at a time when Moscow may be considering closer ties with the Arab world.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

Syrian media have described Assad’s visit to Moscow as “a working visit” to discuss closer ties in a variety of unspecified areas.

A number of reports in recent months have mentioned large arms deals between Russia and Syria, including advanced anti-aircraft missile systems. (more…)

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In my last post, Madonna describes her feelings about Michael Moore. They are her words, not made up (except the tiny bit at the end about her box).

I am not, and have never been in the military. When I was a grad. student at Columbia, I was an active member of Students Against Militarism. But even then I admired people in the military. I recognized that they were like brothers to each other, they knew how to act together, even if my lefty beliefs at the time made me opposed to all American military action.

Now I feel every honorable veteran and serving soldier is cooler than Miles Davis. And I support the mission fanatically. I have found those who serve their country in the military to be a cut above the rest of us. They have an edge with me not just because they will give their lives if necessary to complete their mission. The mission now being the liberation of lands deprived of liberty. And as always with the Strong and the Brave, devotion to their fellow soldier to the point of giving their lives to save them. I have found these people to be more intelligent and well informed than most. And for me, all most as important, they have an excellent sense of humor. Their wry outlook based on their experience as soldiers.  Besides if the shit goes down, who would you want in front of you? Some limp-wristed Kos Kid.

I could go on. That’s where I’m coming from. You get the picture.

27656981zo7Cooler than Miles

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Iran’s Military Moves Up

Elections Point to Regime’s Security Jitters

by Amir Taheri

THE European Union dismissed last Friday’s Iranian parliamentary election as a farce, while the United States described it as a travesty. Yet, whatever it might have seemed in Western eyes, the vote provided a crucial insight into the balance of power in the Tehran establishment. }} more…

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