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August 9, 2017

The current issue of Newsweek (yes, it’s still in business!) has a picture of President Trump sitting in a recliner, with snacks and an iPad in his lap, pointing his TV remote at the viewer, blazoned with the headline, “Lazy Boy.”

Liberals only wish.

Last week, the president joined Sens. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.) to announce legislation that would make seminal changes to our immigration laws for the first time in more than half a century, profoundly affecting the entire country.

The media have chosen not to cover the RAISE Act (Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment). This bill is their worst nightmare.

Instead of admitting immigrants on the basis of often specious “family” ties, the bill would finally allow us to choose the immigrants we want, based on merit, with points granted for skills, English proficiency, advanced degrees, actual job offers and so on.

Most Americans have no idea that we have zero say about the vast majority of immigrants pouring into our country. Two-thirds of all legal immigrants get in not because we want them — or even because Mark Zuckerberg wants them — but under idiotic “family reunification” laws.

The most important provision of the RAISE Act would define “family” the way most Americans think of it: your spouse and minor children.

Unfortunately, that’s not how the Third World thinks of “family.” In tribal societies, “family” means the whole extended clan — adult siblings, elderly parents and brothers-in-law, plus all their adult siblings and elderly parents, and so on, ad infinitum. (more…)

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17 May 2017Ann is a major babe with a major brain...GO ANN!

Every time I try to be mad at Trump, the media reel me back in by launching some ridiculous, unprovoked attack. This time, it’s the fake news story about Trump “leaking” classified information to the Russkies.

The president can’t “leak” classified information: It’s his to declassify.

The big secret Trump allegedly revealed is that Muslims might try to blow up a plane with laptops. I already knew that. I read it in The New York Times.

The New York Times, March 22, 2017:

Devices Banned on Some Planes Over ISIS Fears

“Intelligence showing that the Islamic State is developing a bomb hidden in portable electronics spurred the United States and Britain on Tuesday to bar passengers from airports in a total of 10 Muslim-majority countries from carrying laptop computers … two senior American counterterrorism officials said. …”

This totally secret, Deep Throat-level information has been widely published in thousands of news outlets throughout the civilized world. There was yet another round of stories last week with the update that the U.S. is considering a laptop ban on flights from Europe as well.

Hey, you know what might make more sense than banning laptops? How about banning Muslims?

Bear with me here, I’m still working out the details, but I’m almost certain a federal judge in Hawaii can’t block a president’s temporary ban on Muslim immigration just because he’s testy with Trump over some campaign statements.

As Northwestern law professor Eugene Kontorovich explained in The Washington Post, courts have never examined a politician’s campaign statements for improper motive, because 1) campaigns are not part of the deliberative process; and 2) to start doing so would open the door to “examinations of the entire lives of political officials whose motives may be relevant to legal questions.

Nonetheless, Kontorovich says, that is the legal argument being advanced against Trump’s travel ban: “Trump is a bigot, and thus his winning presidential campaign in fact impeaches him from exercising key constitutional and statutory powers, such as administering the immigration laws.”

To preserve their judicial coup, this Monday, the 9th Circuit sent out the geriatric ward to hear an appeal of the Hawaii judge’s absurd ruling. At their ages, there’s a good chance the judges will be dead by the time the Supreme Court overturns them.

Arguing against Trump’s exercise of his constitutional and statutory powers was first-generation American, Neal Katyal. (There are plenty of 10th-generation America-haters. You couldn’t get one of them to argue that we should end our country through mass immigration?) (more…)

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Calling Al Sharpton… Calling Al Sharpton… Al, are you there…? Calling Spike Lee… Calling Jesse Jackson… Calling the NAACP… Calling Eric Holder… Calling Obama… Hello…? Anybody listening…?

It appears they’re all too busy being “hate whitey” black racists… Domestic Urban Terrorists… Negroids harassing and demonizing caucasoids… Animals.


A Salt Lake City [BLACK] police officer shot and killed [WHITE] 20-year-old Dillon Taylor outside a convenience store Aug. 11, 2014.

From WND:

Black Cop Kills White Man, Media Hide Race

Limbaugh: ‘A black person can never be the oppressor’

While national news media continue to focus on race in Ferguson, Missouri, where a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, they apparently don’t think a similar case in Utah with the races reversed is that newsworthy.

Police in Salt Lake City are continuing their probe into an Aug. 11 shooting outside a 7-Eleven convenience store, when a black police officer, whom local media are referring to as “not white,” shot and killed 20-year-old Dillon Taylor, who was unarmed at the time, according to his supporters.

Police Chief Chris Burbank said the entire incident was captured on the body camera of the officer who shot Taylor.

“You will see on camera … the actions of everyone involved, including up to the point where our officer utilizes deadly force and his response thereafter,” Burbank told reporters.

He said the video, along with the officer’s identity, will be released at the “appropriate” time, adding it could be days, weeks or months.

See video here

“It would be wholly inappropriate to take the most vital piece of evidence that we have and put it out to the public prior to the officer having some due process,” he said.

The chief indicated he has personally viewed the footage, but would not comment on whether he believed the shooting was justified.

“I do not send officers out to use deadly force. That’s never our intention. In fact, our policy specifically says that is the last resort,” he said. “The officer in this circumstance did not set out to use deadly force. We have an unfortunate incident where Dillon Taylor lost his life.”

Scott Simons speaks through a blow horn during a protest about the police shooting of Dillon Taylor in Salt Lake City, Monday, August 18, 2014. Simons is the father of Kelly Simons who was shot and killed by police in 2013.

Scott Simons speaks through a blow horn during a protest about the police shooting of Dillon Taylor in Salt Lake City, Monday, August 18, 2014. Simons is the father of Kelly Simons who was shot and killed by police in 2013.

Burbank also refused to say whether Taylor had a gun, but the victim’s family and friends maintain he was unarmed.

“It didn’t make sense to me when I first heard everything, and they tried to say he had a gun,” Taylor’s friend, Aaron Swanenberg, told the Salt Lake Tribune. “I knew Dillon. He never packed a gun.”

Police said officers were responding to a report of a man “waving a gun around.”

When officers arrived, they found three men leaving the convenience store, with one, later identified as Taylor, reportedly matching the description of the person reported in a 9-1-1 call.

Witnesses say Taylor was wearing headphones at the time and may have been trying to pull his pants up when he was gunned down.

Dillon Taylor, murdered by Black cop.

Dillon Taylor, murdered by Black cop.

At the time of his shooting, court documents show Taylor had a $25,000 bench warrant for a probation violation in connection with felony robbery and obstructing justice convictions.

But Marissa Martinez, whose sister used to date Taylor, told the Salt Lake Tribune that Taylor had turned over a new leaf.

“He was trying to do better for himself. And this is what happens to him?” Martinez said. “It was really heartbreaking.”

Regarding the race of the officer, Utah’s Deseret News reported the police chief “saying the officer is not white.” The Salt Lake Tribune noted, “the officer involved was not white.”

The Taylor case was examined Wednesday by talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh, who said, “Note the similarities to the Michael Brown story [in Missouri], except in this case there’s no evidence the victim actually committed a crime.”

He noted Taylor “didn’t resist. He didn’t hit the cop. He didn’t try to flee and yet he was shot dead.”

He also pointed out how most news accounts did not specify the race of the police officer who killed Taylor.

“They are referring to the officer as ‘other-than-white,’ which reminds me of George Zimmerman becoming only the second-known white Hispanic, a title given by the New York Times.”

“They can’t wait to mention the racial aspects in St. Louis,” Limbaugh continued. “They don’t talk about the racial aspects in [the shootings in] Chicago, and there aren’t any racial aspects here in Salt Lake City.”

Radio host Rush Limbaugh

Radio host Rush Limbaugh

“There’s a mindset out there, and the way it works in situations like this [is] only people of color can be victims. A white person can never be a victim. It just can’t happen. That’s not permitted, that’s not allowed because it isn’t the case. The whites are the oppressors. They’re the majority. In the liberal worldview, every majority is an oppressor, whether they’re white or whatever. They’re all oppressors. The minority is always the victims, and the victims are with whom we should always sympathize, no matter what. And the victims are permitted to do anything precisely because they’re a minority, and I’m talking about in numbers, not skin color. They’re outnumbered. The evil majority does horrible things to the minority. And so the minorities, be it skin color or numbers … [are] always victims. And so anything they do is justified and we must try to understand the rage.

“But in the current climate in the United States, a black person can never be the oppressor and a white can never be the victim. And that’s how you have a corrupt or perverted news business in Salt Lake City, refusing to identify a black cop who may have shot an innocent person. That destroys the whole picture we’ve been creating here for centuries. That could totally destroy the image that we’ve been trying to concoct. Oh man that could blow it sky high; that’s just not supposed to happen. And so they come up with these things to hide it or to not reference it at all.”

Taylor’s aunt, Gina Thayne, told the Deseret News that police know they “killed an innocent kid.”

“If in fact they actually produce a tape, it will show exactly what happened,” Thayne said. “It will come out eventually. It will never bring Dillon back, though.”

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It must have had the scum at the NY Times choking on their own bile to feature a front page article detailing the Egyptian, Saudi and Jordanian lack of support for Hamas, and how these countries’ strategic objectives align with those of Israel.

It still didn’t stop them from trying to put every anti-Israeli spin they could on the story.

The by line however gave a pro-Israel impression and must have stuck in their craw.

The entire media needs to hang their collective heads in shame for their portrayal of events

There should have been no reason on God’s green earth that I should have had to explain to people three different times yesterday “why Israel attacked a school”.

When I informed them that the last thing Israel wanted to do was bomb a school but that the schools are being used as rocket launching sites; that the walls are storage bins for explosives; that their soldiers are being shot at from schools; Hamas headquarters are in a hospital; ambulances are used to transport fighters and that Israel is allowed to return fire under international rules of engagement, they didn’t understand how the news agencies could fail to report these facts.

I didn’t have that answer for them.

The truth stated out of context is no better than a lie.

The reporters shilling for Hamas deserve to be taken out in the crossfire.

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Come and Get Em

We here at TMQ2 have written about “gun” control many times.

It’s no secret that we’re against any infringement upon the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, part of the US Bill of Rights which protects the right of the people (you and me) to keep and bear arms.

This great amendment was not written into the Constitution so we could shoot burglars or go hunting. It was written into the Constitution so we could overthrow any tyrannical government—like the one we currently have in Washington — and to shoot burglars.

Before I proceed, please allow me to back up a bit and tell you that I am a (more…)

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Finally! There appears to be the dawning of responsibility to one’s self and to the integrity of one’s chosen profession in this nation’s broadcast news media. A gauntlet has been thrown down regardless of the personal cost and that price paid by those brave enough to do so.

Mainstream Media Needs an Overhaul!

Two intrepid news co-anchors, Cindy Michaels and Tony Consiglio, both (now formally) of Bangor Maine’s WVII (Channel 7) and sister station WFVX (Channel 22) have led the way in an unprecedented move to bring attention to the dishonesty, skullduggery and  overwhelming general contempt for the intelligence of the American people that is in force by the greater majority of this nation’s broadcast news media and its organizational management.

By announcing their joint resignations on-air at the end of Tuesday’s 6 p.m. live newscast, both Ms. Michaels and Mr. Consiglio have provided a long-awaited wake up call to the American people in the form of the first shot fired. That shot resulting in a direct hit against the American peoples’ ignorance of the systematic dismantling of our Bill of Rights and the subsequent trampling underfoot of our liberties that are currently taking place by the subterfuge of our nation’s television broadcast media.

One can only hope that others of their profession will respond in kind as a challenge against the powers that be. It is now up to those who are more nationally recognized, and who by virtue of their greater recognition have command of a louder voice, to take up the cause that these two brave souls have initiated against the hidden powers of our government’s dictatorial rule and the promulgation of such rule by the controlled exercise it has over its corporate media puppets.

Read full story with video here.

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Hello ‘Nigger’ My Old Friend, Jesse Jackson’s Done It Again

Jesse Jackson said Barack Obama is “talking down to Black people — telling niggers how to behave,” all in the same taped clip when he said he wanted to cut Obamas balls off, or his nuts, or whatever.

In all parallel universes where the media isn’t dominated by ignorant English majors with a decidedly naive, idealistic, liberal bent (unfortunately, in high school when we told them to “get bent,” they took it literally), reporters and editors would have instantly known this was news spelled in huge caps. Big fucking news. But not here. Not these media gate-keepers. They kept this story from making the headlines. Why?

Could it be liberals feel it’s incumbent upon them to protect the “nigger” lifestyle (I’m just taking Jesse’s term and running with it). Obviously he feels he’s a nigger. I feel if he so desperately wants my respect, I should respect him enough to call him what he calls himself. Jesse Jackson’s a nigger. Nigger nigger nigger.

There Jesse, hope you feel better. Now that you have my respect, I assume you feel D I G N I D D Y.

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by Ralph Peters | New York Post

Fat ass Muslim Chicken al SadrMuslim Chicken al Sadr hides in Iran as his Iraq minions get the shit kicked out of them

Do we still have troops in Iraq? Is there still a conflict over there?

If you rely on the so-called mainstream media, you may have difficulty answering those questions these days. As Iraqi and Coalition forces pile up one success after another, Iraq has magically vanished from the headlines.

Want a real “inconvenient truth?” Progress in Iraq is powerful and accelerating. (more…)

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Joan SwirskyFor decades the liberal media have known about — and seen the videotapes of — Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., and the Marxist, racist, anti-American and anti-Semitic “sermons” that he has delivered to the roaring approval of his 8,000-person congregation at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. (more…)

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Don Imus Is Coming Back

Radio talker Don Imus, exiled from the airwaves in April after making remarks many saw as racist, will return to the microphone as early as September. }} more…

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