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Less than 13 hours Eastern Standard Time and Obama is through!

Berry-the-hoodlum and his Illegal Pinche Pendejos


Adios Mamachinga !!




You’ve gotta love this police report. Chalk one up for the loveable Leathernecks!



And to all Jarheads out there, present and former, we thank you for all you do and have done.


This goes double for our team member here at TMQ2—Marshal Infidel—a Jarhead to the bone and a Marine’s Marine.


For all those defending the ‘Red, White and Blue’ and the ‘Blue and White’

US-Israel Flags


A little bit of history behind Angel Flights:

Angel Flights are the U.S. Air Force C-130 airplanes used to fly home our fallen soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen. Angel Flight is their radio/aircraft call sign. In addition, Angel Flights have top (number one) priority in U.S. airspace over other military flights — as you heard the towers say “number 1 for landing/takeoff.”

The term “heroes” is another term frequently used in the video in reference to our fallen warriors.



Jarhead Jihad

You’ve gotta love the Jarheads:

Wall sign outside Marine HQ in Iraq
Iraq: Door sign on Marine Combat Operations Center

FALLUJAH, Iraq — Michael J. Totten is an independent journalist reporting on the war in Iraq. Here is a portion of his latest journal entry provided exclusively for

A sign on the door leading out of India Company’s Combat Operations Center says “Have a Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet.” For a fraction of second I thought it might be some kind of joke. But I was with the Marine Corps in Fallujah, and it wasn’t a joke.

I asked Captain Stewart Glenn if he could explain and perhaps elaborate a bit on what, exactly, that sign is about. “It’s pretty straightforward,” he said rather bluntly. “It means exactly what it says.”

Welcome to counterinsurgency. }} more…

What Thomas Jefferson Learned From the Koran

Thomas Jefferson was the first American president to stop taking the Muslims’ shit. Previous presidents were paying Muslim terrorists (back then they called them pirates) not to fuck with our ships. Then Jefferson became president and he learned everything he could about these Muslims who were holding a gun to our head with their hands in our pockets. Among other things, Jefferson learned what hard-core Muslims believe by studying the Muslim book of jihad, the Koran (Quran). What’s funny is, that same copy, Jefferson’s personal copy, that he gave to the Library of Congress after the original Library was burnt down (thanks to the Brits), was used during the swearing in ceremony of U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison, a Muslim convert. Ellison was so stupid he didn’t realize all the truths Jefferson gleaned from that book. Ellison was so stupid, he didn’t realize, thanks to that book Jefferson sent U.S. troops into North Africa to kick some Muslim ass. If you want to know what Thomas Jefferson learned from the Muslim book of jihad, read the following:

What Thomas Jefferson Learned From the Muslim Book of Jihad

By Ted Sampley

Democrat Keith Ellison is now officially the first Muslim United States congressman. True to his pledge, he placed his hand on the Quran, the Muslim book of jihad and pledged his allegiance to the United States during his ceremonial swearing-in. Continue reading “What Thomas Jefferson Learned From the Koran”

Top Ten Reasons the Surge Has Worked

Reposted from Black Five:

Big Wave Dave Bellavia is reporting for NRO while he is in Iraq, but we are privileged to have some of his work.

by Uncle Jimbo

Top Ten Reasons The Surge Has Worked:

10. The Kevlar and vest mandatory uniform from 2003 to 2007 has been replaced with the gentle request of “please wear a hat” at the Baghdad International Airport flight line.

9. The Subway in Baghdad now serves double meat on request.

8. Number one complaint of Green Zone soldiers is the lack of decals for the new Les Paul Guitar Hero: Areosmith edition.

7. Ambassador Ryan Crocker is releasing a Christmas Cookbook.

6. The Medhi Army is now issuing referral letters to other terrorist groups based out of Iran.

5. Two words: Putt Putt

4. The Marines, since losing out on prescious trigger time in Anbar due to record low violence in the area, project to be at 25% literacy rate by 2010.

3. Most popular name in Diyala province since 2007: Petraeus Mohammed Al Sistani Surge al Baquba.

2. Iraqis are no longer of the belief that Michael Jackson is an acceptable American role model.

1. Prime Minister Maliki is the new co-owner of the new Arena Football team: Baghdad Blaze.

The Marines Have Landed at TMQ2

While perusing the stats for our blog TMQ2 (The Muslim Question 2), this humble writer has been awestruck by the huge number of hits coming from USMC mailboxes.

This means many of our posts are being emailed around within the USMC IT system. We are honored by their presence. Even Marines from the UK have come here to laugh and learn from Shlomo Muslim, Ph.D. It’s like living in New York City, everyone comes away a little Jewish.

Zionism = Funny Brilliant Crazy People

Maybe they enjoy the comments of Lawrence of Bessarabia like this one: “Look at the Democrat Party candidates. You have a big mouth bitch lawyer, married to a lawyer running against a lawyer married to a big mouth bitch lawyer. The Republicans on the other hand are fielding a real life war hero married to a set of double D’s who owns a beer distributorship. Who’s the smartest out of the three, I ask.”

U.S. CavalryPerhaps it’s Lance, who began this site 2.5 years ago. He’s a scuffed in old US Cavalry Trooper whose best friend is a Jarhead Nam vet. Lance knows the real reason why the Squids place Jarheads aboard Naval vessels. No, it’s not to guard the bridge or swim ashore for a fight. It’s because sheep would be too damned obvious.

Lance also knows why Jarheads enjoy TMQ2. They love abuse and we abuse everybody equally — period.

Note: If in the heat of combat you find yourself fresh out of mortar rounds, Lance knows you can jamb a marine or two down the tube and lob their asses at the enemy with even greater effect. Lance knows because he’s “been there and done that.”

Paratus et Fidelis to the Troopers and Semper Fi to the Recon Jarheads…