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From our friends at Laissez Faire Today Reader:

Political Satire Meets Political Reality

So many things happened in America the past week, you have to forgive us if we can’t get to them all. But there are some stories we find so funny, we have to share. Like the recent controversy around comments made by an Annapolis police chief.

The Maryland State Senate called Michael Pristoop in for his input regarding two pending pieces of legislation. The two bills would either legalize or decriminalize possession of marijuana, a controlled substance. When asked about the bills, Pristoop said he opposed them. Why? Because the recent legalization of the drug in Colorado caused 37 people to overdose.

At least that’s what he believed.

Unfortunately, his source behind this serious claim was an article posted by the The Daily Currant. And if you’re not familiar with the website, its “news” pieces are really just satire. If you’ve ever read an Onion article, you probably know what we’re talking about.

Word got out about the police chief’s gaff, and he had to issue an apology a few days later. Pristoop still opposes legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana, but for other more fact based reasons.

Your tax dollars at work…

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