Los Angeles Eyewitness News released a story about an elderly man, 92, being assaulted by several people with a brick.

The original headline read: 

Suspects caught on video beating 92-year-old man with brick in Willowbrook
By Carlos Granda

Friday, July 06, 2018 6:25PM | WILLOWBROOK, LOS ANGELES (KABC)

A video shows a 92-year-old man on the ground with a bloody face after he was attacked by a woman and several men with a brick in Willowbrook.

The attack has left neighbors stunned…>>more

Not long after, several Mainstream Media houses tied the story to Donald Trump, blaming him for this assault.

Okay. Let’s back up and reason a bit. Here are some facts:

  1. The assault took place in a low-class Los Angeles neighborhood.
  2. The perpetrators were Americans of African descent
  3. Most blacks are Democrats in the United States, especially poor ones.
  4. Poor black neighborhoods have high crime rates and a plethora of assaults.
  5. Our Mainstream Media houses aren’t actually journalistic, but 100% Trump haters.
  6. If in doubt, Trump did it.
  7. Even if they are sure Trump is innocent, Trump did it.
  8. Logic? What’s that?
  9. Integrity? What’s that?
  10. Corruption? Only in the GOP.

I believe we can reasonably assume that Democrats were the likely perpetrators. Therefore I have reworked the title above to more accurately reflect the truth.

If you are a liberal and disagree with my blog post, I invite you to…



Is Michelle Obama a Transvestite undergoing gender reassignment and augmentation?

Is she really a he? What about her (his) hairy knuckles and Adam’s apple? Is she (he) a drag queen? What’s the real story behind Barack and Michelle Obama? Is Barack Obama a homosexual? Is Obama’s marriage one of convenience and a same sex marriage? Did Jesse Jackson and reverend Wright introduce the Obamas? Why are there so many lies and cover-ups surrounding the Obamas?

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