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US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley explains that a lack of Palestinian leadership is what prevents Peace.

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Some months ago someone’s idea of a gift to my wife was to give her a subscription to TIME magazine.

While throwing the October 15 issue into the recycle bin the day it came, by chance it opened to an article by Karl Vick about Mahmoud Abbas, or as the kids call him, Abu Mazen.

You would think that Abbas was the love child of Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa.

According to Vick, Abbas is the greatest pacifist in the Mid-east and is single handedly responsible for eliminating terror attacks from Judea and Samaria, and credits him for his strict adherence to diplomacy and negotiations.

No mention of the separation fence foiling countless attempts of terrorism on a regular basis.

No mention of Abbas being in power for eight years of a two year term.

No mention of Abbas and his Fatah henchmen pocketing billions of dollars in aid meant for the Arab populace under his reign.

No mention of his continued incitement of hatred of Jews and Israelis on PA run TV and in PA run schools.

Karl, I’m sorry your photo didn’t accompany your byline.

It would have given me even more of an incentive to wipe my ass with your glorious opus.

Go back to whatever bizarro planet you live on, and in the meantime,


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Maybe the Palestinians know enough to not believe their own bullshit.

RAMALLAH, West Bank — The Palestinian justice minister says investigators looking into the circumstances of Yasser Arafat’s death want to review reports from a Swiss lab before deciding on exhuming his remains.

Last week, the lab said it found elevated traces of a radioactive agent, polonium-210, on Arafat’s clothing. The results were inconclusive, but revived speculation that he was poisoned.

Earlier this week, Saeb Erekat, a top aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said a decision has been made to dig up Arafat’s remains and test them for polonium.

Watch out! Looks like Arafat’s going in for a big one!

But in an apparent reversal, Justice Minister Ali Mohanna told a news conference on Thursday that Palestinian officials first want to examine the full lab report. He says after the review, “we will decide what testing we need to do.”


Editor’s Notes: It appears that some peeps in the Palestinian camp want to hide any proof that Arafat was gay. As I wrote in a blog post the other day, Jimmy Carter and Arafat loved playing grab-ass during Carter’s visits.

These two were more than simple bosom buddies. Rumor has it Jimmy Carter was Yasir Arafat’s Boy Toy and their favorite game was for Jimmy to guess where Yassy hid his peanut. Jimmy’s term of endearment for Arafat was Sassy Yassy. Arafat called him That stupid American tool who likes to smoke my hookah.

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