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  1. The right to be offended
  2. The right to be a victim
  3. The right to free medical care at some one else’s expense
  4. The right to live where no (legally owned) guns exist.
  5. The right to free college at some one else’s expense.
  6. The right to hate all religions except Islam.
  7. The right to debase, intimidate and silence any and all opposing viewpoints.
  8. The right to express any opinion violently with out consequence.
  9. The right to let any foreigner into this country who wants in, no questions asked.
  10. The right to cry like a fucking baby if any of these are infringed upon.

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leslie-stahlI can’t remember the last time I watched 60 Minutes.

Most likely before the Dan Rather fake news story about George W. Bush and the Texas Air National Guard.

Mrs. LoB prevailed upon me to watch the show this past Sunday for the Bibi Netanyahu interview.

My wife was disappointed in the brevity and the short circuited end.

I was mortified by the self-serving Kapo/Sonderkommando piece of garbage, Leslie Stahl.

Bibi kept his cool and held her at bay throughout her condescending, sandbagging attempts to disparage him.

Beside the content of her false and malicious, at best out of context accusations, her tone of voice was one that invited a slap in that dried up prune face of hers.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself Ms. Stahl. You displayed the most egregious version of a Jewish Uncle Tom I’ve seen in a while.

You don’t deserve a TMQ2 invitation but rather a TMQ2 imperative to;



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‘Nuff said

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To think that just a week ago I had the opinion that Donald Trump was merely a clownish buffoon.

A self-serving windbag along the likes of Christie or Hillary.

Leave it to the sanctimonious liberals to bring me to my senses.

His accurate and truthful observations have made him a lightening rod for the Hate America Firsters.

Trumps poll numbers are surging, reflecting his proximity to the cultural zeitgeist of true Americanism.

He’s got my vote.

Boycott Macy’s.

Boycott NBC.

Boycott New York City.

And don’t forget to ask your cable company to remove TVLand from its line up.

I guess it’s ok to offend Jews and Christians but no one else and rape isn’t a crime if it’s not committed by a white male.

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… An American hero.

Pamela Geller

May she go from strength to strength.

Mohammed cartoon by Bosch Faustin

Mohammed cartoon by Bosch Faustin

– – –

Visit our second post on this issue: O’REILLY VS. GELLER

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Obama, Hitler, And Exploding The Biggest Lie In History
Bill Flax | Forbes

“The line between fascism and Fabian socialism is very thin. Fabian socialism is the dream. Fascism is Fabian socialism plus the inevitable dictator.” John T. Flynn

Numerous commentators have raised alarming comparisons between America’s recent economic foibles and Argentina’s fall “from breadbasket to basket case.” The U.S. pursues a similar path with her economy increasingly ensnared under the growing nexus of government control. Resources are redistributed for vote-buying welfare schemes, patronage style earmarks, and graft by unelected bureaucrats, quid pro quo with unions, issue groups and legions of lobbyists.

In Argentina, everyone acknowledges that fascism, state capitalism, corporatism – whatever – reflects very leftwing ideology. Eva Peron remains a liberal icon. President Obama’s Fabian policies (Keynesian economics) promise similar ends. His proposed infrastructure bank is just the latest gyration of corporatism. Why then are fascists consistently portrayed as conservatives? (more…)

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NYC Mayor Wilhelm Di Blassholio made a public statement about how he has told his son to always cooperate with the police because if he doesn’t they may kill him because he’s “of color”.

Why doesn’t he tell his son to cooperate because that is the proper thing to do?

I’ve known a number of white folk who have been roughed up by the boys in blue for giving them a hard time.

See how I played another of my race cards?

And then this no class douche bag doesn’t even have the decency to show up at Herman Badillo’s funeral.

Mayor Bill, you have just earned an official TMQ2 invitation to


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Any “phony scandals” that exist may be found in Obama’s disinformation campaign, which falsely claims phony scandals are being spun by the right. —Lance, American Veteran



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The talking heads and spinmeisters are confusing this issue right out of the gate, but the bombing attack wreaks of Domestic Terrorism—Bill Ayers, Timothy McVeigh and Unibomber-style to name a scant few.


Of course, I could be wrong, but this attack was most likely carried out by anti-patriotic and traitorous liberal leftists—ironically or not—on Patriots’ Day. And this author feels this event was at least in part an attack designed to rattle gun rights pundits. It seems to be lacking characteristics common to Al Qaida or other groups of maniacal Muslim jihadists.Domestic Terrorism by Radical Leftists

I maintain that if this attack was planned and carried out by Islamofascists, the group responsible would have already claimed credit. Their unique and predictable modus operandi would be obvious. So, this attack was likely manufactured by a militant group from the extreme left.

Domestic Terrorism in Boston on Patriots' Day

This heartless attack, coupled with the black street violence of late, is supplying Second Amendment gun rights advocates with a stronger argument for possession of  assault rifles, fully automatic weapons, and even higher capacity magazines (when the leftists use the term “clips”, they should instead be employing the correct term, “magazines”).


Let’s give this issue some time for the dust to settle while our thoughts and prayers go out to the unfortunate victims of this attack. Later, let’s revisit it to see whether the predictions put forth above hold water, metaphorically speaking.


Read more:

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Liberals cause gun violence!


The goal of reducing or preventing mass shootings will never be achieved through gun control measures, so let’s just take that idea off the table right now.

A veritable plethora of statistics exists which substantiate this fact and prove that the most rampant gun violence takes place in regions with the toughest gun laws, so I won’t waste time arguing this dead issue here.

Let’s step away from the subject of guns for a moment and take a closer look at the perpetrators, the trigger pullers who have carried out the most infamous mass shootings of late:

  • Ft Hood Shooter: Registered Democrat, Muslim
  • Columbine Shooters: Both families were registered Democrats and progressives/liberals
  • Virginia Tech Shooter: Wrote hate mail to President Bush and staff, was a registered Democrat
  • Colorado Theater Shooter: Registered Democrat, staff worker on Obama campaign, “occupy wall street” participant, progressive/liberal
  • Connecticut School Shooter: Registered Democrat, hated Christians, mentally ill

Q: What seems to be the most common connection between these shooters?

A: They were all progressives, liberals, democrats, or some other variety of leftist.

Why is it that the group of perpetrators who stalk and kill movie-goers or who slaughter innocent children in their schools have never included a non-leftist or an NRA member? These same mentally challenged (read retarded and/or psychotic) leftists proffer banning guns for everyone, including the sane, non-leftists among us.

Allowing leftists (especially leftist politicians) to decide how to curb mass shootings is like having a child molester babysit your children.

Some conclude that because of these irrefutable statistics, we should ban all leftists from owning guns, or mandate that all leftists must join the NRA and own a gun. But we must remember, guns don’t kill people, people kill people… especially leftists.

So, these are ignorant, illogical ideas that have no possibility whatsoever of curbing mass shootings. And these shootings are not gun violence. They are violence carried out with guns.

If some crazed killer was bludgeoning people to death with a baseball bat, would we call it baseball bat violence? Of course not because inanimate objects cannot be violent.

The paramount solution is much simpler and strikes directly at the heart of the problem:

Make it illegal for anyone to be a progressive, a liberal, a Democrat or any other variety of leftist within our country’s borders. Label these elements as mentally ill—because they are—and remove them from society so they cannot steal or otherwise possess firearms with which to kill innocent people.

In short, take leftists out of the system and the mass shooting problem will be solved—tout suite!

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