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He most likely never said this, but he is associated with this like “Play it again Sam”, is with Humphrey Bogart even though he never said that either.

“Who are these people?”

Answering that musical question is a paper by Dr. Alex Joffe.

Alex will next address the people of Fredonia, Lilliput, and the Grand Duchy of Fenwick.

Not to see Dr. Joffe out of work, but hopefully the myth of ancient Palestinians will be held in the same regard as the lunar composition of green cheese.

                         Gay Palestinian attempting to kiss Israeli soldier.

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Happy Nakbullshit Day losers.

The most misrepresented  event in world history.

Cuz Emakh.

Am Yisroel Chai Motherfuckers.

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Dark Invasion: 1915: Germany’s Secret War and the Hunt for the First Terrorist Cell in America —by Howard Blum

This book was not only informative and entertaining, but, in my opinion, is also a must read for all Americans.

DarkInvasionBkCvrThe fact that the actual occurrences were kept from being a media circus and fomenting a jingoistic war frenzy is understandable, given the administration’s obsession with maintaining neutrality, but that they have never been part and parcel of elementary American history education is inexcusable and negligent.

German nationals and ethnic German Americans, financed and supported logistically and materially by the German government through their embassies and consulates in America undertook a campaign of terror that included arson aboard ships at sea, bombing the Capitol building and an attempted assassination of John Pierpont Morgan in his Long Island home.

Anti-German sentiment not withstanding, the spy ring was only effectively countered by scrupulous detective work and the contribution of loyal German-American policemen capable of infiltrating the enemy.

Ethnic Germans were just about the largest minority in the country, yet action was taken without fear of special interests or anyone being labeled a Germanophobe.

Flash forward ninety-nine years and once again we are confronted with foreign nationals and disloyal Americans with support of hostile regimes, bent on sowing terror in our midst.

Let this book be a wake-up call and a reminder that Americans can lay claim to the same statement uttered by Jews on Passover, that, In every generation there are those that will rise up against us.

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From PJMedia:

The Big Story—the Global War—Goes Mostly Unreported

by Michael Leeden

The “news” is resolutely out of context.  A subject about which virtually nothing is known–the mystery of the missing airplane–gets saturation “coverage,” while events of potentially earth-shaking importance are largely unreported. Twitter is full of tweets, photos and videos from the streets of Venezuela, but the Maduro tyranny expelled CNN, and Wolf Blitzer crams his airtime with heads talking about the Malaysian passenger jet.  Any self-respecting “news network” would relentlessly run stories about the ongoing demonstrations from Caracas to Maracaibo–demonstrations surely the equal of those from Maidan Square in Kiev–but no.


The Venezuelan uprising may turn out to be the biggest story of all, because it is part of a world-wide battle that pits anti-Western tyrannies against their own people, and against their neighbors.  It is of a piece with Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran and Russia itself, where, just a few days ago, fifty thousand Muscovites demonstrated against Putin’s imperialist moves in Ukraine. 

I’ve been saying for years that we’re the target of a global war, that the Pyongyang-Beijing-Moscow-Tehran-Damascus-Havana-Caracas etc Axis of Evil is hell-bent to dominate and destroy us.  Now the evidence is so clear that only a willfully blind man could fail to see it.  When the pundits were saying that Assad’s doom was imminent, I warned that he had the full support of Russia and Iran, and they would not go quietly.  He didn’t, but the pundits are still trying to unscrew the inscrutable jihadi networks and alliances, invoking the tired chant of Sunni vs Shi’ite, and refusing to see the battle of Syria in the context of the real war.

Today, the repression of the Venezuelan people is under the command of Cubans and aided by Hezbollahis, which is part of the same picture that has Russian troops-in-mufti operating in Ukraine, Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah killers operating in Syria, Iranian-guided terrorists fighting in Yemen, Iranian-trained Taliban killing Afghans and Americans, and on and on.  That picture has been clarified by the announcement that Russia is opening naval bases in Latin America.


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For all those defending the ‘Red, White and Blue’ and the ‘Blue and White’

US-Israel Flags

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Just answer the following two questions correctly and you are on your way to a larger penis.

1. What stateless Muslim group has been denied a national home for over a hundred years, been subjected to ethnic cleansing, and manipulated as pawns on the stage of international politics?

2. What mid Eastern country was created after a World War based on artificial borders, and for the purpose of being ruled by non-Muslims even though Muslims make up the majority of the population?

If  you answered the Palestinians and Israel respectively, congratulations, you have earned the honor of living a life with tiny dick syndrome. The smallness of your Johnson is only exceeded by your pea sized bird brain.

If you correctly stated the Kurds and Lebanon, you are intelligent enough to already know how to have a big penis or were born with one.

Use your power wisely.

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After having Mother Superior getting all Charlie Sheen up in here, (yes MoSu, I been served) I went back to school and became a more highly evolved warlock.

In the process, I learned how we can all get along, especially on the Muslim/Infidel interface.

It seems that Muslims are not evil, hateful or bigoted. They are just very sensitive and prideful.

As long as their sensitivity and pride is assuaged they are very understanding and tolerant.

This can be distilled down to a few very common lowest denominators:

Muslims are very tolerant of non-Muslim minorities as long as they know their place. Non- Muslims historically have been welcomed in Muzzie communities as long as they agree to live as second class dhimmis and realize they are inferior. Do this and all is well.

Muslims are too proud to be ruled by non-Muslims. This freaks them out more than anything else. It’s the reason they can’t accept living under Jewish rule in Israel, what used to be Christian rule in Lebanon, and why there is an ongoing power struggle in countries to which they emigrate. Give them the right and ability to take over and everyone goes home happy. Everyone who is Muslim that is.

Now just to be open minded, I will yield that not every Muslim feels that way, but there isn’t enough evidence to show that the ones who don’t are doing anything to counter this image.

I know it’s not fair to paint with broad strokes but if you don’t, how’s the house going to get painted?

For this reason I propose a constitutional amendment entitled:


Equal right for Muslims that equal to the rights their countries afford non-Muslims. I know what you’re thinking, first the Muslims and then who’s next?

To prevent any abuse of the act, this amendment will not be enforceable upon any group other than Muslims. After all, who is more equal than them?

Muslims wishing to live in America and practice their religion and organize their own community affairs are free to do so, but must abide by the following parameters.

1. Accept protected status as dhimmis in the U.S.
2. Pay a jizya or special tax per family or individual.
3. No Muslim owned house or building is permitted to be taller than any structure owned by a non-Muslim.
4. Muslims must wear visibly distinguishable clothing such as tall conical hats, brightly colored pointy shoes, and a red crescent on all outer garments.
5.Muslims must take off their shoes when passing a church or synagogue and walk in the street and not on the side walk.
6. Muslims are not permitted to trike a non-Muslim physically, even in self defense or answer back to any insults.
7. Muslims may not testify in court against non-Muslims.

In case you find these restrictions to be punitive, barbaric or just plain inane, these are actual laws that have applied to Jews living in Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen,Algeria,Morocco,Tunisia and Libya at one time or another. They would still apply if there were any Jews left there. There are 25,000 still left in Iran who pretty much fear for their lives on a daily basis. Read the news to see how the Christians in these places are treated.

If these terms were good enough for Muslims to enforce on minority populations, then all things being equal, they should be fine for Muslims living here in the land of the free.

If these terms are unacceptable, then get out and stay out.

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by Benny Avni

Lebanon is in crisis after a dramatic split-screen episode unfolded simultaneously in Washington and Beirut yesterday — and yes, there will be blood.

At the White House, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri received the blessing and promise of support from the leader of the free world, President Obama. Meanwhile, in the Lebanese capital, Hariri’s ruling coalition government unraveled as 11 Hezbollah-affiliated members quit — because Hariri refuses to reject the international court investigating the 2005 assassination of his father, Rafik Hariri.

This drama epitomizes the uphill struggle we face in the region, while exposing the Arab and Muslim world’s deepest fault lines. Hariri cut short his week-long US trip to head home. Intense diplomacy led by Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (who’s traveling in the region) and other international mediators may yet save the day — at least for a while.

Yes, Hezbollah’s leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, can order his troops to march on Beirut. He easily captured the capital in 2008, creating a political crisis that led to the creation of the coalition that just unraveled. (more…)

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At Last


Israeli warplanes retaliating for rocket fire from the Gaza Strip pounded dozens of security compounds across the Hamas-ruled territory in unprecedented waves of air strikes Saturday, killing more than 200 people and wounding nearly 400 in the single bloodiest day of fighting in years.

Most of those killed were security men, but an unknown number of civilians were also among the dead. Hamas said all of its security installations were hit, threatened to resume suicide attacks, and sent at least 70 rockets and mortar shells crashing into Israeli border communities, according to the Israeli military. One Israeli was killed and at least six people were hurt. }} more…

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Jimmy Carter

Here we go again. In his trademark manner, America’s biggest traitor, anti-Semite, Israel hater, hillbilly, liberal scum, worst prez and ex-prez ever and big-time hypocritical Bible thumper is once again sticking up for Arab terrorists while sticking his big nose where it doesn’t belong: In American Foreign Policy.

The Carter Center coffers must need to be juiced up again with more oil-rich Arab money. Every time his sphincter heals from his last Middle East trip to visit his Arab sugar daddies, Jihad Jimmy can barely walk to the plane to return home. This must be a game he and Billy used to play down on the farm as kids — with each other and various available  farm animals. My heart bleeds for those poor sexually abused chickens, pigs, cows and goats.

Carter is by far the biggest pain in the ass for America. He makes Benedict Arnold look like Sergeant York. He acts up on purpose because he’s angry that we all hate him for his buffoonery and inability to measure up as a US president. He was a big joke and made a mess of things while at the wheel. Now he won’t go away. He’s like a spoiled little baby needing attention and acting out negatively in a desperate plea to be recognized. Unfortunately for him, he’s digging his hole even deeper in this desperate attempt to get out of that same hole. Duh!

Carter is really just a small-minded mean little man…and a traitor to his country. When his crotchety old ass finally croaks, I’m having a party. It will be a happy day for America.

After you read about his latest seditious expedition into aiding America’s enemies below, visit our Jimmy Carter Un-Presidential Library. Admission is free, but be sure to bring along a couple of air-sick bags in case you feel the sudden urge to blow chunks while reading about Jihad Jimmy.

[Carter] Recounts last week’s ‘peacemaking’ trip to Middle East

The Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist organization lacks missiles to “defend” itself from Israeli aircraft, former President Jimmy Carter claimed upon returning from a trip last week to Lebanon. }} more…

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