What Makes Them So Special?

Evidently some groups are more entitled to the right of national self-determination.

The incessant crybaby tantrums for the “Palestinians” to have this right overshadows the same right being negated or denied for the following:








To Quote Jerry Seinfeld

He most likely never said this, but he is associated with this like “Play it again Sam”, is with Humphrey Bogart even though he never said that either.

“Who are these people?”

Answering that musical question is a paper by Dr. Alex Joffe.

Alex will next address the people of Fredonia, Lilliput, and the Grand Duchy of Fenwick.

Not to see Dr. Joffe out of work, but hopefully the myth of ancient Palestinians will be held in the same regard as the lunar composition of green cheese.

                         Gay Palestinian attempting to kiss Israeli soldier.

Kurdistan Si; Palestan No

Why does the world ignore the plea for an independent and sovereign state for an ethnically and culturally distinct people, who just happen to be Sunni Muslim?

While at the same time demand one for a fabricated entity made up of Arab immigrants with no distinct cultural or ethnic features that distinguish them from any other Arab demographic.

The Kurds are an ancient populace akin to Persians that speak their own language, have a history pre-dating the Roman Empire, and meet the criteria for cultural uniqueness.

Scattered across portions of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran where they govern themselves they have maintained rule of law, respect for minority populations, and a functioning and prosperous society.

They have proven themselves to be pro- democracy and pro-American and yet still get the short end of the stick from their supposed allies when push comes to shove.

“Palestinians” on the other hand are the world’s poster children for oppression and subjugation based on fabricated evidence and outright bullshit.

They claim ancient lineage without merit. One minute they are Canaanites the next minute they are Philistines. Both of these ancient peoples died off or were subsumed into the local populations thousands of years ago. The Philistines were given that name by the ancient Israelites based on the Hebrew word for conquerors because they were actually colonizers from the Aegean. Google the word Palestinian it appears before 1900 and all the references will apply to Jews.

Any non-Jew in pre-1948 Palestine will most likely be an Arab.

Either an Arab from the original Muslim invasion of the 7th century or Arab immigrants from the surrounding areas such as Lebanon,Syria,Iraq or Egypt who came in the early 20th century because as the Zionists established an infrastructure and economy there were employment opportunities for Arabs.

The”Palestinians” of today are just as much an immigrant group as those they claim are dispossessing them.

Besides, the “Palestinians” were given their own homeland in 1922 in a place called Trans-Jordan and later Jordan.

The Kurds have created an oasis of civilization in the midst of barbaric conflagration, and deserve their own nation state for the sake of humanity.

The “Palestinians'” contribution to the world has been the hijacked airplane and the suicide bomber. The only connection they have to the ancient enemies of the Jews is their practice of child sacrifice.

Easiest Way To Increase Penis Size

Just answer the following two questions correctly and you are on your way to a larger penis.

1. What stateless Muslim group has been denied a national home for over a hundred years, been subjected to ethnic cleansing, and manipulated as pawns on the stage of international politics?

2. What mid Eastern country was created after a World War based on artificial borders, and for the purpose of being ruled by non-Muslims even though Muslims make up the majority of the population?

If  you answered the Palestinians and Israel respectively, congratulations, you have earned the honor of living a life with tiny dick syndrome. The smallness of your Johnson is only exceeded by your pea sized bird brain.

If you correctly stated the Kurds and Lebanon, you are intelligent enough to already know how to have a big penis or were born with one.

Use your power wisely.

An Argument That Peace Is On The Way

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA–I’m in Riyadh where Arab leaders are discussing options in Iraq, Lebanon, Iran and elsewhere. When I was acting like a fly on the wall, I heard a fellow correspondent ask a local honcho if he thought the Arabs and Muslims would ever choose to end their violent ways. Although I found the response a little hard to believe, because it was so unusual, I have have to relay the whole story just as it happened. He said all Middle Eastern conflict would end soon. And then he provided his reasons. He continued by explaining that: Continue reading “An Argument That Peace Is On The Way”