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…and these are his best qualities!

In this video, Obama admits that he is Muslim, bows before a Muslim king, talks about his Muslim family, quotes from the Koran, defends Islam and visits a Mosque.

Additionally, there are many more clips of him revealing his Muslim connections.

Watch video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCAffMSWSzY.

Barack Obama, Sr.


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So much for Muslims and their “religion of peace” lie.

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Better late than never, right?

Al Goreacle

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Cool Comment

HEREHeading in the direction of truth…

I like to stop and read the comments on blogs. Here’s one that echoes my own thoughts. It comes from a regular at Pat Dollard.com (a source for many of my posts, along with Anti-Mullah).

mike 3481: “…am I wrong or is the Koran nothing more than a collection of permission slips for misogynistic men to commit crimes of rape, murder, theft and Pedophilia in the name of Allah.”

“And all that matters is how well you know the Koran.”

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You Idiot, Do Not Think, Otherwise You Might Stop Being a Muslim

“O ye who believe! Ask not questions about things which if made plain to you, may cause you trouble… Some people before you did ask such questions, and on that account lost their faith.”

Qur’an 5:101-102

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On July 11, 2008 I posted a piece entitled “Jesse Jackson’s Nuts and Obama’s Balls.” With gonads in our presidential debate, it seemed fitting to launch into a discussion of truth, based on the principal’s bonafides. There was no way you could have known that from the testicular title, that the article was about TRUTH, and how it is up there near or at the top of Jewish values. To drive my point home, I quoted some pertinent sources.

What I didn’t say, is although truth is paramount among Jewish values, the same cannot be said about Christianity and Islam, since both are based on an Original Lie. Christians make a big thing about Original Sin, but that’s just a smokescreen for their Original Lie.

Christianity’s Original Lie is that Jesus was the product of a virgin birth. That’s not only impossible, it’s absolutely impossible because a female human cannot give birth to a male human without a Y chromosome. This is not possible if the female is a virgin. Case closed.

Islam’s Original Lie is that Mohammed was descended from Ishmael, Abraham’s son. In the absence of a robust oral tradition to that effect, with millions descended from Ishmael, it is not possible that Mohammed, out of the blue, could have known his lineage going back 2,500 years.

When you read his Koran it becomes immediately apparent that he was very well acquainted with Judaism and the Torah. But it is equally as apparent that he didn’t have a hint or a clue to trace even a vestige of his lineage back 2,500 years all the way to Abraham.

With the Jews, we know so many generations of even our earliest ancestors. Not so with Muslims. Therefore, both Islam and Christianity are brothers in that they both share their starts from an Original Lie.

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Chicago Tribune Misses the Mark on Radical Islamists — Coming Soon to a Town Near You

What appears on the surface to be an innocent distribution of Qur’ans is far from it; the devil is always in the details. The facts surrounding this case should be alarming, and certainly would be alarming to Americans if the Chicago Tribune had not been derelict to its duty to inform its readers. To ignore the facts without one iota of analysis, is to leave the nation exposed to a grave threat without a challange. }} more…

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A “God Hypothesis” is:

something that explains everything but is not itself capable of disproof.

Christianity and Islam in the aggregate are God Hypotheses. They say they explain everything, but try to prove an imam wrong and he’ll cut your head off. Much less make fun of the holy prophet. (more…)

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Nowadays it’s no longer just in Denmark or right here on the Internet at TMQ2 where a few people are bold enough to give a few Muslims a piece of their mind. Now it’s even happening in Egypt!!!

Female Copts spark Muslim student furor

Middle East Times

CAIRO — Sectarian resentment was reignited this week when a Coptic student scrawled an “X” across Koranic verses in a female dormitory at an Egyptian university, just as tensions were beginning to subside after another Coptic student in the same dorm last month drew caricatures of Prophet Muhammad.

The images of Muhammad drawn by a girl at the University of Minya in central Egypt sparked outrage from Muslim students who demanded an explanation from their Coptic colleagues. The response was apparently less than satisfactory as police had to intercede to end the confrontation that had turned violent.

That incident which occurred in April is just one of many of a spate of sectarianism incidents to plague Egypt in recent years.

And last Monday a female student at the same university desecrated Koranic writing by drawing a large “X” through its Arabic verses.

This act led to (more…)

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Deep Thoughts by Lance

Helen KellerMost folks know the story of Helen Keller, American author, activist and lecturer. She was the first DeafBlind person to graduate from college.

DeafBlindness is the condition of little or no useful sight and little or no useful hearing. DeafBlind people have an experience quite distinct from people who are only deaf or only blind.

Thoughts of her got me thinking about how a Muslim might be affected (or protected) by DeafBlindness.

I was also wondering how to prove that it’s Mohammad’s Qur’an and the brain-washings of radical, hateful and crazy Islamic clerics that are creating terrorists (jihadists). 

For instance, if a Muslim were born DeafBlind, could they later become brainwashed, radicalized and converted into a terrorist?

I then asked myself a question: If a Muslim were both unable to read the Qur’an for him/herself, and they were unable to hear it read by someone else, and if clucking Muslim Chicken clerics could not be heard or seen, then how would a Muslim ever become radicalized enough to join the jihad and become a terrorist?

The answer is simple. Without the influences of the Qur’an and/or muslim clerics, mullahs and ayatollahs, it would be nearly impossible to turn someone into a jihadist.

While Helen Keller was bright enough to overcome DeafBlindness and to lead a somewhat normal life, it is highly unlikely that a typical Muslim could repeat such a feat like overcoming DeafBlindness enough to be converted into a murdering terrorist (not that Muslims aren’t genetically programmed already). And Helen Keller was too intelligent to let a madman’s book and/or crazy Muslim holy mens’ teachings convert her into a worthless bigot and killer.

However, my point that the bizarre Qur’an combined with the teachings of radical Muslim holy men are clearly what perpetuate jihad and create terrorists is valid.

So, if the worthless Qur’ans were burned and the worthless Islamic holy men silenced, we could validly conclude that the worthless jihad/terrorist conversion program could be eradicated—period.

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