What A Difference Fifty Years Can Make

Yesterday we commemorated half a century of John Kennedy martyrdom.

This patron saint of the left, now dead longer than he was alive, ironically celebrated more for his tragic ending than his accomplishments, was the Democrat Party president elected for his promise to lower taxes and his hard-line anti-Communist policy.

Now we have the New York Times (If you plan on using it for toilet paper, don’t, the cheap ink will make your ass dirty.) this week  hawking overpriced mass produced Kennedy trinkets and mementos in their race to cash in on the death cult.

And speaking of race, a president who, if he had a son, would be playing the “knock out game”.

Where’s the condemnation and call for civility on this one from the Piece-of-Shit-in-Chief?

Today’s Toon: Obama’s Resume Needs Some Beef — Where’s the Beef?

Guess What Guys? We’re Winning!

Iraq: After the Tipping Point
by Amir Taheri

In all asymmetric wars there comes a time when the tide definitely turns against one side or the other. History, or the gods of Mount Olympus, get tired of the game and decide to pick a winner. Military experts call it the tipping point. This does not mean that all fighting suddenly comes to a halt. Nor does it mean that the loser would necessarily throw in the towel. What it means is that after the “tipping point” Continue reading “Guess What Guys? We’re Winning!”

Ann Coulter: From the Halls of Malibu to the Shores of Kennedy

Ann CoulterDemocrats claim Gen. David Petraeus’ report to Congress on the surge was a put-up job with a pre-ordained conclusion. As if their response wasn’t.

Democrats yearn for America to be defeated on the battlefield and oppose any use of the military — except when they can find individual malcontents in the military willing to denounce the war and call for a humiliating retreat.

It’s been the same nay-saying from these people since before we even invaded Iraq — despite the fact that their representatives in Congress voted in favor of that war. Continue reading “Ann Coulter: From the Halls of Malibu to the Shores of Kennedy”

Malignant Narcissism and the Leftist Elites

By Carol Devine-Molin | August 13, 2007

Until a few weeks ago, I knew little about radio talk show host Tammy Bruce, an unapologetic lesbian and former NOW activist who made an amazing “right turn” to throw in with America’s conservative crowd. Part Reaganite, part strong libertarian, Bruce gave a fascinating speech for conservative youth, aired on C-span2, which helped deconstruct the political left and provided insights into the leftist mentality. Why is this a salient endeavor? Knowledge is power, and there’s a significant political and cultural battle underway on many fronts in this nation.

In short, conservatives are attempting to stem the tide of socialism and societal decay being brought about by the leftists elites, most notably the congressional Democrats, mainstream media types, left-wing scholars and professors, and left-wing lobbyists and activists, all of whom are key players in promulgating leftist bile and propaganda. }} More…

Video: Jackie Mason gets hot on the Dems over Iraq

It’s a bit draggy at first, but bear with it. It’s worth it.

The democrats proved once again, that they want America to lose the war, so that they win the White House in 2008. The Troops to them are merely secondary to this heartless goal. They have a pointless all-night pizza party that solved nothing, and now as they go on vacation, they will not give our troops a raise. Who is the enemy in this country? What are the Democrats doing? At least with the terrorists, we know where we stand.

…and Worry for Democrats

The No. 3 Democrat in the U.S. House is warning of bad news ahead in Iraq.

By bad news, though, Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) doesn’t mean increased U.S. casualties, or more terrorist bombings.

Clyburn actually means good news. Continue reading “…and Worry for Democrats”

Kos Convention: Flower power, lies and bong hits

I blame wacky Moonbat/Nutroot/loopy-left behavior partly on the bong.Can't we all just get a bong?

You see, even Bill Clinton got so high when he smoked pot that infamous “one time” he forgot he had actually inhaled. Such is the nature of inhaled cannabis.

This model cannot be compared to my situation when I drank that “one time.” I did in fact drink the shot of booze…but I didn’t swallow it.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Thanks to Kos and his liberal gangbangers, cutthroats, and potheads, his yearly unconventional convention in Chicago is going to be one big cannabis smoke cloud (along with a lot of other hot air). It’ll probably rival the 70s LA smog. Thank God Chi-Town is also known as “The Windy City.”

Unfortunately, this could have one negative Flower Power and Love Insside-effect. The cannabis cloud fallout might get unsuspecting evangelicals high from Chicago to New York or LA, depending on the wind direction and velocity.

If news reports start coming in that people all across the country are buying cheap snacks in record numbers after being overcome by the munchies, you’ll know the deal.

From the NY Post:

Red Meat for Moonbats

N[u]troots, moonbats and other loopy-left types descend on Chicago this weekend for the annual Kos Convention – a Bush-Bash-a-thon of the first order and overall excoriation of all things un-“progressive.”

Naturally, the Democratic presidential candidates will be on hand to preach to the choir; that’s why so many of them have spent the past several days burnishing their far-left credentials. Continue reading “Kos Convention: Flower power, lies and bong hits”

We Now Know the Name of One Google Censor: McCauley

We also now know Big Brothers’ names…one is Google, the other is Microsoft.

We got this hit today here at TMQ2 which came from a link at TMQ1, which is hosted at Google/Blogger:

http://www.corp.google.com/~mccauley/Hate/The Muslim Question (TMQ1).htm

Here’s the post explaining why we left TMQ1 at Google/Blogger to set up TMQ2 at Word Press: U.S. Arab Group Intimidates Google into Censoring THE MUSLIM QUESTION Blog.

This time they’re looking at us for complaints about a post concerning Louis Farrakhan, posted both here, and here. I guess if you’re a white, non-Muslim, you aren’t even allowed to mention Farrakhan’s fake name (His real name is Louis Eugene Walcott).

You’ll notice the Hate Site Disclaimer Google placed in order to click through to enter TMQ1. They also altered our meta tag to show the following in all the search engines:

Blogger: Blogger Content Warning

instead of:

The Muslim Question (TMQ1)

AFA to Counter Boycott of Fox News Channel

From NewsMax.com:

The American Family Association (AFA) says it will counter the efforts of left-wing groups to boycott Fox News Channel.

Groups such as MoveOn.org, the Campaign for America’s Future and liberal blogs like DailyKos.com have called for a boycott of Fox News Channel. DailyKos says the network characterizes itself as a fair news network when it consistently favors a conservative point of view.

“Every advertiser the liberals want to target for a boycott, we will target to promote,” said AFA chairman Donald E. Wildmon. “I think we can do a better job than these groups when it comes to boycotting and buycotting,” he said.

“The liberal groups want to force Fox News Channel to put a liberal spin on their news. They are upset that Fox gives us fair and balanced news, something the liberals can’t stand,” Wildmon stated.


From Riehl World:

But, We’re Winning, Right?

Hilarious. The Lefty Blogs are celebrating their big victory over Bill O’Reilly because Home Depot is not going to advertise on the show. Too bad Home Depot isn’t even on the O’Reilly advertiser list they themselves crafted.

But let’s not let the facts get in the way of such a big win. It is the reality-based community, after all.