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We know how obstinate the papacy is when it comes to its doctrinaire teachings. Almost as obstinate as the Muslim theocracy (= theocrazy).

Don’t get me going on Christians and stem-cells or Christians and abortion. Theocracy = Idiocy. I see, I see, but not the papacy. The papacy can’t see. The Holy See is blinded by the light, revved up like a douche, another runner in the night…

What really gets me is how great the Vatican’s library is, how full its archives, and how little it lets out, and how few are granted access and given permission to conduct research inside those hallowed halls.

For instance, given the Vatican’s high and mighty preachings about the sacrosanct human egg, and how one must never kill a zygote (a fertilized egg) much less an embryo, consider how invaluable it would be to read all the Vatican’s records on whether it is a sin or not to murder a Jew and whether killing a Jewish child is a holier act than killing a Jewish woman or man?

Why won’t the popes let us read what the infallible popes had to say about such things?

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