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Today we received another in a plethora of past negative email messages proving once again that not only does TMQ2 blog anger Islamofascists, but it first attracts them as readers—this is our primary mission.

We hammer away at the radical teachings and evilness of Islam’s death cult as well as attack their murderous, backward way of life. We exploit this information as bait to catch them in our “angry Islamofascist” net.

For the purposes of security, TMQ2 has a policy of not responding to our emails unless we know the identity of the sender. In this case, we immediately surmised that the sender was unknown; a foreigner, based on his English syntax; was most likely from the Middle East; and most likely Muslim.

After doing a reverse DNS look up on his IP address, we traced the origin of the email to PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) in Islamabad (PK). So, we were correct with our first conclusions. And to top all of this off was his apparent intolerance with our entire blog, at least that’s our conclusion since he did not specify what he wanted us to remove.

Here is a copy of the email:

Name: Johnson
Email: johnsmith11221516@gmail.com
Message: I hate all this remove this type of things from here.Please
Time: December 30, 2013 at 14:50
IP Address:
Contact Form URL: https://tmq2.wordpress.com/contact-tmq2/
Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.

Here’s our reply to his email:

Dear John,

Wow. A John Smith from Pakistan. Who’d a thunk it?

Sure thing, John, we’ll delete our entire blog just because you told us to, and with a “Please” to boot…


Since American Infidels believe in freedom of speech and expression, and since we are tolerant of other religions and points of view as long as they are actually a religion and peaceful, and since we don’t give a flying fuck about what you want or tell us to do, please hit the bricks and rejoin the circle-jerk you and your camel-ball-licking homeys were having.

We will write anything we want, anytime we want, and you can either shut the fuck up and like it, or you can stop visiting our blog. Islam sucks, you suck, and your man-loving Islamotard friends suck. However, dolts like you make our day. As you can see, we always try to find something good in all the bad. You should try it sometime.

Please keep coming back because we know how much Islamofascists love to rage, so we promise to keep the fodder flying in order to feed your rage cannons (read: tiny penises and big mouths).

Have a nice day,

The staff of TMQ2 Blog

P.S. I forgot to mention that Muhammed also sucked (if he actually existed), and there is no Allah, just the Judeo-Christian God, so Allah sucks too. Put that in your Hookah and smoke it before some American soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine smokes you.

 – – –


Click on graphic below to read the story behind it.

Islamic Rage Boy

Porkedelic Islamic Rage Boy

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Islamic Rage Boy Pic of the Day

Islamic Rage Boy Bounce

More on Islamic Rage Boy

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Muslim ‘Rage Boy’ Says He’s Really Angry

[and really hungry]

src –He has become the face of Muslim fury: an angry young man whose bushy beard and fiery-eyed scowl take centre stage at nearly every pro-Islamic demonstration in Indian Kashmir.

Shakeel Bhat, 31, has been displaying his teeth and shaking his fist over anything from Salman Rushdie’s knighthood to Danish cartoons, becoming a photographers’ favourite and earning himself the nickname “Rage Boy” in online columns and blogs.

Islamic Rage Boy - Undoctored (more…)

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Referred to as Islamic Rage Boy, this wanna-be muji and camel ball licker is all mouth and has gained international fame for his animated antics. His face seems to be showing up in every British and many international media houses while covering Muslim protests in London.

SnapShot.com decided to do a round up and contest for the best altered photos of him called Islamic Rage Boy Parody Roundup. So, I did a couple of renditions for the contest.

They were looking for the most creative photo-shopped images of Islamic Rage Boy. I used Corel Photo-Paint.

Here are my two entries. The first was a close winner or runner up:




Psychedelic Adolf Mohammed Rage Boy

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Islamic Rage Boy Parody Roundup

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Check out the hilarious “doctored” photos from around the web for the “Islamic Rage Boy” photo-shop contest at SNAPPED SHOT and submit your own entries here.

Here’s one example:

Islamic Rage Boy - No Soup for You!

This was my entry:

Rage Boy - Undoctored

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This one’s for you, Rage Boy!

More, plus a translation, at Gates of Vienna.


A video response to the burning of Mohammed by Sgt. Freedom:

Hold Your Head Up High! This is dedicated to the men and women in uniform.

The Sgt Freedom Campaign Episode 1

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Look Forward to Anger

by Christopher Hitchens

If you follow the link, you will be treated to some scenes from the strenuous life of a professional Muslim protester in the Kashmiri city of Srinagar. Over the last few years, there have been innumerable opportunities for him to demonstrate his piety and his pissed-offness. And the cameras have been there for him every time. Is it a fatwah? Is it a copy of the Quran allegedly down the gurgler at Guantanamo? Is it some cartoon in Denmark? Time for Rage Boy to step in and for his visage to impress the rest of the world with the depth and strength of Islamist emotion. }} more…

Rage Boy - Undoctored

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Our old friend, ‘Islamic Rage Boy’, was spotted again in the streets chanting death threats to Blair and the Queen for Knighting Sir Salman Rushdie. Below is a photo of him from a protest last year:

Muslim Poster Boy - Last Year

We didn’t know it then, but we do now. The original photo above had been doctored by the mainstream media.

The picture below was taken yesterday and clearly shows what this Muslim Poster Boy really looks like.



The next photo showed up today, a doctored version done by the MSM. This is shameful. When will it end?



So, it turns out that he wasn’t a ‘Islamic Rage Boy’ after all. This young man is clearly just a pork-chop-loving goof.

One of our staff ran into him at a pig roast later in the day and learned that his friends call him “Porky” because he loves eating any part of the pig…even the…you know…Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Instead of the truth, the MSM has made him out to be some sort of militant Islamofascist dick head. While he may be a militant dick head, he’s clearly not a militant Islamofascist dick head. He’s just a pork-loving Muslim.

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