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Gotcha again you pervert.

But now that I have your attention, maybe you can help me find the answers to questions I have for some major religions.

1. If it was God’s plan for Jesus to die for the sake of everyone’s sins, then tell me Christians why persecute, torture and murder Jews for 2,000 years for supposedly killing him? Weren’t they merely fulfilling God’s plan?

2. If the Holocaust never happened, and the Jews made it all up, what exactly is it about Hitler that makes Moslems just love him so much?

3. Why do Jews pray for rain during the rainy season? It’s already raining. Wouldn’t it make more sense to pray for rain during the droughts?

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I just finished re-reading (first go around was 2006 ) Russel Shorto’s The Island at the Center of the World, which is as the subtitle explains, the epic story of Dutch Manhattan and the forgotten colony that shaped America.

As a result of the English takeover of the colony in 1664, we’ve all been fed the party line that America’s ideals, foundations and successes are all due to the hardy stock and moral superiority of our Pilgrim Fathers.

Shorto’s investigation, largely based on translations of Dutch 17th century documents reveals the actual truth.

shorto-book-coverThe Dutch did not confine themselves to the southern tip of Manhattan Island.

Their colonies were spread from Delaware to what is now Hartford Connecticut.

Present day maps contain the Dutch or Anglicized Dutch names such as New Castle, Delaware, Cape May New Jersey, the Schuylkill River in Pennsylvania, Rensselaer, and Brooklyn New York.

Words such as cookie, boss, cole slaw and Santa Claus exist in our vocabulary from Dutch origins.

More significant though was their concept of tolerance and acceptance that was most influential on building the American character.

The Dutch colonies were a result of private enterprise and designed to create profit for the Dutch West India Company.

This made Manhattan a commercial hub from the start and it attracted a diverse demographic, creating a culturally pluralistic, upwardly mobile and capitalistic society.

The Pilgrims who fled England to escape religious persecution quickly transformed their Plymouth bay and Massachusetts colonies into a theocracy equivalent to modern day Taliban. Refugees from there ended up in Dutch territory seeking freedom of religion.

The legal system in place was Dutch based and gave us the concept of public prosecutor, or district attorney.

It was the half Dutch, half English New York delegation to the Constitutional Convention that insisted on the Bill of Rights before they would ratify a document that limited the government’s infringement on personal freedom.

Bottom line — read the book.

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Lookie here fuckheads.

This is the future- suck it.

Am Yisroel Chai.

At least these Iranians got to get drunk enough to not know why they will be killed when they get back.

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Just in case you haven’t heard, on Thursday night three Jewish teenagers, one an American citizen, were kidnapped in Arab occupied Samaria.

Piece of Shit -in- Chief has been too busy playing golf to be bothered with getting this American home.

Petition the White House- The president needs to bring financial pressure to bear on the PA.

Sign a petition to the White House:


US-Israel Flags

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My recent trek through America’s heartland allowed me to meet an Israeli rabbi who has been living in flyover country for the past twenty years


There is no reason for my photo to be here. I have nothing to do with this essay. But the administrators of my favorite blog, TMQ2, think I’m so hot I belong here. Thanks, Guys! —Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman:

One of the things our conversation touched on was Muslim behavior and world peace.

He explained that their behavior can be explained by their theological relations with God.

There basically isn’t one.

Jews and Christians worship a God they have a relationship with.

For Christians it offers personal salvation

For Jews it provides a framework for their obligations to fellow-man.

Muslims worship God because He is all-powerful.

That then dictates a cultural mindset that power is the end all and the be all.

Serve God by being more powerful than the next guy.

That’s all that matters.

Kill and/or die trying.

Some religion of peace.

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And this will be the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the peoples that make war against Jerusalem (JEWS).

Their flesh shall rot away while they stand upon their feet,

Their eyes shall rot away in their sockets,

And their tongues shall rot away in their mouths.

Zechariah 14:12


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The meaning of proclaiming God’s unity

by Rabbi Tzvi Sytner


Every Sunday morning I have the pleasure of studying with two Jewish surgeons. Each week we explore the meaning of a section of the siddur (daily prayer book).

We were up to the Shema, the most prominent – and fundamental – Jewish prayer. “Hear O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is One.” Hear means more than just uttering words; it means hear the deep message and internalize it in our hearts and minds. When we say the words “God is One,” we are saying everything in the universe concurrently exists because God wills it to exist, and that life’s occurrences are a result of God’s inner-workings and underpinnings of the world.

The Shema expresses our complete devotion to God, regardless of our life circumstances. We are recognizing that everything is ultimately part of His Divine orchestration. Every time we cover our eyes and proclaim God’s unity, we are essentially stating that regardless of what is in front of my eyes today, regardless of whether life is delivering me celebration or tribulation, I cover my eyes and declare my devotion, no matter what is in front of me. It is about unconditional devotion.

While we were discussing the topic that Sunday morning, Dr. Goldberg*, one of the surgeons, shared a most incredible story. (more…)

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Do you remember adolescence?

The preoccupation with cool?

Going against the grain and doing things illicit and forbidden?

The fun and the thrill of running counter to what was conventional and staid?

Is it me or does this describe the mindset and actions of liberals?

If you think about what truly ails our country and what ravages our society; under every one of the rocks, a liberal is crawling out.

Their stunted mental development and perpetual adolescence have forced on us a pandemic of a culture unhinged.

The abandonment and abrogation of individual responsibility and embracement of decadence have blessed us with;

Epidemic illegitimate births.

Failing schools.

An underclass forever dependent on welfare.

A competitive cycle of guilt and victim-hood.

Liberals deny the right of the individual for what they consider the greater good, but insist on their individual right to celebrate all that they consider naughty.

If you disagree with them you are labelled a hater, but they are free to hate America and God; free to have others pay for their out of wedlock babies; free to glorify what is evil — just like a teenager whose brain has not fully established the neural connections needed for maturity.

Liberals like to think of themselves as legendary Robin Hoods, but they are in reality a gaggle of Peter Pans.

By the way, Robin Hood did not, contrary to the assumption, steal from the rich to give to the poor.

He was an outlaw because he took from the king to return to the taxpayer.

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In my blue neighborhood, in a blue town, in a blue county, in a blue state, in a very blue part of the country, tonight I saw a license plate that read: NRA 4VR.

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