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Behold Oblunder’s Hope, Change, and Free Ride…

Come on—boy—put your back into it!

donkey cart

How’s the second term working out for you so far, Barry?

Quack, quack, quack…


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See: Conference of Mayors: Hunger and Homelessness Continue to Surge Under Obama

African Liar!

Scary Obarry

You leftist idiots asked for it, now you got it.

You foolishly believed Obarry’s leftist hype and promises. You were looking for a free ride. You loved attacking the rich who drive this country’s economic wheels.

But all you’ve really done is relegate this country—including and especially you foolish chumps—to a future of poverty, dependency on a corrupt government that doesn’t know a *burro from a **burrow, and set the stage for your eventual hunger, homelessness and hopelessness due to Obarry’s “changes”.

You can thank Karl Marx, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. (a Muslim communist) and his ilk (a Muslim communist) for what’s coming, and it’s not going to be what you were expecting.

Nothing is free, so you have fundamentally traded your freedom—and ours— for pipe dreams and promises of future entitlements.

You got scammed.

They keep the power and you get a big fat goose egg.

Deadbeat Dad

Deadbeat Dad

And guess what?

Your votes for Obarry the African dick-lick necessarily makes you collective idiots just as culpable as he and his commie libtard machine for “realigning” our country (read destroying our country).

They think we’re too stupid to take care of ourselves. Plus, Obarry wants to punish whitey in order to fulfill his deceased, worthless, deadbeat daddy’s dreams.

At least this is the excuse Obarry spews about in his book, Dreams from My Father (read Racist Notions About Revenge Against Whitey from my Deadbeat Daddy).

I suppose the stupid part above is true for the ones of you who voted for this African usurper and the most arrogant, hubristic puppet ever to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

And you did it twice, you cackling meshuggenehs.

You effectively backed the Titanic up after it struck the iceberg, then struck it again—metaphorically speaking.

The cold, hard truth is he’s going screw you just like everybody else, so get ready to bend over and spread ’em. He couldn’t care less about you. In fact, he knows you’re all stupid for voting for him. You were his collective tool and you are now no longer needed.

I can hardly wait to witness you loyal serfs standing on line awaiting your turn for a block of moldy gubment cheese and a bottle of cheap vodka to keep you dumbed down, and giving up on ObamaScare because it takes you two years to get an appointment for your case of genital herpes.

Go ahead and laugh now while you can because soon enough you’ll be crying in your cold, tasteless gubment soup, which you waited 3-hours on line to receive.

And know this. Fucking up is trying something that probably won’t work just in case it will. You’ve done it twice in a row. What does this say about your judgment?
*Burro: A small Donkey, a.k.a. an Ass.
** Burrow: A hole in the ground.

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OPEC Sucks Donkey Dongs

OPEC Loves World Economic Crisis: Plans To Force Oil Prices Through The Roof

ALGIERS: Current OPEC President Chakib Khelil refused Saturday to rule out another cut in the cartel’s output if the price of crude oil remains below $70 per barrel before an OPEC meeting in December. “We have always said that our objective is $70 to $90 a barrel,” said Khelil, who is also Algeria’s energy minister, at an energy industry seminar in Algiers.

“If the barrel price does not reach this level, there will probably be another [production] cutback,” he said, adding however that there must be consensus among all OPEC nations, “and everyone has their own interests.” Oil prices closed mixed Friday after striking 21-month lows, with light sweet crude for delivery in December at $60.04 in New York and Brent North Sea crude for December at $57.35 in London. (more…)

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